Reviews for Biomass Effect
Joe Lawyer chapter 58 . 9/19
I’ve never played Mass Effect, have only read a handful of Mass Effect fanfictions, and I’m not really a fan. I’m not a huge fan of Prototype as well, but damn if this story isn’t really, really good. It is readily apparent you are bringing a lot of hard science knowledge and background to this story and the depth of that knowledge is making this story a whole lot better. It’s depressing at times in just how overwhelmingly powerful the Reapers are, but all of your author’s notes made it clear what you were doing from the beginning.

I’m curious what the future holds for Blacklight and their alliances. Now that the Citadel powers know of the threat coming, will they make their entire genetic database available to Blacklight in the hopes of giving them an edge? Perhaps in that vast database of life new weapons and capabilities can be found for BL to fight the Reapers.

I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding how these Children of Saleon came to be, at least insofar as how one mad, but brilliant Salarian, managed to create something that defies even BL’s understanding. That’s something that shouldn’t be possible even with all the powers of a happy accident and prodigious luck. But, whatever, does BL want to study and understand everything about those capabilities? Do they wish to add those capabilities to their own forms assuming it’s possible and can be done safely? Even if they can’t consume it, would old fashioned study and experimentation reveal its secrets? I imagine they’ve consumed many brilliant scientists and researchers over time. If Saleon somehow made them, then it should be possible to understand how they came to be.

I’m also curious if BL has plans to ramp up the production of biomass in preparation for war. Will they be taking new solar systems for instance? Would a partial Dyson’s Sphere near a star increase their energy stores?

I’m also really curious if recent events have increased the numbers of people asking to be consumed. You’ve never said in this story exactly how many people since BL’s introduction to the wider galaxy have chosen to be consumed. I would imagine it’d go up substantially with recent events.

I’m looking forward to more. It’s an engaging story that I read fully in the span of 3 days. I just couldn’t stop. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Dragonjek chapter 58 . 9/12
Dear god.

The Catalyst thinks that horrific abomination is the best route to Synthesis.

That's one of the most revolting ideas I've ever heard.
Guest chapter 58 . 8/31
Why didn't haven't the Batarians exposed the creation of the Children of Saleon from the Salarian STG?
lolkid chapter 1 . 8/17
I was rereading this today when I had a thought... What about a Stargate crossover? I already feel sorry for the goauld by imagining it.. and the replicators? Oh, and the Wraith use organic shipsThink about it for your next story!
Guest chapter 58 . 8/14
Will Saren and Benezia, post-synthesis, be good or bad!?
Guest chapter 56 . 8/12
Woah. This has got to be my favorite fic. From the relatively realistic sci-fi elements to the difference from the canonical plot to the massive scope this fic covers, I don't think I'll ever find another one comparable to this. Don't stop!

(Also, the concept of an army that contains a lot of biomass that can be controlled by a Blacklight hive mind and Thorian, the mental trinity, and a HUGE battle with so many powers in play, I'm surprised that one hasn't crushed the other. If only there was a video, or even better, a GAME of this...)
i4md347h chapter 58 . 8/8
I am kind of curious when Blacklight makes full use of Leviathan DNA to their advantage... also, I am curious about how this will end. If it ends with all of the citizens of the ME Universe obtaining the solution, Blacklight cannot consume or infect them anymore. I wonder how they can work around that.
Crescent Glaive chapter 14 . 8/8
I must say that your depiction of Reapers seem highly probable. If they indeed have survived for thousands upon thousands of millenia, "harvesting" the galaxy in cycles, the rampant AI that controls the Reapers is a stagnant, but still very advanced.

Due to individual Reapers and their "slaves" the Collectors, the sheer amount of rampant, insane beyond comprehension minds that the Reapers are made of, the threat they pose is grave indeed. Not only because they can cause such harm to Blacklight, but because if there was anymore than one Reaper, i suspect that even Blacklight hivemind would be destroyed.
The Reapers truly are worthy of their chosen name...
Pteaset chapter 58 . 8/7
I’m actually sad it’s been nice being able to just read this whenever I have time now I actually have to wait I’ve loved every word of the story one of the best fanfiction’s I’ve ever read
Pteaset chapter 57 . 8/7
Another wonderful chapter you actually made me feel sorry for them but Terrence
Pteaset chapter 53 . 8/6
I watched your YouTube video very enlightening
Guest chapter 58 . 8/6
I suppose some of the Batarian refugees are going to be mad at the Salarians for making the Children of Saleon?
Endu chapter 58 . 8/6
I absolutely love how different this story is. You have done an incredible job of keeping it going when things branched out as is inevitable and is often what leads to writers abandoning stories.
Pteaset chapter 37 . 8/5
Dr. Celine is actually my favorite character usually I don’t like the bad guy but you write him so well
Pteaset chapter 32 . 8/4
Oh hell yeah I know I’ve said it several times but what I love about your story is it’s not the game but humanity is slightly different because in reality because of the butterfly effect whatever changes humanity have the entire series would be different that’s what your story does perfectly
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