Reviews for Road to the Multi Verse Buffy styleOpen Challenge
Toby860 chapter 7 . 1/31/2017
Cool. Can we see a crossover with neon Genesis evangelion
crimsonpath chapter 1 . 10/18/2015
If I could request the movie Sky High and the movie the last starfighter. I thought that Xander could put a new twist on the sidekicks being " useless" in sky high.
The Fallen Sky chapter 7 . 10/23/2014
Hmm, while I'm not sure you got all the FBI or science stuff just right, I think you did a pretty good job. I really think you captured Booth. Bones was a little hit or miss, but she wasn't the main focus outside of Buffy and Xander, so it's okay.

I really liked the way you incorporated the doppelgangers into this installment. I had a feeling the body being uncovered was Xander's double. I mean, why else would he have ID that had Xander's picture on it? Of course, I'm not sure the FBI would've put Buffy and Xander in prison/jail uniforms and holding cells, especially since neither of them were actually charged with a crime. They were merely persons of interest. Of course, the authorities can hold persons of interest for a short time, but they wouldn't take their clothes.

Anyway, I like how you had Booth separate Buffy and Xander and try to interrogate them. It was quite amusing when Booth told Buffy that Xander was spilling his guts and implicating her in the murder. Seriously, neither Xander nor Buffy would ever rat out the other to save their own skin. Either way, I love how both Buffy and Xander got under Booth's skin, especially Xander. Booth may not be Angel, but he certainly hates Xander like Angel. That mutual dislike was a nice touch, as was the whole unfolding doppelganger/alternate universe theme during the investigation. Hodgens' conspiracy theory side really shined, which was nice.

I'm actually a little surprised that Buffy and Xander played so nice with Booth, especially when he was dangling the hopper like a carrot. I mean, Buffy could've easily taken it from Booth and incapacitated him. Although, since they didn't know how much time they had before they could leave, it was a good idea that they didn't do anything to make their situation worse, especially since they didn't do anything wrong.

It was great to see Buffy and Xander come clean about their situation. I think they needed to tell someone, because it's just too much weirdness to keep bottled up. Of course, I'm not surprised that Booth and the Bones gang didn't believe them. Who would? Of course, it's kinda hard not to believe them when Buffy didn't exist in that world, and then her exact double shows up and is proven to be the one who murdered Xander's lookalike. That was kinda surreal, by the way, having a version of Buffy be the one to kill a version of Xander. That just doesn't compute. Speaking of Buffy's double, she seemed like she might be a slayer, given how she overpowered Booth and was too fast for any of them to catch her. Although, maybe Buffy and all versions of her are unique in their physical abilities.

Anyway, I love that Xander wouldn't give up on Andrea, that he treated her the way he'd treat Buffy is she was the one in trouble. Guess he's just got a soft spot for Buffy's. Either way, saving Andrea's life certainly proved that he wasn't scum like his double, and I love that Xander went a step further and made certain that Andrea wouldn't go to prison. While I understand why she did what she did, I still think she should've been punished for her crime. Still, I trust Xander knows people, and he obviously knew that Andrea wasn't evil, so helping her wasn't a bad thing. Plus, I love how by helping Andrea, Xander stuck it to Booth. It felt like Xander was giving the finger to Angel, which was awesome. I just hope they don't end up coming back to this universe again, because that wouldn't go well for Xander.

Aside from the mystery and the doppelganger stuff, I love that we finally got more back story on the exact nature of Buffy and Xander's relationship. I knew they were best friends, but I had no idea both of them decided to take a break from fighting evil in order to pursue a normal life. They deserve the break, and what I really love is that Buffy decided to tag along with Xander and ended up sharing an apartment with him. I honestly can't see Buffy wanting to be completely on her own. After all, she doesn't exactly have the skills necessary to live a normal life by herself. It's not her fault either. In any case, I can definitely see Buffy being sorry for constantly bringing Xander all kinds of trouble. After all, without her in his life, he wouldn't have suffered so much through the years. Although, without her in his life, he would probably be dead.

The point is that I love the heartfelt conversation and the raw emotion they shared as they basically confirmed that they love and need each other, that they wouldn't trade the other for anything in the world. Of course, it sucks that Booth ruined the moment, because it seemed like they may have kissed. As it is, I think they'll just chalk it up to the situation they're in and try to forget about any possible romantic feelings that may be bubbling beneath the surface. Although, they at least have an inkling that there could be more between them, which is good.

