Reviews for Natsu's Stars in Lucy's Sky
azami-x chapter 54 . 11/8
Glad to see them ditching. Tim is such a sleaze. Look forward to the next chapter!
ImpracticalDemon chapter 54 . 11/7
Once again proving that you can write Juvia and Gray with passion and sensitivity... Well done! Every couple resonated right in this. It was a fun read and I *love* the fact that they're all ditching the stupid Tim. Hah! I see you're setting up and exciting next chapter, he he.
Raiyone Narukami chapter 54 . 11/6
Yay, new chapter. Glad to hear the Kai & Milli story is moving along. O.O *blush* Gale funtime. *holds up camera* _ D'awh more Gajuvia friendship feels. This chapter had it all
FlameDragonHime chapter 54 . 11/6
Oh Gajie~
RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley chapter 54 . 11/5
Yay for George!
And omg God Gajeel! Never expected that from him XD
A fantastic chapter, as always.
Glass Dragon's Rose chapter 54 . 11/5
Gajeel has always intrigued me. Wonder where else he is pierced...
kurahieiritr JIO chapter 53 . 9/12
Glad to see that Gray and Juvia are becoming a solid couple at this point. Looks like Lucy and Natsu are also aware of what a slime ball Tim is and getting ready to do their own version of dumping him. I must admit that Lucy's way of dealing with Natsu at the end was very well played. She does have a point about Natsu in how he thinks. He's not stupid. However, he does tend to look through a different lens and perception than other people so see the world and others in ways few people could get I have a feeling.
azami-x chapter 53 . 9/8
Great story! Really enjoyed the read through. Look forward to seeing the story continue.
turtle3334 chapter 53 . 9/7
Oh now they are going to get married. Can't wait, Happy Writing!
Forbidden-Hanyou chapter 53 . 9/6
Yay, an update! Tim is so sleezy omg. Keep up the good work!
ImpracticalDemon chapter 53 . 9/6
Wow, great chapter - exciting, romantic, funny and sweet. Every couple was interesting to read about, and each person treated their partner well (which I love). Also, the bad guys were bad guys (well, one in particular, and yes, I hate him - well done there!).

Gray's uncertainty - about the very basics of what to do, not about Juvia - and Juvia's uncertainty - mostly about herself, which you have continued to demonstrate is at the core of so much of her behaviour - is very well done. Your take on Gray's character is interesting and resonates. Among many great moments, my favourite is probably when Gray and Juvia just... leave. To be together and to hell with anyone else. Gray's effort to combat Juvia's utter lack of self-confidence (or even self-respect) is pretty amazing without seeming unreal.

Let's see... I enjoyed reading about Erza and Jellal very much. I do wish that Erza had slapped Tim, but as Jellal noted, she can be tremendously innocent - and yes, clueless. In any event, you took a short scene and made it memorable (though I think I appreciated the description of Jellal as much as anything ).

Natsu and Lucy - not surprising that this couple is so well written since you care about them in a way that really shines through. That first scene was brilliant, especially the way that they each tried to look after the other in the way that the other person would want. Natsu hitting somebody who upsets Lucy is expected and natural; Natsu *not* hitting somebody who upsets Lucy because he knows what she really wants is wonderful, and completely in character (despite what people might think). Yes, there are times when Natsu takes the easy path (hitting things/people), and makes Lucy feel worse instead of better - but that rarely happens when Lucy's need are clear, especially later in the story. (This really struck home for me when Natsu did everything he could not to permanently injure or kill Lucy's celestial spirits despite every awful thing the did while in their Eclipse forms. I think that restraining himself while Lucy was getting hurt was pretty amazing and showed just how deep his understanding of Lucy is. There are other example, but this came to mind.)

Anyway, both Natsu-Lucy scenes showcased their bond on a deep level. Lovely, lovely ending... so loving and happy. (May Tim rot in the netherest nether-hell!)

Thank you for sharing this!

~ Imp
RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley chapter 53 . 9/5
*snickers* Erza's thoughts of the male guild members and their boy love are so true...
Another brilliant chapter.
ThayetJade chapter 53 . 9/5
I loved it of course, personally yeah I wish t was longer but I understand if that's where it felt right to leave it and or just didn't wanna spoil what's to come what's going on with levy and gajeels dinner now that they don't have to fret over the pervy photo shoot? The exceeds? Where has Mira ran off to? That sorta thing...still love it of course! And it was cool to see ichiya have a committed girl for was so sad that he died in canon...glad to see your story update! I'm rereading a faviorte of mine that you wrote (a mission it's a bet!) love you work in general of course!
myasia88 chapter 53 . 9/5
why the heck am i screaming?! i cannot believe you're finally back. i am forever gonna love this story and i knew you wouldn't give up on it definitely because you are such an amazing writer and i can't take anymore omg i honestly love this story so much and i won't ever give up waiting.
MorriganFae chapter 53 . 9/5
Ack! I'm a bit worried about Tim wanting to get photos of Gray and Juvia! Hope Natsu or Gajeel figure out there's something extra in the lotion and beat the snot out of Tim!

Glad you're back! I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out!
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