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Marshmellon27 chapter 42 . 5/16
This is such a beautiful story! Every bit of it! I’ve straight up sobbed at some points in this story and the prequel to this one! I’m so glad that you’ve blessed us all with this amazing idea and uhhh I’m just speechless!
Guest chapter 43 . 1/3
Hello! I figured I would just make my presence here known haha. I was going through some old boxes and found some tmnt stuff and started thinking and then I was like hey remember that one fic that you don't actually remeber the name of? That was really great. So i searched for like 2 mins (it wasn't hard to find lol) and now I've re-read the whole thing and it's still as wonderful I remeber. Absolutely fantastic. (It felt so weird coming back to this website after using AO3 for so long. Like, terrible flashbacks to cringy totally spies fics I wrote at the age if 12 kind of weird.) I just absolutely love the way you portray all the characters and i feel like the way you describe them, combined with how I invision them in my head just fits so well with their personalities and backgrounds, and the plot and the way the characters all interact with eachother shdbjsbdhsbx idk man I just really love this story haha
dfjskdjfdss chapter 24 . 7/17/2019
Such a relief Mikey has Leatherhead to turn to. He's a good friend and I genuinely believe he needs Mikey as much as Mikey needs him.
" Leatherhead stopped dead, and then sighed with the same relieved exasperation Mikey could inspire in Leo". Hahaha. Totally.

"But then I fell off the jungle gym and got some sense knocked into me"
"Oh my god"
That bit was funny and so in line with their characters.

Donnie and Raph are such good middle brothers, taking care of their baby brother and making sure he's safe. Calling Leo is always the ultimate threat xD
Oh yay for beginning practice again! It's about time and at this stage I think it will not only be useful but also therapeutic for them.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 23 . 7/17/2019
Well. That was intense. And a tad bit unexpected. Poor Raph must've worried for quite some time. I bet he felt like shit after that confrontation. No muffins were eaten1 that day that's for sure. I feel sorry for Mikey too. It came so sudden he didn't have time to come up with a valid explanation. Whether that explanation would have made much difference when faced with a worried stricken Raph, which often generates anger, is a different question.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 22 . 7/16/2019
Ah, here we go again. You can't fool him Mikey.. Don just KNOWS. When will Mikey get that?
Yes! Mikey definitely has that raw talent. He's very agile and fluid and is just kinda born with it. Makes me envious. Haha.

Ow. They stopped training entirely? Man that's sad. Though it makes sense. The dojo is a place so associated with Splinter it would have been much too painful to continue training there. Perhaps.. in the future? One can only hope.

"Can we talk?". The nerve! He has to ask, knowing just what happened the last time they "talked". Unbelievable.

Oh snap. Well I guess that explains why he's been stalking Mikey all this time. I feel bad for Mikey though because how could he possibly know? No one ever tells him anything. (One of the down sides with being the "baby" I swear). I like how Mikey's team looks out for him.

Does this mean we get to see Hun?
dfjskdjfdss chapter 21 . 7/16/2019
How Mikey feels makes total sense. When someone is unfairly treated you generally feel that way. I agree with him. Leatherhead is a nice guy. He doesn't deserve that. Sulking Mikey is cute though.

"So basically, the moral of the story is that I'm right and he's wrong". Oh Mikey. Leatherhead has a point.. they didn't exactly meet under the best circumstances. Maybe that's why Donnie's acting wierd.

Oh so Spike went missing.. I have a feeling he ain't Spike no more.. am I rite? ;)
dfjskdjfdss chapter 20 . 7/14/2019
Mikey being such a baby brother and Leo being the parental figure is just funny. They're so opposite. Leo's this steady calm presence and Mikey's a ball of unmatched energy. Makes up for some humorous moments.
Casey's first time meeting Leatherhead.. my god I can totally see him doing that. Hilarious! Poor Leatherhead must've wondered who's this feisty human being xD I wonder why Donnie is cautious of him? Could it be because he's big and somehow Donnie associates that with being intimidating?
dfjskdjfdss chapter 19 . 7/13/2019
So much goodness in this chapter. I love the "showdown" between Donnie and Casey. So much pent up tension to begin with and then Donnie turns out to be the one to get through to Casey and remind him that his family is right there beside him - that his real family is them. Awesome Donnie is awesome. And scary haha. You don't wanna piss off the genius brother that's for sure.

And then, aww.. little Mikey in all of this, so unknowing and unsure and yet, the one to give those kind, wise words to Casey, picking up what Donnie started and thus reminding Casey that he's practically the fifth brother and that he is always welcome to their home.