So, I see the next world they've entered is the Stripper World we discussed. I'm very curious and anxious to see what you do with it. I'm loving it so far, though. I practically died laughing when Xander discovered that he's wearing only the bedazzled, red banana hammock and a bow tie. Looks like Xander's a stripper. Although, just because Buffy is wearing a sundress doesn't mean that she's not a showgirl or stripper in her own right. Guess we'll just have to see. Either way, I'm hoping Buffy starts to enjoy Xander's predicament, because it's funny, and I'm betting Xander's got a rockin' bod. Hmm, I wonder if the strippers in this world go fully nude, or if it's only mostly. I know Xander's hoping it's only mostly, because I don't think he's keen on going full monty in front of anyone, let alone Buffy, at least not in public.

Nice job, once again, and I'm really looking forward to the next installment!
The Fallen Sky chapter 6 . 10/6/2014
Interesting take on Breaking Bad. I see you've gone with the Heisenberg version of Walt instead of the chemistry teacher. Gotta say, Heisenberg is ruthless, and you've captured that well here. Of course, will any all-powerful villain, I'm always left wondering why someone doesn't just kill him. Sure, it'd be difficult to get close to him, but he has to allow some people near him, and yet none of those people ever seem to realize how evil he truly is and decide to eliminate him. I mean, Jesse could easily kill him, but he's clearly so broken that he doesn't believe he can or that it would do any good. Great characterizations, of everyone, by the way. I think you did them all justice.

Anyway, I see Buffy and Xander are finally starting to wonder what their journey is all about. At first, it was just about surviving and getting home. Now that it looks like it may be awhile before that happens, they seem to want to do something positive while they're "lost". It's commendable and very in character, but I don't know if it's worth their time or effort. Personally, I think Xander is right when he says that maybe, if things can be changed, it's beyond his and Buffy's ability to do so , especially in their limited amount of time in each universe. Then again, maybe things can't be changed. Maybe they simply are, and there's nothing that can be done, no matter what you do. Either way, if Buffy and Xander wanna get home, they'll have to be careful about which battles they choose to fight. After all, it's not like they've got backup to save them should something go wrong.

That said, I felt bad for Buffy and Xander, having to do whatever Walt said or else face being imprisoned or killed. You could tell they hated it and wanted to do so much more than they did, but they really couldn't, not if they wanted to get home. Still, I think it's great that they stood up to Walt and challenged him and his way of thinking and doing things. I know it didn't do any good, but at least they remained true to who they are and didn't sell out like everyone else in that universe. I also like that Xander was the one to ultimately start pushing back against Walt, especially after he was telling Buffy to keep her mouth shut and smile so they could get through it and get home. And I love that Xander was pumping her up to Walt, telling her and Walt that she's a real hero, a real leader. It was very impassioned and exactly what I'd expect from him.

Perhaps the best part was how Buffy and Xander just disappeared, and Walt had his people tear apart the hotel in search of them. Walt just couldn't understand how anyone could defy him and then escape. I imagine he'll be stewing about that for years. Heck, at one point, I was worried that Walt might figure out where they went and then build his own device so he could find them and kill them. I think he'd do it, too.

Anyway, it was really well done, like all the others, and I love that we got some real substance in this one, some real character development and insight. I think it added a lot to the story. Although, this one was pretty dark compared to the others, and I hope it doesn't become a trend. I mean, I like dark, gritty and angsty, but I also love light, funny and fun.

Now, the Bones crossover. So far, I think it could end up being the best entry yet. I'm particularly interested in finding out if the body is a version of Xander, and, if so, how the heck are Buffy and Xander gonna explain their way out of it. I'm also kinda confused about something. I'm not sure if you plan on there being any romance in this series, but I've been curious, because of the way Buffy and Xander interact with each other. I mean, they hold hands a lot, and while friends can do that, they seem to be doing it more than friends would. Plus, there's all the pep talks or just serious talks they've had. And yeah, that could just be a friends thing, but it feels like it's building to something bigger. Maybe it's just because I like Buffy and Xander as a couple. Anyway, I'm confused because Buffy still seems to have feelings for Angel. The way she hugged Booth and then touched his face, and the disappointment she showed when she realized it wasn't Angel has me wondering when this series takes place in the BTVS timeline and whether or not Buffy is still in love with Angel. I may be confusing things, because I keep thinking back to your last story, the one where Buffy and Xander ended up together. Either way, it would help if I knew where the relationship stuff stood.

