Reviews for Enemies List 2: The Cards They're Dealt
princess-rey-tano chapter 3 . 8/16/2014
Great as usual. Makes me want to give Steve a hug, though. :(
patty cake rocks chapter 3 . 8/16/2014
sad steve:c
Polish chapter 2 . 8/15/2014
Oh man! Its Mr. and Mrs. Smith! (please tell me you get the reference!) Please! oh man, I thought that and I could not STOP laughing! Great fic! I loved the first one, and this one is awesome! Keep it up!
Jelsemium chapter 2 . 8/14/2014
Aw, they're so cute together. Poor Clint, fouled on his desire for revenge yet again. Maybe he'll get a shot at Rumlow.

Got a chuckle out of Natasha's complaint about her code name. Be nice to see Mockingbird, tho. I rather liked her. (Of course, there's no saying I'll like this version of her.)

Looking forward to the next chapter!
A Velvet Rose chapter 2 . 8/11/2014
The code name for Nat was very clever :) Great chapter!
A Velvet Rose chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
Wonderful :D I love Tony in this one. Awesome job
angelofjoy chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
Thunder Bay! Love it! Like the way the code worked too!

I love the idea of Natasha and Clint having a relationship outside of work even if it is supposed to be a cover and I loved your little nod to coulson!
princess-rey-tano chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
Bummer about Sitwell. The man needed an arrow to the eye. Great update.
storyfan101 chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
I do love the spark between Clint & Natasha. But if they're bringing Bobbi to AOS, does this mean Hawkeye gets to make a special guest appearance there too?

Fantastic job on the mutual support between these two. Made my day. Thanks!
weasleylover10 chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
Haha! Clever twist at the end! I liked it!
Still Waters chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
Lovely. I like the idea of them having together alone time.
BettyBackInTheDay chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
It would be impossible for me to love this chapter more than I already do. Great characterization (as usual), plausible scenario, intimate, fun, and... Bobbi Morse as Nat's undercover code name! Mindblown. ;) Seriously, great story, awesome chapter!
Kiiimberly chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
Haha lovely!
Shazrolane chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
Oh, I like that idea! It explains so very much.

As always, this was a well written chapter, that moved along at just the right pace. I really like the idea that the two of them have a life somewhere, where they can be there for each.
Mystic 777 chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
(laughs) Nice identity indeed. I'm glad they had a happy reunion and that they have such awesome neighbors :D Nat's bit about Fury and his trust was heart-breaking, I'm glad the reasoning came out though.
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