Reviews for The Honoured Guest
nielnica12 chapter 15 . 2/27
This affinity training and the timing of it make more sense than the actual canon. Me like it
nielnica12 chapter 14 . 2/27
Im all in with the fuinjutsu and all but now you added a legendary weapon. I don’t know if i like it.
Guest chapter 38 . 2/22
Your rendition of Hinata lacks a spark, that spark that made her canon character stand out from other shy wallflower characters. Though Canon Hinata is shy and lacks self-esteem, she had made it a point of NEVER GIVE UP (inspired by Naruto of course). It's what makes her work harder, not sit still waiting for a knight in shining armour. It's also what makes the audience hearts throb and empathize and support her. Yes, this is even at 12-13 years old before her slow character growth kicks in.

This story's Hinata is just boring, uninteresting and has nothing inspiring to say. I am nearly tempted to just skip her scenes, it's the most lackluster in the book so far.
Guest chapter 9 . 2/21
This story's version of Hinata is real boring and nearly inconsequential. So dry
person I know EPIC chapter 57 . 2/16
how can you kill of main characters but not a villain no one cares about
Count of Nossex chapter 57 . 2/5
everything was going so well and now we're back to the talk no jutsu, non existent rivalry and emo shit ;_;
Jayden chapter 56 . 1/28
Dont say you dont like the plot shield he gave to the rookies if you do it to all the ones you made relevant to your plot :/ I like the writing but dont cop out your too scared to kill people with actual relevance
The Fox Sage chapter 73 . 1/28
man wtf is this bullshit
The Fox Sage chapter 72 . 1/28
huh but shikamaru already knew of tayuya you got me confused
The Fox Sage chapter 64 . 1/19
ehy nice you and me think the same about ikemoto and boruto the series
The Fox Sage chapter 56 . 1/15
you gonna make jirobo karins brother after chojis murder youve been making stupid choices with this plot
The Fox Sage chapter 55 . 1/15
thats just really fucked up to kill characters outta nowhere like that
The Fox Sage chapter 55 . 1/15
dont tell mr you really killed choji
The Fox Sage chapter 54 . 1/15
its way too easy to guess that tayuya is suzume with how much focus were giving her
The Fox Sage chapter 52 . 1/14
yikes thats fucked up to do that to shino
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