Reviews for The Roboutian Heresy
L chapter 7 . 4/21
I love it! I wonder how you felt reading the End and the Death where Dorn was tempted by Khorne.
Orion B chapter 7 . 4/14
man, out of all the traitor primarchs dorn is the saddest one to see fall tbh. not only is this a bitter mirror to his canon self, even in this reverse world there are still times when dorn could resist chaos and be brought back but chaos kept on hitting him again and again. frex his contemplation of konrads words, i think given time he couldve realised his wrongs but guilliman came over
Orion B chapter 80 . 4/1
maan, you really had to write in a his angels subversion too huh?

keep cooking brother, you can cook
Imperator chapter 80 . 3/22
Here are some ideas for the 40k versions of the chaos dwarves weapons:
The slave races: instead of just merely enslaving others the thay could experiment to turn them into cyborg Frankenstein Cannon fodder. Stronger than fantasy but still used for the same purpose
The infernal guard: instead of being disgraced dwarves could instead be dwarves too crippled to continue in chaos dwarf society so joing up the infernal guard where they are put in power armor that helps them to keep fighting
Regulus Arcturus Black III chapter 71 . 3/21
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Orion B chapter 78 . 3/13
i sure hope the angel would deal with the yellow king because i dont see any other way for TYK to be defeated. God forbid the angel teaming up with TYK tho, the galaxys frakked if that happens.
Trans.Caracal chapter 1 . 3/10
So I thought about Erebus and Bile. Bile was showing signs of corruption before the corruption in Laer Temple so it makes sense that he is the same as in canon. Now Erebus was also that kind of guy he was corrupted from very early age as it is evidenced by his memories he shares. Chrono The Harlequin has a video about that. In that memories it is said that his parents said "become more like upstanding Erebus" so he murdered Erebus and changed his name to Erebus. So I have a theory that Erebus the World Bearer in this fic is the upstanding Erebus while Erebus who doesn't go by Erebus in this fic would be one of the Lords of Covenant who were killed by Logar. Or he escaped the judgment like he has done before. Like the time he escaped from Kharn.
Orion B chapter 27 . 3/10
its funny to see that even after magnus' speech about how his fate was his to make hes still under control of the white player lolol
Maxamumdes chapter 80 . 2/27
First judt eant to day excelelnt chapter. But damn Xenos and such judt keep being pawns. First Tau, now the Kin. Whats next? Orks going to be pawns of Khorne? The Necrons all work for Tzeentch?
Wacko12 chapter 79 . 2/27
Well now we know about the Dark King, so what's going to happen?
Wacko12 chapter 80 . 2/27
so Perturabo is alive?
Guest chapter 80 . 2/24
Excellent chapter.
Generation Zero chapter 80 . 2/25
So many things have occurred and yet the outcome is nearly certain, the fall of Olympia. But will it be the the triumph that the Dark Master believed and planned for or will other unseen hands divert his hand? Since one traitor Primarch has been cast down but his debased legion remains, Chaos will desire more during the Light's Emd. With the time of Ending, Perturabo like a few others, represented the Light that Chaos would do almost anything to snuff out. Tau is insignificant at this moment yes, but if the Tauva Goddess has been freed, then it might just be enough for the Imperium to avert the consequences of the few loyalist Primarchs slain. Nom matter what, Perturabo must escape this trap and prepare for the war to come.
John Spangler chapter 80 . 2/25
Fantastic chapter, can't wait to see what happens next!
L chapter 79 . 1/19
I have a crazy idea, for a special like Halloween, what if Amberley in search of answers about Cain ends up arriving with someone or something that shows her and her entourage the Cain from your The Roboutian Heresy, I don't know but it excites me the idea a lot of how I would react to seeing that version of Cain
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