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all forms of fluff chapter 57 . 6/28
First time through

I am really enjoying this story. This last scene was a bit... well if I'm not misunderstanding the kid then its going to force synthesis on all life... isn't that just another form of Rampancy? I can't see Blacklight allowing that without a fight. Plus the kid, as I've seen the ending of this series discussed and know somewhat the nature of the hologram, blatantly warped Saren's mind and the guy is just following along? This guy is supposed to be a Specter shouldn't he be suspicious as fuck about that? Okay that aside there is something that's been percolating in my brain for a while now. In this story Red light evolved naturally in Elizabeth Green, not sure on the lore of Prototype so that's why I used the qualifier, this to me creams deliberate. The Protheans figured out how utterly screwed they were at the end of the last cycle so what if they decided to take steps to screw over the trap of the Mass Effect tech by engineering a biological trap of their own while leaving behind hints with a second race to watch out for it? So they spiced in the touch memory thing into the Asari and left behind the VI to send them to earth. Where Redlight waited to manifest. Granted shit went wrong as the ability to access the Prothean VI needed pure blooded Asari and once the girls seen the abundance of options out there in the milky way they kind of went twenty fifth century WHO on them and spread the love around.

Jump to here to avoid speculations. So Story its been fun to read so far. I really dug the whole first bit where Blacklight was actually spreading out and then actively alien life. The whole first contact situation was very well put together. Then the Reapers showing up and wrecking Blacklights garden was so un cool but I dug the way bio goop life drove the minds insane and how the whole transcendence mind hive works. How you put that together just sold how that might really work if mankind was able to achieve such a state. After Shepard showed up however the who story kind of went sideways. While the scenes between the ME starters are decent, and really break up the body horror science going on, I don't actually care about them. The trio doesn't really achieve much other then be a distraction for you mood whiplash moments. Other then that I do really like Grunt and his crush. But this story doesn't seem to heading to the same ending as the game, regardless of the three color options said ending gave. I just don't see the Hive mind Trio being picked to make the final choice. Then again it doesn't matter whose face Blacklight uses, so there is no reason not to use him/her/it...shepherd. I kind of hate that all the intrigue and peaceful alteration of a people got erased in one fight. I guess we should go with fight's next. I do hope that you don't do every incounter with Reavers and Blacklight. While its fun to read a good action set piece, after a certain level it just becomes filler to skip through. Battles can only be so huge before scale loses its meaning and its just snap shots of destruction that doesn't have any impact. This last one was pushing my personal limit on how fun it was to read and even then I took some time away from the story just watch some Youtube vids before finishing it. We already got a good measure of how the fights go now. Maybe its time to start actually getting the other races to join Blacklight in stopping the Reapers. That's not really a complaint but I kind of want to see what the Geth would do if they were asked to develop a Blacklight life form. Who knows, maybe they will come up with a way to consume some of the Children and Blacklight can start making a Dread class bio ship made out of metals that can divide like cells. Then again you have said that you don't want any cyborg Blacklight and that would really be pushing it. Ah well. Other then Shepard I can't really find anything to actively gripe about and even those gripes are simply surface level things. SO. I guess all that's left to say is Thank you for shareing this with us all. I plan on coming back to your work at a later time but for now I must be moving on. Thank you again for sharing this story. It's really be fun.
MOR the Divine Being chapter 30 . 6/27
WREN-PL chapter 1 . 6/27
Leeeeeeeeeet me vomit in the corner...

Ok, I'm done.
The Buzzaxe Bandit chapter 57 . 6/20
Omygod, this shit is awesome! I love it like you wouldn’t believe!
novonia chapter 3 . 6/20
damn you! lol, its nearly 1am and I need to sleep... and I need to read more of this story! :(
Why is life so hard right now?
Really cool idea, and I am so going to bite the bullet and tell myself no and not deprive myself of more sleep - though maybe one more chapter...
Sabatie chapter 2 . 6/18
You know, blacklight remind me the Flood from Halo. Except that it don't want to assimilate all life in the universe. But it can do it if it want. Blacklight can do most, if not everything, what Flood was capable of.
Benthatguy chapter 57 . 6/17
Please don’t make this a synthesis ending diversity is the spice of life synthesis ends that
Guest chapter 57 . 6/11
The Batarians may blame the Salarians for the creation of the Children of Saleon.
Thanatos 2018 chapter 57 . 6/6
Dam well written. Complex plot. I can't wait for the next chapter
Guest chapter 57 . 6/3
At least this guarantees that the Batarians will be MORE THAN WILLING to work with both Blacklight AND the Citadel Races to Kick the Reapers Arses!
vladimr1996 chapter 57 . 6/3
I think the Catalyst is either telling the Garrus lies or it intends to replace the Reaper in the Cycle with new Synthesis Reapers from Saleon's Children.
Guest chapter 57 . 6/2
Shisk is REALLY gonna have to haul ass to stop the Reapers.
CReaper210 chapter 57 . 6/1
Great chapter!

Epic conclusion to the Khar'Shan battle, very much looking forward to the aftermath!
Guest chapter 55 . 6/1
Your story is bullshit. Seriously adding the children of saleon? That just makes the story more predictable seeing as your all for the cliche and cheesy shit everyone hates and comes here SPECIFICALLY TO FANFICTION to fucking avoid. Then you do this shit? Thanks asshole.
coincidencless chapter 57 . 6/1
Well, RIP Khar'Shan. Maybe it will one day be terraformed.

And it seems the Catalyst is definitely pulling strings behind the scenes. Though given the nightmare fuel of Saleon's Children, I doubt everyone will be so appreciative of its 'solution'.
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