Mikey the octopus welcoming his older bros home by giving each of them hugs is sweet. I love that little conversational bit between Raph and Case near the end. I guess it's safe to say Casey's got the point now. He's a part of their family.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 18 . 7/12/2019
Honestly I kinda relate to Mikey feeling like he's not useful nor good at anything. While it isn't true, and I know this now, I think it's common for the youngest person in a family to feel that way. Like sometimes I've asked myself "what's the point of me being here?" just because my older siblings do all the worrying and looking out for and well, yeah, the responsible stuff. And I'm just kinda here, you know? But then in later years I've realised I do matter. I am useful. I do accomplish things. They may not be the same things and tasks my older siblings accomplish and are given, but they're things/tasks nevertheless. Besides, now that I'm an auntie to both of their children I can give back to my siblings through their children. You know.. play with them, care for them, create fun little crafts for them etc :) My siblings like that cuz they can breathe for a while haha.

"Stupid, pushy big brothers" Oh don't I know it xD

Oh no. This stuff ain't good! Poor Casey and now Raph will go on some kind of rampage and beat up his father.. of course he will cuz he's Raph. No no no, not good. Go find him Leo! I like the look he gave Casey before he left. I don't think he blames Casey for his fathers' wrongdoings or anything but he's probably not too happy about Raph getting involved in this mess. Maybe it was also a hint for Casey not to follow, just in case he thought of that.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 17 . 7/12/2019
He's really bothered about this guy isn't he? I mean it makes sense and all but a Mikey without energy is quite unusual. Though I suppose he's still a bit feverish. Oh no. Maaath. I hate math. Looks like Mikey hates it too. Very reasonable. Hah, my sister used to help me with math studying too! Yay for nice siblings.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 16 . 7/12/2019
Wait so Leatherhead lost his real parents AND his adoptive ones? Or they just passed away? Either way it sounds horrible. Poor guy. I'm glad Mikey's there to talk to him. Talk.. or just listen. Many times that's what we need - for someone to hear us out when we're hurting or listen to us when we need to vent. Thrilling end!
dfjskdjfdss chapter 15 . 7/9/2019
Ow. Leather must've pondered on the meaning behind that nickname a lot. We all know Michelangelo had good intentions though. He is such a good friend.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 14 . 7/8/2019
Oh man that's some PTSD shit. Poor Leather. And Mikey! Dude that's scary. And potentially dangerous, as the person inflicted with the disorder isn't aware of his/her surroundings and are out of it, so to speak. God knows what they've seen. I worry for Mikey's safety..
dfjskdjfdss chapter 13 . 7/8/2019
Hahaha. If I was Donnie I'd show Raph too! Mikey probably looked real cute in that headband.

That bit about Leo being genetically incapable of resisting a hug from any of his brothers.. lmao, yes! It takes me back to when I was a kiddo and my brother always hugged me before le left for school. In my mind, he wasn't allowed to leave our house without me getting a hug first. Except I was probably 4 or 5 back then. Mikey's like.. what, fourteen here? Makes it even sweeter.

Woody's mom seems like such a nice lady! I can see why he's embarrassed though. Parents are often embarrassing at that age. Especially dads of their daughters and mums of their sons.

Love the game and the aftermath. What a team! That bit about Mikey knowing there was no idea to go for the kill and instead waited for a player to show up, that player being Hob, and letting him do the finish goal instead, was clever. "Guys, guys- Hob says I have intuition!" Sooo Mikey!

Ooooh I think I know who this is! Creepy. Lucky Leo was there to keep Mikey safe. All the more reason to do so if it is who I think it is.
dfjskdjfdss chapter 12 . 7/6/2019
Goldilocks. What a cute nickname they have for him. I've got to say, and quoting Mikey here, reading this chapter was 'nothing short of awesome'. Mikey's contribution to the game was amazing and with a fever!? Makes it even better!

Seeing the comradeship him and his team mates share is nice. Oh and even his soccer team thinks he's the baby! That's hilarious.
I love how they all fool around and tease each other- especially Mikey. Once the baby, always the baby. I know this for a fact myself.

Aw, feeling safe with big bro Leo. That's nice. I very much like the moments between the two. Oldest and youngest. Of course he would know. He's Leo!
I have to say though.. I'm a little surprised he even let Mikey play, being the worrier he is. But I suppose they all really wanted to go see the game. His baby brothers' soon to come complaining of soreness and pain is obviously worth it.

"I love it," he announced, and Mikey saw headbands in his future." Perfect xD
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