Reviews for Came Out of the Darkness
lokyyt chapter 61 . 9/17
more please keep typing and please reply
MagicGirl11 chapter 8 . 9/17
Did Dumbledore that old fool charm Snape?!
fncmullin chapter 61 . 9/14
This is excellent, not enough good Harmony fics in the world! I love how many people have been brought to their mission and how many different roles you've given. Sad to see there isn't more, it's really well done.
BillBrink chapter 24 . 9/13
I'm leaving this one here as I am increasingly frustrated that Harry seems incapable of using his second chance to change anything other than the dialogue. He seems to get the same injuries, the same danger and, most of all, the same frustration with the situations he knew in advance he would encounter. He lets Draco get hurt with the COMC class, thus endangering Buckbeak once more. It seems the changes he makes have little or no consequences other than the Ron/Nevil swap. The whole idea of this challenge is to show how he could change things the second time around. This is a "second verse, same as the first" story (a Henry the Eighth fan:)
jackmylad 2 chapter 50 . 9/13
it called the Miranda rights
BillBrink chapter 5 . 9/12
Don't know what in the world happened to your muse, but it was golden when this was written. I hope it comes to see you again. We should be so fortunate.
fncmullin chapter 1 . 9/10
Just found this on someone's recommendation. I can't wait to read it all! Excellent beginning.
Kycs77777 chapter 61 . 9/9
wish you could continue
Ryuuohjin chapter 1 . 9/1
Dead? Too bad really...
suziq968 chapter 61 . 9/1
Oh please muse come back. This is so much fun and I'm so sorry your muse left. I love the idea of the castle being sentient and fighting Umbitch, someone surely needed to. I'd love to see a conclusion to this and will follow in hope.
suziq968 chapter 39 . 8/31
I know the movie dress was pink, but periwinkle is way prettier and less common. Total fail on the movie, almost as big as pretending that Harry could just stand there watching Dumbledore die without being petrified.
suziq968 chapter 8 . 8/31
Just curious why you made Hermione younger when she's older in canon? You'll probably explain it in the next chapters, but if you don't could you message me to say. Thanks.
suziq968 chapter 1 . 8/31
The start of this looks great. I think you should send a mass post to all non useful negative reviewers to remind them that this is Fanfiction. You're the fan it's your fiction. If they don't like it read something else. I really hate that negative reviews cause so many to stop posting or never start because of judgemental jerks who probably don't have enough talent to write a decent summary, let alone a story. I hope your use comes back.
CenorinaISChachie chapter 1 . 8/30
my heart can't take this... please muse... come back and finish this wonderful work of art!
CenorinaISChachie chapter 61 . 8/30
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