Reviews for Came Out of the Darkness
wolfmoon21 chapter 61 . 1h
I absolutely love this story. It is bloody brilliant, and it's tragic that's your muse died. I just finished reading this through for the first time and I must say this is great and I hope you can rediscover your muse, and continue this story. anyways love this, love your style. Wolf Out Ja Ni
PADfootBalck chapter 61 . 9/24
Love this and hope you end up finishing this story.
Ada1229 chapter 31 . 9/21
LMAO I thuroughly enjoy reading about the Malfoys and Severus giving the Dursleys a hard ime for Harry's sake. Its so hilarious
Ada1229 chapter 25 . 9/21
You know, a muggleborn should really try to explain the concept of DNA and chromasomes to purebloods. Parents cannot simply choose the gender of their child. Although being magical mabye Fate takes in the magical parent's preference unless it contridicts the child's destiny. Just some thoughts
mckertis chapter 31 . 9/7
It is a good story, and yet...i cant be bothered to finish it to the end.
mckertis chapter 4 . 9/7
Just 3 chapters in, and the stupid songs are already too annoying to continue reading this.
Quibbler78 chapter 61 . 9/5
Very much enjoying this fic. I hope you come back to it one day.

I have a question. Voldy appears to be unusually, um, calm? As in he's not running around torturing his followers and being crazy and psychotic etc. I know Sev has been supplying him with various potions that he's been taking, and in one potions lesson it was mentioned that Harry and co had brewed a lot of 'Draught of Peace' over the Summer. So, my question is, is Sev slipping an extra potion into the mix and drugging Voldy with Draught of Peace to keep him calm and un-crazy?

Anyway, I hope your Muse wakes up from it's coma and hits you with a big load of inspiration some time soon. Because I'd love to see more of this!
pianomouse chapter 29 . 9/3
I really like Isabelle, I have often wondered if she if more than a simple OC student.
Tilty.bbb chapter 61 . 8/30
This was a fabulous story well done
Mercury044 chapter 61 . 8/20
Wow that was an amazing read. Your characters are wonderfully written and I actually like Snape and the Malfoys in this story. You do a wonderful job keeping it both informative and justifying details. Really hope you muse one day returns and we get more of this wonderful tale!
ALPS88 chapter 61 . 8/19
I found your story yesterday and I greatly enjoyed reading it! I just love Hermione and Harry together and how soul-bonding was explained in this fic. The lights that appear on the first kiss is such beautiful imagery :') I like Draco here yay and how you brought Draco into their group! Lucius and Narcissa are a joy to read about as well. I love that they have a bigger group of friends (yay Neville, Luna, Cedric, Draco and Pansy, Fred and George etc) and that Harry isn't isolated with just the trio. I love that he gets to interact more with his other schoolmates here too :) THANK YOU that the adults are finally helping them out and acting like the adults/parents they ARE! Glad that they aren't useless lemmings treating Dumbledore's words as gospel. Also glad to read about the Elves, Professors, Castle and Fate protecting them, take that Umbitch!
I have my reservations with Snape in canon but I like him very much in your story. I honestly love that James apologized to Snape here and that they eventually became friends! I wished that happened in canon also but sigh. Dumbledore erasing their memories and flat out kidnapping baby Harry was so horrible and heartbreaking huhu but I'm glad that everything worked out. Dumbledore's bullshit should be exposed one day and his reputation deserves to be ruined! :( death is too easy an escape for a manipulative asshole like him. I hope he suffers and he gets to see how wrong he is and how better off Hogwarts and the wizarding world is without him! The delusional fool. Ron, Ginny and Molly should hopefully get their just desserts too! Hate them here, horrible entitled little brats they are. They should get expelled again or something. It sounds mean but I'm glad that their schoolmates aren't accepting of them at all. They deserve it.
I love the changes you've made to the original. I really hope that your muse comes back one day and you get to finish your story because it's really good! Fingers crossed* :) I'd love to read about the pranks and shenanigans at Hogwarts, the fall of Umbitch, the destruction of the horcruxes, the fall of Riddle and Dumbles, and hopefully a good future for all our good guys :)
Annelynn1 chapter 61 . 8/15
Read this story a few times. Hopefully your muse comes back from wherever she went. Have checked out your other profiles but I couldn't watch past five minutes of the Walking Dead so I have read your stories.
HPotterLover2000 chapter 61 . 7/30
Wonderful story so far, I was enthralled. Hope you get your muse back soon coz this is a brill story.
Love Emily xx
Ldysabella chapter 61 . 7/29
You've done a phenomenal job with this story so far. I just picked it up off a recommendation from another story sms I've really truly enjoyed it. I hope you're able to commune with your muse sms find time bad i,spiration to co,tinue this work someday.
EmI8576 chapter 61 . 7/22
I hope your muse returns soon! I absolutely love this story. I hope you update soon, I can only imagine what happens to Umbridge during the next mischief night.
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