Anyway, I can't wait to see how this latest chapter turns out. I'm also curious to know if you plan on doing that Stipper World chapter we talked about. I hope so. If not, I'd love to see one involving Cruel Intentions or Eurotrip. Of course, for either of those scenarios, I kind of envision either Buffy's or Dawn's doppleganger coming on to Xander, possibly even making out with him. I'd just love to see Buffy's reaction to either of those things happening. "Xander! Stop kissing my sister!" or "Xander! Stop!"
Virginia I chapter 6 . 10/5/2014
You know... For labeling this as humor... Its not really funny. Its actually very depressing and a bit preachy.
BabygirlandFin chapter 6 . 10/4/2014
I really like your story. I want to see more about :)
PutAsideDevil chapter 6 . 10/4/2014
Never watched breaking bad but loved seeing Walter white get told off and you used my bones idea for the next chapter. can't wait for chapter 7. I just wish someone would do a BTVS/Bones crossover where the Scoobies end up in the Bones universe with weakened abilities. Like Buffy and Xander could be FBI agents and Dawn and Willow would be squints.
The Fallen Sky chapter 5 . 9/23/2014
Well, that was interesting. I love the blending of Benny Hill and Reservoir Dogs. It's strange, but it worked. The third element, the Bollywood movie, that just felt tacked on, like it didn't belong and wasn't necessary. Don't get me wrong, you did a fine job with it, but I don't think there's anything you could've done to make it work with the rest of the story.

Gotta say, I love that you used Giles and Spike as the Benny Hill style bobbys. I especially love that they had bad teeth and a lecherous attitude toward Buffy. Also, their bumbling was spot on.

Oz as Mr. Pink was perfect. Although, I think you went a bit light on the F-bombs. As I recall, Reservoir Dogs was filled with profanity, like practically every other word. Oh, and violence, lots of violence. Still, I think it might have ruined the fun vibe of the story and series if you actually adhered to the Reservoir Dogs example.

Anyway, as I said, you blended the two worlds perfectly. I especially like how Buffy and Xander figured out how to use the wackiness to their advantage when they needed to find Oz/Mr. Pink. Also, I just about died laughing when Buffy's dress ripped off and she started chasing Xander around in the style of Benny Hill, complete with the music. Brilliant touch!

Now, the Bollywood part didn't really fit, as I said, but it was well done. I like that Buffy was able to fight the possession long enough to help Xander realize what he had to do to save the day. And hey, Xander got to shoot a gun again! Of course, he wasn't as good a shot in this world as he was in the Magnum P.I. one. ;)

Ooh, and now they've arrived in the world of Breaking Bad! I wonder if they're gonna meet Gus Fring and Walt and Jesse. Oh, and is Walt gonna be Heisenberg the badass, or is he gonna be more the mild mannered high school chemistry teacher? Man I can't wait to find out what happens!

By the way, I just thought of a really interesting scenario you could write. How about Buffy and Xander end up in the world of Magic Mike or Show Girls, and they're stuck there for a few days or a week. Either way, they need money, because they need food and a place to stay, and the quickest way to get money is for either Xander to get a job as a male stripper, or for Buffy to get a job as a showgirl. Either way, whoever gets the job has to get naked on stage, and the other is in the audience and gets to watch. I figure it'd be funny to see the reactions of both parties, the one who gets naked and the one who gets to see it. Plus, it's a nice callback to Xander telling Buffy about his stint as a stripper at the Fabulous Ladies Night Club.

Anyway, I'm glad you're continuing this series, and I look forward to more.
PutAsideDevil chapter 5 . 9/23/2014
Have Buffy & Xander run into Booth & Brennan from Bones
The Fallen Sky chapter 4 . 9/4/2014
Another fantastic entry! I love how Xander is so enthralled by the world of Magnum P.I., and that he knows all the subtle nuances of it, including the characters and their routines and how they react to certain situations. Plus, it's just fun to watch Xander geek out and get to live a childhood fantasy. I also loved all the references to the show that only someone who's seen it would know, like the whole Robin Masters thing and the theory that Higgins is actually Robin. Loved that tidbit!

Perhaps the best part of this was the action, specifically when Xander decided to become Xander P.I. and save Higgins. I was grinning like an idiot when Xander took the Ferrari out in hot pursuit of Higgins' kidnappers. And the Detroit Tigers baseball cap was a brilliant touch! Ooh, and Xander humming the Magnum P.I. theme as he drove was a stroke of genius!

Of course, as much fun as watching Xander live out a childhood fantasy was, I also enjoyed the fact that you had the whole kidnapping scenario play out as it would on the show, with things working out perfectly for the good guys despite all odds. Xander hitting the van's fuel pump with his errant shot from the speeding Ferrari was great, as was Higgins assuming Xander was just that good of a shot, when it was pure dumb luck. And speaking of Higgins, you absolutely nailed his voice. I swear, it felt like I was watching/listening to him on an actual episode of the show.

