Reviews for Reflections of Evil
nivet chapter 2 . 8/12/2014
The first chapter was really interesting, I thought Kitana may have been suffering from some kind of insanity, but then the guard revealing the sai at the end turned everything on it's head. The second chapter was interesting with Jade, but not quite as foreshadowing as the first.

I think you could do with a bit more back story or establishing more of a setting, but you can introduce that in later chapters smoothly if you wish. Also, maybe slow down the pace. I was actually looking forward to the two guards searching for Mileena, even if they are only minor characters, yet now they are both killed by Jade (which feels a little bit OC, but her reasons haven't been stated yet), one of which wasn't even during the chapter.

This story seems cool, keep up the good work.