Reviews for Walk Two Lifetimes
David chapter 31 . 15h
Hey, I love your story (and your writing in general)
to the point where reading this fic has become kind of an addiction for me
and always has me looking forward to the rare occasions where an update appears.

So please never give up on this story?

By the way, for a bankai idea, maybe a full transformation into a phoenix would be an option?
Ragcaty chapter 31 . 11/19
Thanks for taking away my boredom this weekend, I spent the whole time binge reading this story!
It’s refreshing to read about an OC that isn’t the perfect Mary Jane or OP character. I feel you’ve fleshed out Hisana to have great personality that describes her actions and thoughts realistically throughout the chapters and the interludes from others POVs just bring further character development.

Thanks for writing and looking forward to the next update!
Guest chapter 24 . 11/16
This was comedy gold. Bravo!
Meilinfan chapter 13 . 11/14
Omg! I'm re reading this fic...and I love Akiyama sooo much, partly because of Tatsuya, but also because I love how his relationship with Hisana! And I was wondering how he and Hisana would have changed if they had met earlier, before Tatsuya and the other. Please be inspired/tempted to write a small thing about it. Or just answer my question to satisfy my question like what you do on tumblr. Please pretty please?
CypressofCyprus chapter 10 . 11/13
Well, OP, *I* read the footnotes, at least. I've got a deep appreciation for good writing and I extend the respect that comes with it to *all* your writing.
guenaelle chapter 31 . 11/12
I love your story, i think it's my favorite of all fanfiction i had read.
I hope you continue this story.
sorry if my English is not very well, i'm french :))))
Abybell chapter 31 . 11/12
oh my god cliffhanger! I'm dying right now... omg omg go kicking asses Hisana! at least the one comming to her rescue is not Gin this time, I think she wouldn't bear it a second time
ramm26438 chapter 31 . 11/11
So Tenshi was talking about killing Hisana, so I suppose by burning(?) herself she makes an explosion(?) of sorts. It would be ironic if Rukia had to go through the experience she did with the K-captain(I keep forgetting his name) but due to Hisana.

Also, I hope Hisana doesn't die permanently. I keep thinking that she'll die and reform in a decade or so. Or maybe reborn as a kid in the district or something that makes people think she's dead. Mostly so that I can see random reactions to her rebirth(?).
Kloness chapter 31 . 11/11
Yup, it’s bleach, there are practically no coincidences and when something this unique happens at just the right time for such improbable devastations, it’s almost garenteed that it was planned out by someone. Perhaps aizen?
wheresthelambsauce chapter 31 . 11/9
Thanks for the update! I am relatively sure the cause of the sudden attack by hollows was the small white pebble in Rukia's pocket,,, the hollow bait that she shoved into her pockets before throwing it out on the ground,,,which someone probably stepped on and crushed...
animemangaobsessed chapter 31 . 11/8
you know every time I read or re-read one of your chapters, I think "I wonder what canon characters would think about this new timeline, think of Hisana?" and not as a omake or filler, but a genuine plot piece like canon-urahara doing some science shit and sending canon characters there or something. like just think of how canon-byakuya would react to seeing a alive (hopefully lol), healthy, and shinigami hisana (Pretty sure canon -hisana was just a chick from the poor district) and the reaction of canon-rukia to having an alive sister. i would be just giddy reading how canonbyakuya would fight his own self for hisana. the canon characters can just see the influence hisana has in their lives... matter of fact I can see myself laughing hysterically at hisana' s horror of having to deal with two Gins, and finding out who's exactly is Ren's beau!
animemangaobsessed chapter 1 . 11/8
so when she went to the research lab and got that little white pebble that kenpachi ordered, she kept it in her pocket and like you said, it fell out and..."calling all hollows!"
steamrick chapter 31 . 11/5
I expect Kurotsuchi snuck a Hollow Bait prototype in Rukia's pocket...
Damnedlight chapter 31 . 11/5
Have an exam tommorow and ended up finishing your story instead. What a great read, no regrets at all.
Life's a dream chapter 31 . 11/4
Omg! This is an amazing chapter, i totally didn't see that coming. And the cliffhanger! T.T Yeah, the way u present hisana and rukias relationship in this and the last few chapters ... it really isn't very healthy huh? I guess hisana really doesn't realise the impact she's making on everyone, and how rukias future just has to be different now from what she remembers from canon with all the differences she's making. I guess unless hisana dies and it'll be... like what it was to rukia when Kaien died, but a thousand times worse :(
Anyways, I so look forward to seeing the other side to hisanas shikai (so awesome that there's more! But scary and I feel so much dread about what it's gg to do to her what with tenshi's reaction to her activating it... omg u write so well!)
Thank u for posting this chapter! :)
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