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FlightyFuschia chapter 36 . 4h
I'm doing that thing where I wait as long as I can between the notifications of your updates, solely so that there may be a slim chance for a double update. However I truly cannot complain given this lengthy chapter full of Hisana's sweet, sweet return. Okay, so she's just a little more terrifying now. Did I say a little? I meant a shit-ton. oh man, please someone piss her off. My mind is doing a happy dance; here comes Ichigo and company! Wow, a universe of kudos to you for getting there because seriously you've already done so much wondrously good writing. Take your time. Med school is horrendous on free time. Thanks for writing. oh p.s. I like all the rearrangements in lieutenants-keeps things spicy.
animemangaobsessed chapter 36 . 17h
Hisana's back!
dzchren chapter 36 . 8/16
Yay! Nice chapter. It's good to know that this still lives... It's good enough to be worth the wait.
Fluffy chapter 25 . 8/14
"Just getting to have you is enough of a gift for me. I don't need anything more than that, Byakuya," she said with a faint smile on her lips, and not for the first time, Byakuya wondered what he'd ever done to deserve her.
This right here is what melted the ice where my heart is supposed to be. That said, a puddle of cold water isn’t doing the same job as magic ice, so I picked a good chapter to die on...
006Sam chapter 36 . 8/15
spirits don't have dna
H.N.Dots chapter 36 . 8/15
Hey, I hope you’re doing well. Thank you so much for updating. It’s absolutely reasonable to prioritize education and a career over fanfiction, so I am content to wait. Take care!
KooraX chapter 36 . 8/15
Squeeeeeeaaaa! This makes me feel both sad and happy. It's really, REALLY confusing...!

Hisana become a hollow...oh nooo... or is she considered as a vizored...?

Hope you'll be updating soon. I love this~ I'll be waiting no matter how long it takes. Would be preferable if it's doesn't take to long though.
Idontremember chapter 36 . 8/13
HI! I am a long-time reader and avid fan of walk two lifetimes. It doesn't matter to me whether it takes1 or 5 years to finish it. I understand the commitments you have as I have them as well! I am just glad to see that you have not abandoned this fanfic and to see that you have udated.

Lol I have an account but I forgot the name
Guest chapter 36 . 8/13
well this is just as disappointing as the last chapter ... may as well call aizen the main character ... the story seems to be more about how he wins instead of about your main character
Guest chapter 36 . 8/13
But what was Hisana’s message? Or in all that time Urahara never checked or something cuz there’s like no mention of it...
Spades231 chapter 24 . 8/14
*claps hands together repeatedly*
Fucking wonderful. Well done, and just best chapter. Can’t wait to read the next couple dozen.
Gonra chapter 36 . 8/14
Oh man, so glad to see this. I'll be waiting for the next one, be it one year or five!
Also, congrats on getting into med school!
Big Fan chapter 36 . 8/11
You, are amazing. :) and I love Gin
Guest chapter 11 . 8/11
This is the good stuff
Guest chapter 36 . 8/11
You're writing is beautiful and I know you've been busy (Medical School omg) but I'm so glad you're still writing, even if it takes another 100 years.
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