Reviews for Konoha's Dream Team
AnnaLynn3279 chapter 19 . 9/9
Holy crap this fic is utter genius. I mean seriously. Brilliant
AnnaLynn3279 chapter 10 . 9/9
“I love it when you talk about asses” was possibly one of the greatest comic moments in this entire fic and I love you for this story! Thank you for taking your time to write this!
HellLani chapter 5 . 9/7
Sasuke -gay, I love you
reaperofages chapter 19 . 9/2
enjoying this story and hope to see an update for it
ArataMeian chapter 3 . 8/25
unless he doesn't have the kyubi in this story.
ArataMeian chapter 3 . 8/25
Okay I'm not trying to be mean or anything but you do know that Naruto's chakra stores cannot be beaten by anyone as the kyubi is a never ending chakra supply.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/24
I love this series with my heart. I adore how you acknowledge that someone can be gay and still be the same person they always were. However, I dislike how much the story follows and powers up Naruto. If you’re going to name your story “Konoha’s Dream Team”, then the team should be around the same levels in terms of abilities and strength. You also fail to show how powerful Sasuke can be. He does have a sharingan afterall. I am pleased with this story and the plot, but there are a menagerie of problems that can puncture holes in the storyline.
Great good.
pwtcmcneil chapter 1 . 8/13
V a$$hole V
youareasaltyfag chapter 1 . 8/11
Kill yourself, virgin fag.
Kkaaloa chapter 19 . 7/31
I really hope to see this story finish tired of seeing good stories being discontinued. The friendship between naruto and Sasuke is the best. Would’ve been really badass to see naruto have the wood style in the real series
Celestia GF of the Void chapter 19 . 7/22
First time reading through this one, usually read your hp mad scientist fics over and again. Good stuff though. I look forward to seeing more. I just hope the once a year updates become more like monthly updates. It's sad to see good stuff like your works gathering dust after all.
Natsuyuuki chapter 19 . 7/19
Oh god... love it!
gogo bananas chapter 5 . 7/17
a gay character that isn't with the main character? testy
Guest chapter 2 . 7/17
Why is Naruto British? Or is it Aussie? I don't know, just find it a bit weird. Don't be offended, yeah?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/16
Not... terrible. Though I haven't read the latest chapters, for where I am now, I think you should revise the earlier chapters. Especially the dialogue. For one, I doubt an elderly military dictator who cultivates the image of kindly, wise man, would say "super cool", even if he was addressing children. Aside from that... The whole friendship was a bit too rushed in my opinion, but whatever, it's not like it's deal breaking. And the joke about pedophilia at the end was neither funny nor was it appropriate. But whatever. Has some potential, though it could also be much better.
(Oh, and this is my personal opinion: stop making other characters speak of your two protagonists complimentary so bloody much. Maybe for me it's an ingrained reaction after reading so many Mary Sue fics, but seriously, don't center the whole thing solely around the main gang. Aaaand, I think your characters are smirking too much - use other synonyms too - but that might just be me).
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