Reviews for Came Out of the Darkness
bookluv22 chapter 61 . 4/18
Fantastic story! I hope that you continue it when you can.
verysilly chapter 61 . 4/18
I've just read this story for the third time. I think it's the very best HP time travel story (and I've read hundreds of them). It's absolutely brilliant. A lot of people will be happy if you write a new chapter (or twenty)!
backstagespotlight chapter 61 . 4/15
I'm on my third or fourth re-read of this, so I'm really glad you left it up! I hope things are okay. Well, I mean, I hope they get back to ok.
Rowan chapter 61 . 4/14
I know you've made this account inactive, but I hope you're still reading reviews. I just wanted to let you know that this is one of my two favorite fics, and that I reread it all the time. I added it to my nook so I can read it away from the internet, You're a really talented writer, and I hope you come back to this story some day. Watching TWD seems to spark your muses for that show, so maybe a rewatch or reread of HP would help in that regard? Well, no matter what, I wish you the best with your future. Thanks for the story you've given us all
dragoon109 chapter 18 . 4/12
sigh... why this way? why not get an actual professor?
Guest chapter 5 . 4/12
As I recal Harry did roll his eyes with Ron during shapes intro speech wouldn't that be rude
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 61 . 4/11
Where's all of your Bethyl stories?
Illuviar chapter 61 . 4/11
Awesome story! I hope your Muse will come back soon!
Spop103 chapter 61 . 4/9
Well JCS I've realized that the muse is gone but PLEASE UPDATE I've legit read this story TEN I love this story.
YuunoMugen chapter 61 . 3/25
I had forgotten how much I adored this story. After reading it for the second time I love it even more. Please come back and update soon if possible.
S3rgeant-Sarcasm chapter 12 . 3/23
shinesodark chapter 61 . 3/21
I don't post many reviews but I had to tell you I just finished re-reading this story and I love it! I do hope you get your muse back soon.
Guest chapter 61 . 3/20
Great story! Can't wait for more!
ralula chapter 61 . 3/10
You are a wonderful writer I go from laughing to rolling in the floor at times. And that is not easy on a sixty year old. Keep writing I think several writers on this web site could be successfully published authors and, with just a little luck could be fabulously wealthy. Many of your stories are great and some like this one are super good luck in the future and keep writing!
khanna88 chapter 37 . 3/6
Again, it's fantastic to see adults actually care for Harry. I love seeing this new version of Draco too. And that last charm on Lucius's wrist, seems like a hint that the Malfoys are the Cravens and the charm is for Hermione. Need to know!
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