Reviews for Look Alive, Sunshine
fritzo chapter 67 . 3/6
This is one of my all-time favorite stories (along with it's companion and the AU) and was so happy to see the update in my e-mail box. I absolutely love little Charlie, she is so much both of her parents but, damn if she doesn't take after her Daddy... that sharp tongue of hers. After reading your AN, I'm interested to see what you'll do with the story... follow true or venture off a bit. Maybe a hunting trip with Daryl and a few others might be in order. Anyway, real good chapter and hope we get an update soon... anxiety will be taking hold with this mild cliffhanger... love it though! Oh, glad to see you back... I've missed ya. )
hmatlock chapter 67 . 2/25
Very excited to see the new chapter. I love this story!
MamaDCB chapter 67 . 2/24
Reignashii chapter 67 . 2/23
they found the quarry full of walkers, wonder what they'll do about it?
brandibuckeye chapter 67 . 2/21
Great chapter.
Fangirl44 chapter 67 . 2/21
Charlie is so damn cute. Glad she is still keeping up her skill set
Update soon
Hasick chapter 67 . 2/21
I can't get enough of little Charlie. Her cursing like Daryl was hilarious.
nessie6400 chapter 67 . 2/21
Awesome chapter! I was so excited to see you posted! Can't wait for more
galwidanatitud chapter 67 . 2/21
it's good that they are not letting Charlie to forget how the real world is outside the wall. that'll definitely keep her alive.
Str1der2015 chapter 67 . 2/21
Glad your back
Shopaholic-Pixxie chapter 67 . 2/21
Normally i get bored with long stories but I absolutely LOVE this one! Can't wait for more updates. Just wondering though if you are introducing Negan as I think Negan and Charlie's first meeting would be absolutely hilarious but then i always imagine Negan turning up and charlie asking for her daddy back. I know you don't wanna give spoilers but a hint would be nice ;)
MaraDixen413 chapter 67 . 2/21
Charlie's right, that ain't look too good at all?
nessie6400 chapter 66 . 2/13
What a wonderful story! I hope you're still working on it and planning/writing a sequel. Update soon!
Rae chapter 66 . 12/19/2016
This story is beautifully written. I love it sooo much! Thank you for deciding to share it! Please update soon :)
Missy96 chapter 66 . 12/20/2016
Had to start at the beginning again... such hard work (sigh). Lol. Great chapter as always!
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