Reviews for Time to Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is
Kajjul chapter 21 . 9/2
Awesome read! A really nice op harry story :)
DaDragon562 chapter 19 . 8/22
Lmfao, love how he wants to go back to just being normal only to be completely unprepared for Boy who Conquered Titles
DaDragon562 chapter 17 . 8/22
Lol at Turais waiting three days to get medical treatment

What a classic Chuck Norris style trope

Love Malfoy being rational and realizing Turais is beyond even the dark lord, he's something beyond human while voldemorts just inhuman
DaDragon562 chapter 14 . 8/22
Good to see Harry moving forward after the Horcruxes
DaDragon562 chapter 13 . 8/22
I guess it takes Sirius being a prat for Turais to finally decide to get rid of the dark lord
DaDragon562 chapter 11 . 8/22
I enjoy how you show Dumbledore puzzled at the enigma that is Turais

Love the over the top way he releases the news he discovered the Chamber
DaDragon562 chapter 10 . 8/22
Aww man, you address the bullying and pranks but stop before seeing a terrified James/Sirius/Severus bonding over how nuts Turais is feeding Slytherin's Basilisk lie its nothing!
DaDragon562 chapter 8 . 8/22
Love how Turais was out to demonstrate his sheer dominance by beating two marked Death Eaters as a third year

Love the curb stomping
DaDragon562 chapter 7 . 8/22
This was sweet seeing Turais bond with Remus and give him more confidence in friendships
DaDragon562 chapter 6 . 8/22
Love seeing Turais shine in so many different contexts demonstrating his charisma and power and how truly Slytherin he is now reminding them he can kill them at any time and they are defenseless against him
DaDragon562 chapter 5 . 8/22
Like the transition, also leave it to bellatrix lol
DaDragon562 chapter 4 . 8/22
This is sweet and god damn is Turais devious as fuck

He's willing to threaten them where it hurts, their pureblood pride
JustHereForthemFanFics chapter 1 . 8/17
This is amazing
missmusicluver chapter 21 . 8/3
well done! loved this all the way around
yochan123 chapter 20 . 8/2
I think he has enough fighting dark wizards in his life now

Time to do something different! And awww bringing Remus and regulus along
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