Reviews for Outspoken
ShadowOfDarkness2004 chapter 1 . 6/20/2017
Another amazing story! *applause*
This is great. The humor, detail and romance is just amazing. Your style of writing is very capturing and intriguing! I enjoyed it very much!
Caellach Tiger Eye chapter 1 . 8/13/2014
Well now, this is a pleasantly surprising little piece, isn't it? I enjoyed the reading of this fic immensely, which is quite notable because despite my enjoyment of Deltora Quest it isn't a fandom within which I frequent the fanfic pages - I generally care very little for Future Fic and canon-based fanfiction (I read fanfiction SPECIFICALLY because I want AU, which I never seek in this fandom because I have no desire to see anything from canon), so I'm glad that pj_blindclown tipped me off about this one because it was worth the time spent analysing it.

What really strikes me in this one, I think, is how you are handling the relationship between Lief and Jasmine here - you aren't jumping into angst the way that some authors do for MANY pairings (because they believe it needs conflict), and while I don't disapprove of using it for character development at times it's good to see some rather lighter fare on the site. Really, you manage to make use of ideological conflict while not making it feel like a critical sort of thing - it's a warm and fluffy fic here, quite a breath of fresh air given the stuff many will write.

More to the point, these two are perfectly in character in their own way while being put into this kind of scenario - you have Jasmine's determination to learn how to read, along with her not holding social mores to the same level as Lief does; you have Lief's own insecurities right on display (given it's his POV), with his reasons for wanting her to wear the wedding band being given sound reasoning even while she points out things that he in his somewhat-oblivious nature can miss (like the double-standard - on that note, it's interesting that you depict this as a society where only the woman often wears a ring, although it's discussed by them). You have them bantering and joking around, showing they are FRIENDS as well as spouses (they were friends before they fully realised their feelings for each other after all). You've got them discussing these things, actually trying to understand the other's reasoning for the arguments they give for what they do and/or believe - rather than letting the conflict get out of hand, which could happen even for them but is appropriate to not go too far in this direction. You have their warmth and comfort in confiding these things in each other... at least in a certain way, since Lief is clearly trying to use tact when giving his reasoning to Jasmine.

On that note, while writing this review I truly appreciate a certain NUANCE this title gives us - it is "outspoken", which is what Jasime is herself. And somehow, that is subtly illustrated by the characterisation presented, as well as the POV - we have Lief's POV which shows that he is (despite being a bit oblivious) an extraordinarily thoughful individual at his core and aware of the need to not always give what he thinks in words; in contrast to Jasmine, who speaks her mind and makes it clear she won't tolerate the petty whims and desires of the nobility the way he will. And yet on the flipside, this is also contrasted: while Jasmine is blunt, she also puts care into her words here by refuting Lief's claims about the Torans (aren't you Toran? isn't your mother a Toran noble?), but in a playful manner that is reminiscent of her relationship with Lief that still illustrates her heart-on-the-sleeve approach; while Lief tries to be thoughtful and certainly has his own insight, he is still caught in the gut-response, and yet while he thinks of what he wants to say he uses reasoning in a manner that shows him using his OWN heart (telling her that it gives him peace of mind to see her wearing the ring, without needing to say that he's worried she'll abandon him for the Forests). This, coupled with how you write in his POV, is basically giving us the sum of these people's natures in the perfect balance, neither too much show nor too much tell. Of course, it is still Lief's POV so there are things we don't see about what exactly Jasmine is thinking... but we don't have to, which is the very point here (that he is reading her so well, understanding why she says what she does; even if he didn't consider it right away, he is now, and he makes an effort to show it to her).

This is also demonstrated further in the careful paragraph-construction technique you appear to possess - not too short, nor too long, and in a way which shows Lief's character in a nutshell. Both he and Jasmine are at heart people who are rather strong-hearted and emotive, but they show it differently - Lief grew up relatively carefree but then had to grow into mature mindset, which he shows in his handling of the politics being more tolerant on the outside than Jasmine's; in constrast Jasmine lived a life of danger growing up and is thus very introspective, but on the flipside that means she relishes the freedom to openly express herself and doesn't want to contain her natural outspoken nature; in turn, these traits show how and why they handle things the way they do in the palace (and in their married life). This makes it FITTING that we only get Lief's POV, and provides a thematic perspective and analysis - I'm not entirely certain this was your intention much (if at all), but that matters little because that would speak more of your internal nature than anything else and shows your beliefs in a non-anvillicious manner (we all put ourselves into our writing, attempted or not). Besides, I am happy to provide an alternative interpretation of this fic. ;-)

It's impressive that you've only been on this site for a few days as of now, yet you already have two well-written DQ fics here, showing a care in use of words and in demonstrating characterisation and development in quite the nuanced manner (these deserve WAY more attention than they've yet gotten - I intend to review the other one later on, BTW). I eagerly look forward to reading anything else you make to post here (so long as it's from fandoms I'm into at least - I'll definitely read the DQ ones at least, even if my last look at the books hasn't been in such a long time).

PJ Blindclown chapter 1 . 8/12/2014
Another excelent work from you. I think it's brilliant how you explored the treditional gender rolls in a society such as Deltora, as we don't really know what those are.
Keep it up,