I just wish Xander and Buffy had stayed in this universe a while longer. I would've loved to have seen them go to Rick's bar for a drink and take a ride in T.C.'s chopper. Ooh, and I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't get an appearance from the Lads. It would've been cool to see if they treated Xander the way they do Magnum.

Anyway, you did a great job with this entry, and I really enjoyed it. By the way, I notice Buffy and Xander have landed in a Benny Hill universe. The chase sequence with the Bobbies was priceless. Hmm, wonder if they're be a bunch of scantily clad women running around, too. ;)

So, how about another suggestion? How about an entry involving Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or Justified?
The Fallen Sky chapter 3 . 8/25/2014
Another fantastic entry! You really did a nice job describing the desolation of the Walking Dead world. And I love how Buffy and Xander had a hard time believing people could be so uncaring about others as they encountered various people, especially Michonne. Speaking of which, I'm glad you decided to have them encounter Michonne. She's such a badass! Anyway, since Buffy and Xander didn't spend much time in the Walking Dead world, they couldn't understand how hard people had to be, how detached they needed to be just to survive.

Of course, the grittiness of the chapter was balanced nicely by the touches of humor, especially Xander constantly talking about how hungry he was and all the food references. And then there's Buffy's A-Team dream. I was so not expecting that! I couldn't help but laugh at Buffy being Hannibal, Spike as B.A., Angel as Face, and Xander as Howling Mad Murdock. All perfect casting choices, by the way. It was really a great parody, and I love how it had nothing to do with their current predicament. One would think Buffy would dream of the nightmare world they found themselves in or of home, but the mind does strange things in times of stress.

On a more serious note, I love how Xander managed to stay calm, most of the time. And I really love that Buffy was the one to have the mini-freakout. She's spent so many years being the one who had to keep it together, so it was nice to see her lose it for a moment. Best of all was that Xander was calm because he knew everything would be okay, and that's because Buffy was with him. That's incredibly sweet, and true to his character. He's always had enormous faith in Buffy, and I love it when she gets to see that faith. Of course, that makes me wonder what Buffy and Xander's relationship is in this story. Are they just friends, or are they dating, or will this little adventure lead to them dating?

Anyway, I LOVE the way you ended this. I cracked up at Xander's reaction to meeting Thomas Magnum. It makes sense, too. I mean, Xander had a thing for loud shirts, including Hawaiian shirts, and Magnum was all about the Hawaiian shirts. Ooh, and I love the reference to the nut hugger shorts. You're so right! What was with the short shorts? Oh, and I'm still cracking up over Xander's last line, "You're Magnum Fricking P.I.! I LOVE YOU." Priceless. :)

Man, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

By the way, I think I'm gonna refrain from making any suggestions as to what universe Buffy and Xander can go to, at least for now, because I've made so many suggestions already. I will be making more suggestions in the future, though.
Facepalmistry chapter 2 . 8/18/2014
[snorts] Nice.
Suggestions: Benny Hill, Reservoir Dogs, and something out of Bollywood. Bonus points if you can somehow twist the lot of them into one hybrid reality.
The Fallen Sky chapter 2 . 8/17/2014
Cool! You wrote it! Gotta say, I was not expecting everyone in the world to either be dressed as Wayne or Garth, but it was certainly funny. You nailed the lingo, and I loved all the little touches, like the police driving Mirth Mobiles and the top ten list and the whole fantasy sequence thing with the fingers and odd vocalizations. I especially love the way the cashier nearly freaked out when Xander didn't respond to his 'Party on' with a 'Party on'. Truly excellent!

And hey, they jumped into the Walking Dead world!

Don't know if you're actually gonna write a Walking Dead chapter, but whether you do or don't, I think I'd like to suggest another dimension they can jump into. How about The A Team, or Magnum P.I., both 80s shows that I love. Or, you could send them to the world of Chuck or Bones or Escape from New York or Escape from L.A.

I know, that's a lot of suggestions, but my mind is just brimming with ideas right now.

Anyway, I really liked the Wayne's World installment, and I look forward to future installments, regardless of where you send Buffy and Xander.
The Fallen Sky chapter 1 . 8/16/2014
Interesting concept. There are all sorts of universes I'd like to see Buffy and Xander in. In fact, the options are so numerous, it's kinda hard to decide which to suggest first. Okay, this one is probably a bit more serious than you were looking/hoping for, but I'd love to see them in the Walking Dead universe. If that's too serious, how about Wayne's World? I know those are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I was looking at my dvd collection, and those two sorta stood out.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you come up with, whether it's one of my suggestions or someone else's.