Reviews for Embracing His True Self
klagana1 chapter 51 . 6h
Ohhh damn!
Alwabe chapter 51 . 21h
Completely AWESOME! I can't wait for you to continue this amazing story! Please update quickly!
Marshmallowmann chapter 51 . 23h
"Well it's just that you seem to be labouring under the delusion that I am going to - come quietly." - Albus Dumbledore

Aurors vs the greatest Wizard since Merlin. Pretty sure Albus has more than one trick up his magnificent sleeves.
Stormshadow13 chapter 51 . 10/14
Dumbledore is really having a bad day. Couldn’t happen to a Master manipulator. Granted they did leave out the attack on his sister that started the whole thing, but even still what he did after words. Well, that speaks for itself.

I love Harry! He’s great and I’m glad that he and Barty have become friends. Looking forward to seeing the dogs reaction to the newspaper.
kirsty21 chapter 51 . 10/14
Cool update soon thanks
Marvelharvest chapter 51 . 10/14
Yes yes yes!
kahpfan chapter 51 . 10/14
Am loving this story and the way the characters are developing -
Albus’s tantrum and Minerva’s nagging doubts are good. One slight error you might want to just correct right st the end ‘she felt the wards shift’ slight typo with a missing f changing the meaning entirely. Dead easy to do and to miss. Can’t wait for the next chapter
staar chapter 50 . 10/14
naw, loved the chapter...always a treat to see draco act like a 5 year old ! see you soon :):):) -Prince Concert next ?
geekymom chapter 51 . 10/14
Fantastic chapter!
HMRoberts chapter 51 . 10/13
About time Minerva finally sees Albus's true nature. I never could figure out, barring nefarious acts on Dumbledore's part, how NOBODY ever even got a hint of how power-mad and ruthless Albus really was. Whether "light" or "dark", acts of harm cause pain, anguish, change or end careers and lives besides being inherently NOT "for the Greater Good", in the end. Necessity is as necessity does, but you can't escape the on us for that, no matter how you may try to whitewash it.

Great chapter!

Your Constant Reader,
Heidi R.
Tarter-tot chapter 51 . 10/13
Wouldn't he go to the other one... I forget what it's called but it starts with an N. Anyways, wouldn't he go there because he's very strong magically and that's where they send magically strong criminals... Like Grindelwald. Voldemort's no angel... But tbh I feel like the wizarding world will be better off without ancient old coots trying to control the populace 'for the greater good'! But, at the end of the day it's your story! I look forward to reading whichever direction you take it.
AlekseiDubov chapter 1 . 10/13
I’m trying hard to think of who Barty would have waiting in the dungeons and the only name really popping into my head is Aunt Marge. Then when I started trying to imagine what Harry would do to her (or whoever it is, maybe Doge?) my brain automatically shifted gears to Draco following Harry into the dungeons trying to catch him out and ending up witnessing Harry going completely sadistic dark wizard on whoever it is and getting the wits scared out of him, then being a terrified little wimp for the rest of the story. That sounded like fun, but I’m sure whatever you decide to do with the irritating little twit will be satisfying.

On another note, I’d really like to see Harry and Severus develop their relationship more over this metamorphosis potion. Working on it is an excuse to have them spend more time together that will hopefully allow you to expand on the sentiments given with Severus’ birthday gift. Now that he’s in lockdown and not spying maybe they can work towards what they should have been if Lily’s will has been read in the first place.

Keep up the good work. I’m eagerly salivating over every scrap of info you’ve been throwing out
DS2010 chapter 51 . 10/13
Yes Albus is getting what is coming to him!
Benadryl Cumberbatch chapter 51 . 10/13
I loved this chapter. I can’t wait for the next one.
Zarroc789 chapter 51 . 10/13
Love it so much. Would love to read full article
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