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Brunna Aprigio d chapter 36 . 9/16
I just read all the chapters this week and you have earned my respect and admiration for your great writing that I am confident that if you make a book following the same theme you would become the new Rick Riodan.
These are crazy times now and as you clarified the update are slow, but I hope that this year we will see more of this incredible narrative
I look forward to your return
bluefish1945 chapter 4 . 9/7
I have not lose hope yet
girvinjunod chapter 36 . 9/6
iiheartful chapter 36 . 8/19
anzafay21 chapter 36 . 8/13
Thanks for the chapter and story Coolio! Really enjoyed your take on the bleach world and having our mc become rukias older sister. Loved every bit of it and how she progressed through the story, excited to see what she'll do now that she has control of her body and the canon timeline is almost starting. Looking forward to see what other deviations you'll do from the time line and if you'll go AU and make your own progression. Hope to see you update for the next chapter. Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/6
One year and a Day later
Just.Call.Me.Poison chapter 36 . 8/4
no, NOOO! WE JUST GOT TO CANON! What a terrible point to stop writing, now im way more invested then i probaly should be.
Just.Call.Me.Poison chapter 21 . 7/31
ThatGreenDooredBookshop chapter 35 . 7/22
I think.
It has taken me some time to understand what and how this chapter makes me feel. It is certainly more touching, emotionally, than in the original "Turn back the Pendulum" arc, but there was something that I couldn't pin down... for the longest time.
I think, and as strange as it may sound, I am moved not only for the victims: for Urahara & Co. But I feel... I feel almost sorry for Gin and even Aizen. It is easy to understand Gin and his motivations with the power of hindsight, but it's through what we see of Sōsuke and Gin—through their interactions with Yukimura—that I feel almost remorseful. It's strange, certainly, but one can almost get a sense of how Gin was once and, perhaps, still is, good-hearted, albeit in some warped and twisted way now.
But with Aizen? Though I know he is... "Bad" does not even begin to cover what Sōsuke is. But, and stop reading if you don't agree, or think I'm talking clap-trap now, I feel through the small scenes that he may have once been. Good?
I do not know how to put it into words, but it makes me so... unhappy.

To see how far one can fall and to wonder, 'how did it come to this'?

Perhaps I am imprinting more character onto Aizen and I have no illusions as to what he is, but I imagine sometimes, 'could he have always been like this'? Surely not. And that, despite the fact that we all know that his betrayal is inevitable and inexorably moving closer, the loss of that potential for good always saddened me. A moral degeneration that left the world perhaps a much darker place than it 'could' have been. That, whilst perhaps not what you wanted taken away from the chapter and those leading up to this, I feel simply makes the conclusion of this tragedy so much more powerful for me.
Because we are witness not only to the plight and injustice of Kisuke, Tessai, Yoruichi and the Visoreds, but we also observe the betrayal of Yukimura at the hands of Aizen and Ichimaru—simultaneously experiencing enough to make that betrayal more heart-wrenching, despite us knowing it was coming all along.

I don't doubt that people will not agree with me, how could they? Advocating for Aizen? Unspeakable. But I mean what I say and I feel that I should say my mind, even if it's nonsense or makes no sense.
Likely, no one will give my verbal ramblings a second thought, but for you who've read this far—and please forgive my pretentiousness—I should like to state that whilst this is by no means a perfect story (what story is?), it is MY favourite story.

Take care of yourself, whoever you are.
Regards, Laika.
Jdkem chapter 36 . 7/15
I can’t wait for more even if it takes years this is one hell of a story!
Jdkem chapter 35 . 7/15
How... the feels you stabbed me in the feels! YOU ABSOLUTE BRUSTELSPROUT! I love you and hate you because you made me fall in love with this character and just murdered them and even worse! And I love you you for it was an amazing story and I can’t wait for more!
M1LK T3A chapter 3 . 7/13
T . T
reader34 chapter 25 . 6/30
I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you put in for the medical portions of the story. It's very detailed and makes Hisana feel like the doctor she is.

Also, I love the fluffy moments between Byakuya and Hisan! They care so much for each other, it's beautiful.
reader34 chapter 21 . 6/30
This chapter was so fun. Gin is just the type of character you develop a love-hate relationship for and that makes him perfect for Hisana to deal with.

Also, I like her shikai and can't wait to learn more about it.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/29
I have been loving this! The way you write the everyone is great and you really make us care for these OCs and make them feel like they could be a part of the canon universe.

I also enjoy the development you have Hisana go through with others, whether it be family, friendship, or romance (i'm super happy you didn't have her try to deny her feelings completely, it's been done far too much).

Lastly, my one of my favorite things about this chapter was the throw away line about Yoruichi having a huge bet that could double her family's wealth. Cause it feels like something she would totally do.
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