Reviews for Natsu's Stars in Lucy's Sky
PercyPie14 chapter 59 . 7/15
I love this so much! Can't wait for the next chapter!
RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley chapter 59 . 7/7
...I don't want to know why Ichiya was going round hotels with black lights.
Fantastic chapter! Loved the Jerza stuff especially.
Aqua Rules chapter 59 . 7/5
Holla! Definitely want more of both couples. ;) Really enjoying seeing Tim get what he deserves. :)
ImpracticalDemon chapter 59 . 7/4
Things are getting wild on the 'Tim Needs a Lesson' side of things. I would *not* have predicted an Ichiya-Nora-Tim... well, whatever it is they have. What does Nora have in mind for punishment? Will Ichiya live up to his Fairy Tail leanings and make sure that Tim gets what he deserves? For matter, do *any* of the three of them know what Tim deserves? They seem torn between sympathy, lust, and righteous indignation. And Tim keeps veering wildly between apologies and 'to hell with this, I'd do it again!' (staying tuned to find out more)

Meanwhile, Gray and Juvia are winning my personal "sweetest and most romantic" award in this story. Natsu and Lucy are definitely more than ready to take their relationship up a notch or ten - and I really like the directness in how they're dealing with things, especially as Lucy works things through in her head and, er, elsewhere. ;) Your Gajeel and Levy dynamic stays on point and fun. Ah, the uses of lacrimavision!

Jellal and Erza are favourites of mine. I like the way Erza is truly grateful for the pampering, but fully prepared to be direct and say what she wants. Given all the lost time, and how lonely they've each been at times, I'm glad that Jellal's head finally caught up to his body and realized that there it was better to accept what Erza was saying than to keep falling back into guilt. Good job not minimizing his traumas but letting the readers see him make a happy decision for once. And... I loved the use of requip. I think that really works for these two.

Still wondering how you'll handle Tim - and still contemplating scrubbing out my mental eyes (or running like Mira). Congratulations for getting this out!
FairyTailLover04 chapter 59 . 7/4
Oh yes. Please give us Jerza smut, there’s not enough of it
Pepin-Bones chapter 55 . 6/28
Bahahahaha! That end though! Tim is going to wish he was dead!
Pepin-Bones chapter 40 . 6/14
So this feeling has been going on for a while now, but I get the sensation that George is either up to no good or also just shady as hell with his secret stash and obsession photographing the exceeds...
Pepin-Bones chapter 1 . 6/13
Just started this and damn! I was so bummed she was just recounting a dream!
Aqua Rules chapter 58 . 6/5
Love this one! Had to read it from the beginning to now. Can't wait to see what you have in store in the next few chapters. :)
RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley chapter 58 . 5/28
Fantastic chapter as always
ImpracticalDemon chapter 58 . 5/26
I enjoyed so many different parts of this! Gray's persistent insistence on being equals - Juvia needs that. Over and over and over. That's the way to make a good dent on a damaged psyche - gentle but clear and consistent. Lucy and Natsu interacting with Gajeel and Levy was by turns funny and funnier - with a dash of frustration, lol! And awwwww, Erza and Jellal. I'm so happy that you hinted at some equality in that too-easily cardboard pairing, instead showing Jellal planning ahead and Erza being swept off her feet and away from her guildmates. Ichiya and the doctor continue to impress and amuse! While there's plenty of broad humour, it's still satisfying to see Ichiya *happy*. Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing what the psychoanalysis of Tim versus the Demon - er, Mira - turns up. Right now, I'd like Mira to smack him, though I'm aware that violence is not ideal. Maybe some kind of torturous mind magic that forces him to relive others' experience and pain? Anyway, cool chapter! ~ Imp
RoyaldragonSevgisi15 chapter 10 . 5/25
Man I really am enjoying this story a lot so far! I love your writing style and the way you make the characters interact with each other! Lucys thoughts are so funny I laugh every time she has to restrain herself! I can't wait for your next update it's honestly amazing!
High Pristess of the Demented chapter 58 . 5/24
Woot! Good to see a new chapter!
MsMJ chapter 58 . 5/24
What a nice surprise to see this story updated! I rather enjoyed this chapter and I hope Mira at least manages to get Tim fired.

Hehehe Jellal is definitely impressive and Erza is so cute when she's all lost in her own feelings. XD

I noticed a small typing error in the following paragraph:

"Settle down, woman." Gajeel tried for curt but failed. He laughed. "Jellal is one for one wild night."

Of course you mean "Jellal is in for one wild night." ;)
ImpracticalDemon chapter 56 . 3/7
This was a wonderful, fun- and action-filled chapter! The near-fight in the restaurant, with everyone getting their shots in, and Wendy finally calling the whole thing to a halt, was perfect.

Jellal watching Erza and recognizing his role (to support, admire, and not interfere) was probably my favourite part, but I'm biased toward Jellal. Ichiya and Dr. Nora... I share Jerza's reactions, and yet it seems right for Ichiya to finally have a real admirer and lover. People tend to lose sight of just how much he *does* for Fairy Tail over the years. He's actually a pretty devoted and responsible friend from that perspective.

The exceeds were another favourite for me in this chapter! Pantherlily may adore Gajeel (and Levy!), but I think he truly respects and cares about Wendy - it's very endearing.

Finally (and there's probably more I could comment on!), I have to note again that your interpretation of Gray and Juvia continues to impress me. You don't succumb to the mistake of making it easy, or making Gray into a villain (when everyone should be allowed to choose their own lover, not be pressured into it). Instead, you've written quite a sweet and believable romance for them that doesn't shy away from their issues, but also doesn't overwhelm the couple with angst.

This was so much fun!

~ Imp :)
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