Reviews for Harry Potter and the Avenging Iron Wizard
thedarkwolf95 chapter 7 . 9/21
well if he keeps acting like he is right now he'll have no friends. He's 11 years old and while hating those responsible for his position is understandable the only ones who would want to hang out with him are those after his fame which are people he hates. Hermione is a person who follows the rules to the letter, remember more worried about getting expelled than killed, and after his explosion in the great hall anyone who hangs with him will be a pariah. This is the problem with fic writers making main characters too OC and big assholes, because they start off that way and then to move the story along they have to retcon their main character to a completely different person. It breaks flow and honestly is so over done that's its unoriginal. Doesn't matter if he mellows to his friends as the story progresses, right now he has no friends. Do you honestly believe Hermione will remain friends with someone who is against the authority of the school. When she thought Trelwaney was a fraud all she did was leave class, when Umbridge was torturing students she only said tell Dumbledore, when Dumbledore sent them on a wild goose chase with no clues she hardly complained. If she has any of Hermione Grangers traits and is not an OC than she wont remain friends with Harry for long.
r.tidmore chapter 18 . 9/18
harry was told about dork holding his wizagamaut vote several chapters ago
PappyOldGuy chapter 26 . 9/18
Interesting and (well enough written in my opinion) very good story. I like it, I like it a lot! It seems to be meshing the realities quite well, and I can hardly wait (but I will) to see where it all goes. I do know this, when someone who is not the creator of a character, writes about them, it is to have them do something that the creator doesn't want to or didn't think of. I know that I always think of my favorite characters doing things, I have never read of in books or seen them doing in movies. I think it is fantastic that others (here in "FanFiction") are actually writing their stories of what they want them to do in a "What If" world. For those who complain that the characters would not do this or that, forget them. You need to write this first for yourself, and then for the rest of us who do enjoy your take on what just might, could, should, would and probability (if a frog had wings, his ass wouldn't bump the ground nearly so often) can happen. I do know this as well, I am enjoying it and will follow it as long as you will write it. Also, do NOT feel pushed to post, sometimes the words and thoughts just flow and sometimes you have to cogitate for a bit. Just learn to let them grow at their own pace and those of us who appreciate them will be here to read them when they are posted.

Looking forward to the next post and thank you so much for sharing.
superdude50989 chapter 26 . 9/16
Please more
Rainbow2007 chapter 22 . 9/7
love it
lokyyt chapter 26 . 9/1
more please keep typing and please reply
Rygart16 chapter 26 . 8/31
Please update
MeinGimli chapter 26 . 8/27
what happened with the monthly updates? I hope everything is ok with you.
some life signs from you would be nice.
Fast Frank chapter 1 . 8/25
Although Tony Stark may have an ultra ego, Iron Man is his alter ego.
Mevneriel chapter 26 . 8/15
Fantastic story so far, I adore the Dumbledork bashing. I can't wait to see what you have planned next!
ORKCHILD chapter 26 . 8/7
good story, but I saw a few spots where there were spelling errors, so I'm going to tell you about my new favorite writers tool. You get it from grammarly dot com it is a program that helps with grammar, spelling pucutation, as well as word selection. I find it really helps.
Jestrbob chapter 26 . 7/23
26 chapters in a day. Nice story. Ignore the spelling police. Just move forward with the story. Get a good beta/editor. Move forward. Kiss Voldemort and dumbles ass.
Guest chapter 26 . 7/9
Cerberus knock out with a sleeping dart for 3 days
Devil's snare drop a napalm bomb trough the trapdoor burning it to ashes
the flying key's just blast the door open with the unibeam
the giant chess stet destroy the chess pieces with missiles of fly over them
the troll knock it out with a sleeping dart or stun dart or kill it with bullets, a missile, repulsor blasts, a laser or a unibeam
the potions riddle just blow a hole next to the door with a missile
the Mirror of Erised is up to you
Coru 32 chapter 26 . 7/7
thank you for the wonderful story and the wonderful chapter is a great story
keitaropurple69 chapter 26 . 7/2
I love this story and it is very original, but i was wondering if you were going to add anymore to it or not?
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