Reviews for An Earlier Heaven
ipennythequeen chapter 1 . 12/5
in the end, did tom made her remember her previous life's memories? the story is great, but the last chapter was boring. the thing that made her special, having her memories, completely flew out the window. somehow I just didn't want to read anymore, but I persevered because as lame as having her memories taken away, I wanted to read more about how cute Draco was in this story.
294442 chapter 10 . 12/3
I’m so confused! What did she mean he healed her?
Guest chapter 9 . 11/9
"McGonagall look vaguely appalled and made to get up to come towards us several times, but was held back by Professor Sprout, who seemed to be following Hagrid and Dumbledore's conversation intently."

Ah man, that's just like McGonagall. She can be such a hypocrite sometimes! She had no problem breaking the rules to let Harry have a broomstick and let him onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team which IS AGAINST SCHOOL RULES because SHE wants to win, but students from other houses? Nope. If Harry can be on the team against the rules, why can't Lyra have a unicorn against the rules? Maybe there's some ancient rule about familiars that Hermione could dig up?

OR...maybe Lyra could take this opportunity to bring Scabbers to the attention of the Hogwarts staff? After all, THE RULES clearly state that students may Only being one of three animals:

"Students may also bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad."



Boom. Suck it, McG!
edgolub2 chapter 11 . 11/8
Ahh damn! I reread your story, and got to chapter 10 and I am totally confused again! The story is great, on one hand, but damn is it confusing too!

With her not remembering her old life it seems kinda wrong, I mean she is pretty much mind raped. Ugh, I hate those kind of stories.
Rifful chapter 10 . 10/22
I like this story, and the OC right up until the end of the first year. The whole brain damage and memory lock situation seems implausible, but also derails a lot of what made the story and characters interesting to begin with. You have a completely different story at that point, and it is not an improvement. Maybe you felt the OC was a little too Sue-ish. That's a fair criticism, although a debatable one. But fudging up a bunch of handicaps out of left field doesn't work. I think you had plenty of interesting directions to explore with the 'happy fix-it' path you were on.
lunamoon531 chapter 11 . 10/19
lunamoon531 chapter 10 . 10/19
I'm sad that you didn't have the interest to continue this fic but in some ways I think the summary was quite nice :)
I liked this fic a lot though I think the plot summary could have used something about the malfoys and Snape :3
lunamoon531 chapter 9 . 10/19
Well.. the shit hit the fan didn't it? I wonder if Voldemort recognized her wand or something...
lunamoon531 chapter 8 . 10/19
Awww. So cute.

I feel Mike we're headed a bit too close to Mary sue area but I don't mind that much. :)
lunamoon531 chapter 7 . 10/19
Draco and Lyre are adorable and I hope that she and Snape become better acquainted as well :3
lunamoon531 chapter 6 . 10/19
*maniacally giggles* I like that Lyre isn't afraid to make a scene :3 it's refreshing after reading so many fics there the character spends so much time trying to conceal their true power only for it to be naught because of some destiny bull :)
lunamoon531 chapter 5 . 10/19
I'm excited for more Draco :3
I like that the others kind of sense her maturity and more adult nature, it's cute :)
lunamoon531 chapter 4 . 10/19
I'm loving this so much, I can't stop smiling :)
Draco is so cute when he's confused :3
I liked the Olivander scene, it was a nice little moment between Lyre and him... half an inch of difference eh? How... interesting *grin*
lunamoon531 chapter 3 . 10/19
*squeals* Harry is so cute :3
So they're going to Hogwarts eh? I wonder how different things will be now... Hmm...
lunamoon531 chapter 2 . 10/19
This is really good, it flows well and I'm liking the story so far :)
I looked for a fic like this once (si for hp) but couldn't really find any so this is a first for me :)
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