Reviews for To Be A King
Rabbitin chapter 26 . 4/21/2022
I never imagined a world in which Arthur and Merlin actually ended up with independent lives. I'm sad for them but happy they're each living at their full potential.
Rabbitin chapter 25 . 4/21/2022
Aw sweet Merlin. Glad he has Arthur.
Rabbitin chapter 23 . 4/21/2022
I did not see that coming. I knew she'd try something against Merlin's kingdom but hadn't expected the mutiny!
Rabbitin chapter 19 . 4/21/2022
Such a perfect reunion. Two typos in this chapter - your writing is so absolutely perfect and error free that it felt like a shock or accomplishment to find a typo haha. P. it's a compliment, I've never come across another fic with such good editing.
Rabbitin chapter 16 . 4/20/2022
So proud of Arthur! And so I'm character, I can totally see that happening.
Rabbitin chapter 14 . 4/20/2022
Alright so I had to skip to chapter 27 to prepare myself for the upcoming disappointment that Merlin would give up the throne and go back to Arthur, which always seems to happen in royal Merlin fics. Very excited that based on brief skimming that doesn't seem to be the case. Yay!
Rabbitin chapter 10 . 4/19/2022
Hahahaha my favorite part of this fic so far is Merlin telling Kilgharrah to go do whatever it is he does all day. I don't know why I love that line so much, but I do.
Rabbitin chapter 6 . 4/19/2022
My heart hurts for Merlin. Lovely writing though and everyone seems perfectly in character.
honeyabyss chapter 27 . 12/18/2021
This is my first free weekend in over a month where I got to just wake up at 8 am and sit in bed all day. I prefer sunny days, but there are still good vibes from a cloudy, drizzling day like today. So I wanted to read one of my favorite stories, something I've read 3 or so times already, and relax all day reading. Thanks for writing this lovely story and sharing with us because I was able to forget the time and the world for several hours and enjoy reading this world, where Merlin is royalty and everything turns out happy in the end and I got to picture Merlin with longer hair, dressed as a King
WyomingRockieSunset chapter 27 . 9/8/2021
This is great! Thank you so much for sharing!
Pohla chapter 28 . 1/4/2021
great story! I love it!
Ariana Deralte chapter 28 . 8/25/2020
Just reread this. Lovely story:)
Guest chapter 28 . 8/17/2020
This is a lovely romp in an old fandom of mine. I don't generally read royal Merlin fics, but this one was great fun. I particularly appreciated the approach to Merlin's relationship with Mordred-it reminds me of the prophecies in Harry Potter that only have power if acted on. The lines of succession were sensible and the evolution of various characters refreshing. Well done!
Straight Gate chapter 10 . 6/21/2020
I love this story. your imagery is very good.
Straight Gate chapter 5 . 6/9/2020
very well written
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