Reviews for Tempting Fate
Guest chapter 13 . 10/7
It's already 2018 Where are you?:( The most beautiful story I had read and be dropped?
Robinroo chapter 13 . 10/6
Waii you abandonnnn I needs moooooore
Fire and Ice chapter 13 . 9/3
I know you haven’t updated in like forever, but hey a girl can dream, right?
Even though I don’t have an account, I will keep posting “reviews” here bugging you to update.
Trust me, I WILL
Fire and Ice chapter 10 . 9/3
Omg I love love love this chapter! We finally get to learn Black family history and etymology without having to ACTUALLY BE a Black
Fire and Ice chapter 4 . 9/3
Please update soon! The plot and all is really good.
Also, following Angel of Pandemonium, I’m a wise ol’ Ravenclaw!
Fire and Ice chapter 3 . 9/3
“Apparently associating the name “friends” with Snape was too much for the children to handle.”
Lmao yes totally I mean can you imagine
Boblina chapter 1 . 8/26
Yah, I just came from the dead and say “Um...hi.”

Love it!
Angel of Pandemonium chapter 13 . 6/24
I can't wait for the next update. One of the best stories I've read.
By the way, I'm a Gryffindor.
Entermagicalrealms chapter 13 . 6/14
I really enjoy this story! I hope you come back and finish it!
13-BlackCat-2020 chapter 6 . 5/29
I love it! Please continue writing. :)
atomic muffin chapter 6 . 4/26
The lack of angst between Sirius and Regulus is a bit surprising though
atomic muffin chapter 5 . 4/26
Regulus is so snarky, I got a new headcannon
guest chapter 13 . 4/13
omg this story is gold and im in love and hope you still update :D if you dont wanna finish could you at least write a short summary of what ends up happening? im really curious
Angel of my chapter 13 . 4/12
Update Soon please am so in love with this story. Regulus is my favorite.
Rin-isobu-walker chapter 6 . 2/26
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