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Guest chapter 38 . 2/18/2019
Good he should fight for her. The only time DiNozzo fights for Ziva is when he thinks she's dead
brvillareal chapter 47 . 2/18/2019
omg! great chapter, please update again soon.
beatrix.acs chapter 47 . 2/15/2019
Welcome back, my dear sister, with the new chapter. :)

In the wake of the latest episode, I cannot but agree with you. I am really happy for everyone who enjoys it but it is not for me anymore, I find it really hard to get excited over it. I just feel like they do the same thing all over again - using her name to draw views - but her storyline is not going anywhere. They confirmed something that we all knew and that was supposed to be part of Family First episode so I am not going to thank them for taking three freaking years to acknowledge it. The key is not dropping her name, it is about hiring Cote and Michael again. And unless they are involved, I refuse to watch the show.

So, Nicko in the interrogation room, nice... I loved the scene, it was really well-written. And hey - football (as an European, football is the only word I will ever use) is important in some people lives, including me. Although my club is currently in such a deep shit that I rather do not talk about it. Either way, people do go to other people to talk about football after midnight, Gibbs. Learn some of the European mentality and you will understand. For me, it is completely believable and nothing surprising.
LOL at the "classic CIA trouble makers" - that really hit the home. :D Either way, very interesting information we got here, all those secret programs... Poor Nicko, this is the thing hunts people for the rest of their lives. Definitely loving his whole personality, though, the loyalty towards his friends seperately, that is an amazing trait.

I always feel like we are in sync with what we are rewatching at the moment - like the dream Ziva had is so similar to what Tony Soprano would see in his dreams (and that we are close to one of those eps, lol). And it makes perfect sense. It really could have been Tali or just the personification of Ziva's subconscious mind but it did certainly showed that the mistakes and hurt is on both sides. I appreciate she wants to give them another chance but she must tread carefully or they both end up more hurt than before.
And that shower scene - sure, Zoe must start plotting stuff and I am so not happy about it but I could not stop laughing when I imagined Tony running across the corridors in NCIS wrapped in a towel in front of a delegation, I mean... :D It IS hilarious!

Uh-oh and what revelations towards the end of the chapter! I think that after the description of the "classic CIA trouble makers", we all have the specific people in our heads... And it is not surprising to see them working on something shady together.
As for the ending, I refuse to believe that it is what it looks like. I know you for long enough to know your evil mind and the pleasure you have with toying with our minds.

All in all, I enjoyed the chapter very much. Very well-constructed and interesting. At first, I was shocked with the amount of words but then, when I just read, it did not even seem that long. And that is how it should be. :) Thank you!
priscious chapter 47 . 2/15/2019
I was actually excited when receiving a notification email from this story; but since it’s been too long, I’ve become tired of facing cliffhangers to be honest. I’m sorry
LCM chapter 47 . 2/15/2019
OMG, that Z- has to be Ziva, please, please, please.
DS2010 chapter 47 . 2/14/2019
Damn Zoe and her scheming, and Tony falling for it after seeing the cell phone.
I liked Ziva's dream of her sister I agree totally.
J09TIVA chapter 46 . 12/18/2018
Hope you didn't abandon this story
hslacer chapter 46 . 12/16/2018
I am staying with this but I am losing patience. It is time to fix this. Update soon. Please.
hslacer chapter 43 . 12/9/2018
Love the story. I am ready for this part of the story to end. Never enjoy when Gibbs is in the wrong side of his children being upset. Don’t want to be negative but really am ready for things to get back to our happy family. If Ziva would pull her head out and listen to her heart life would be so much better.
Debbie chapter 46 . 12/1/2018
Great chapter. Thank you for keeping this story going. I am anxiously awaiting the day when Tony and Ziva will finally be back together and the past is cleared up and put behind them. Then they can have the future they deserve. What a cliffhanger! Looking forward to the next chapter.
J09TIVA chapter 46 . 11/23/2018
Keep em coming
Safara Bellamy chapter 46 . 11/22/2018
All I can say is wow, I can’t wait to find out who was the mystery person. I am glad that Tony finally told Ziva what happened between him and Zoe, and I am really happy that Ziva didn’t chastise him for what happened and was sympathetic. I was hoping she would want to slowly reconcile once he told her everything, and I was kind of disappointed that she just immediately said that their sleeping together was mistake, I just hope something happens that will bring them back together. I am excited to see where this story goes.
beatrix.acs chapter 46 . 11/22/2018
Wowzers... That smut took me by surprise, I have to admit that! I have to cool down a little bit, I think that just opening the window in the office might help. :) You know, this always makes me think how some people were always telling me "I read smut as if it was nothing, in the morning while I eat breakfast with my family..." and I was always like "wow, really?" and could not believe it. Well, now I am one of those people, just put colleagues instead of family and add my office and that was me. :D
I love how you drew the line between imagination and reality, now we may take guesses what was really dream and what was reality. Though it is kind of clear that whatever words of forgiveness were told, they were just an imagination. It is not tha simple and easy.

I really may be a masochist or I just love the "from hate to love" relationships (looking at a couple of my ships, including Reylo - hopefully), but I just adore reading about them working together while this load of sadness, hurt and maybe even a little bit of hate is between them while also loving each other so much that is ripping them apart. Honestly, that is what I expected in the episodes following Somalia but it never happened (writers, producers and showrunners, duh). So I am so thrilled to read this at least in a fic. Thank yo so much for that.

And that ending got me very intrigued! Damn, the curiosity is killing me - whose name is it? Cliffhangers, hey? Not fair... Just joking, of course. :D Brilliant chapter, cannot wait to read more, my dear hun. XOXO
DS2010 chapter 46 . 11/21/2018
Sometimes I want to slap Tony and Ziva to make them see the truth and just get together.
Pao chapter 45 . 11/11/2018
SIIII , POR FAVOR continua con la historia
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