Reviews for Dark Bites
GuardianRigel chapter 1 . 2/10/2015
Well done, worth being more than a short story.
TheFlashPoint23 chapter 1 . 1/9/2015
I can't believe no one has put a review in this!
First off, i want you to know that this is wonderfully written. The suspense kept me at the edge of my chair and how you were able to let the emotions flow is tragically unbearable yet astounding. It keeps my heart at the edge as well!
At the same time. This is so horrible i refuse to cry! And yes that is a compliment because god, that cliffhanger.
As a WhiteRose and Bumblebee Fan. This broke me into tiny little pieces. Though i can go with any kind of ships, its just this certain story made me feel so much more. Perhaps guilty xD but neutral all the same. Ought to be proud of yourself writing something this good and that you were able to make an audience clap for this seemingly tragic tale.

Wouldn't it be quite dashing if you were to continue this? That is if ever you want to and if ever the time calls for it. It isn't bad if it is left like this though!
I think i'll just shatter some more if you actually make one of them die *cough*ruby*cough*.

This deserves more views and faves. Thank you for writing something beautiful -and tragic-.