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OmegaUltima chapter 32 . 8/2/2022
Nooo, it ends before anything gets resolved, and it hasn't even gotten back to Soul Society and the fallout there yet, or them meeting up again!

Well, I guess I'll have to suffer not knowing how things turn out...I hope that you're still alive and kicking wherever you might be, regardless of whether you continue writing or not
rosaurocunanan16 chapter 5 . 5/11/2022
I've gotta ask...but where tf is Naruto? The focus is mainly on the kurosaki's in the past few chapters.

Is Naruto even gonna show up frequently at all?
Keithbear666 chapter 28 . 5/9/2022
This is honestly getting kinda stupid. I understood the immortal army and the immortal dude. But you forget that Ichigo has a SOUL-CUTTING SWORD! as such unless he has a soul that cannot be destroyed, then he would not survive having his soul butchered by Ichigo. Plus it is kinda stupid that he SOMEHOW got ichigo's mom. She is in an entire different DIMENSION. You have a couple of plot holes that aren't explained in this. It is stupid enough that there might still be the otsutsuki problem later on, but now you have this as well. Honestly you are kinda pushing it especially because these aren't enemies that have power that effects the souls like in bleach, as such they wouldn't be able to survive like in bleach. And you are having Ichigo hold back against him even though he could have ended this much sooner. Especially because his friends and family are in trouble.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/28/2022
Just spent hours binging this story from the beginning! I remembered it from a while ago, I loved reading it then and still do now. Love how it sometimes seems unpredictable but it still ties back to earlier events, like Ichigo learning genjutsu and then using it in the battle. And I love the characterization too. Basically I love everything about this fic and I'm curious as to how it'll end. Thanks for the update, I hope you're doing well.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/4/2022
Loving it so far
Neroscurse chapter 32 . 3/25/2022
Such a fun story. Thanks for posting it mate! Hope you'll have the opportunity to finish it, but even so, was still an enjoyable, if not entirely appropriate break from work ;)

Neroscurse chapter 18 . 3/23/2022
Slice of life is fun. Just adds to the picture that is the story. Binging the story now if you can tell by the timing of these, my fault for only just discovering this story. Thanks for posting!
Neroscurse chapter 14 . 3/23/2022
Again a cool chapter. Have you given it any consideration as to the hilariously broken nature of ANBU. I understand that they are high level cannon fodder used to punctuate threats/opponents' skills, but seriously, 3-6 chunin twice a year? Then ANBU only takes the 'best' that have a certain self-sacrificing nature (again narrowing the pool) to be trained and not all of them make it through ANBU training and yet they can lose 3 teams of ANBU regardless of hidden village like its not even a drain on their numbers?

It's not a critique of the story (it's a plot device and should be left alone), enjoying the story and have no criticisms or complaints, only compliments to form and entertainment, just a comment overall on anime, I guess. lol. Keep it up!
Neroscurse chapter 12 . 3/23/2022
Great story again. The chapter pacing is spot on, and you give attention to all of your characters befitting their role in your story so you have some enjoyable character development/expansion going on. Nice to see Shiro and Old Man Zangetsu this time around. Keep it up mate!
NC chapter 7 . 3/22/2022
Dang man, freakishly good story and nice power balancing. Hate it when these two giants get together and it’s a pissing match of one fiction-verse on the other. Keep it up mate,

Mukuro234 chapter 32 . 3/3/2022
ThFlash chapter 6 . 2/11/2022
First of all, I wanted to say that I absolutely love this fic. It's easily one of my favorite crossovers, and I can't tell you how many times I've reread it.
That being said, I've never been able to figure out what Ichigo is referring to when he says "If there is ever a certain problem in Soul Society, I may have to go back." Is referring to the "return" of Ywach that happened in the time skip, or perhaps Aizen getting out of Muken?
MysticRising chapter 1 . 2/3/2022
Im so confused over why sasuke is there, and why naruto isn't reacting more... clingy.
But Im so glad this isnt one of those stupid fics where their is a 'viel' seperaring earth from the naruto verse, as if a war like country like the shinobi wouldn't covet the land and rss/labor there for the taking. So utterly stupid.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/25/2022
If ichigo had stayed her of won you mentioned this was after the thousand year blood war meaning nobody alive is even on the same tier of power most would be blitzed one shot he’d likely not even need hos or bankai to wipe the soul society at this point
Guest chapter 13 . 1/1/2022
I think I just realised what was so jarring about Naruto's lack of presence. You made a big deal earlier, in the parts in Naruto's point of view, where you portrayed him as wildly nervous and anxious about the Kurosakis and how they would view him and whether he could protect them properly. To me it didn't really feel like it was resolved properly? You made it feel like it was an underlying psychological issue with Naruto to do with loneliness and some other stuff(only pointing it out because did the emphasis that has been made on the trauma so far) but nothing was ever really sorted out between Ichigo and Naruto outside of that one conversation they had. It was a little jarring because those instincts and feelings don't just go away because someone said a few words. It felt like Naruto kind of has had a bit of a personality shift in the last few chapters or just became a little indifferent to a certain extent?

A bit of a continued attempt and abandonment of the trauma/drama idea perhaps?

Anyway sorry for the huge reviews. I know they're a pain to read but I just felt compelled to write them!
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