Reviews for Unlikely Friendship
Guest chapter 1 . 8/10/2014
Lemme stop you right there.
Soooooo much was alluded. Out of this I got zero character development, zero descriptions, and zero reasons for me to to continue this story. I have no idea who these people are and have no attachment to them what-so-ever.
There was no hook, nothing interesting happening.
And, no, finding a random ass eevee in where ever Dana is, is very much, NOT exciting. In fact, running into a random eevee are quite possibly, THE MOST cliché thing you ever CAN do in a pokemon fic. I don't even see bird pokemon as often as I see eevee, and that's pretty messed up considering they are RARE pokemon...
Even for this route, they are still extremely rare. They are boring in fics and I wouldn't touch an eevee as a teammate-let alone starter-with gloves on and thirty-foot pole. And the fact that she doesn't even appreciate the eevee's rareness, somehow makes it even worse.
But the thing is, I have a feeling that you are not like other fanfiction authors. I see, potential for great improvement, but you have to work on it. I suggest reading some of the, what I would consider the 'greats' here.
-Pedestal, By Digital Skitty (The number one Original Trainer fanfic that got it perfectly)
-Spirited By OceanSpiral (embraced a lot of clichés, and was still good)
- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance, By ScytheRider (As stated, a Mystery Dungeon fic, but his writing is phenomenal, it is as of now, incomplete but is being updated regularly)
Those are just a few that you can find by scrolling through the most reviewed, but hey, if they were great they can definitely give you a few pointers,
IronicPuppies chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
That's cute, I think Eevee would be a good pokemon to start with.