Reviews for Back in Black
MargaritaS chapter 44 . 9/18
great story
SomeNobody chapter 21 . 9/12
There's something wrong with you and your fixation on shooting someone in the arse.
WRose chapter 27 . 9/13
Pity, I hoped he and Crowley would end up together.
Codename-SN chapter 44 . 9/13
Hmm. this was actually nice to read. Mostly.
Codename-SN chapter 5 . 9/12
oH. Nice. But why did Dean call John 'Dad' when they got the journal? He didn't the other times and he's made it pretty clear who he considers his father figure.
Bananabella chapter 7 . 8/31
I now say, when introducing death from supernatural,
"Yeah, I got introduced to this pizza-guy in Back In Black, a Supernatural Fanfiction where instead of going forwards after the war, or staying back, Harry goes sideways. And in typical Potter fashion, everything else goes sideways too."
isis424 chapter 44 . 8/27
mooneysfate chapter 44 . 7/24
love, love this story! would love to see more chapters. :D
hope chapter 44 . 7/17
Great story hope you update
Guest chapter 4 . 7/14
"I am come for your soul". Perfect English, indeed. Though that does make me think of it as two sentences. "I am. Come for your soul, Sam Winchester?"
Guest chapter 44 . 7/6
Guest chapter 36 . 7/6
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 44 . 6/10
More please! Its too beautiful! The way the story is woven is masterful!
Stardust chapter 44 . 4/24
Please for the love of all fanfiction say this isn't abandoned. I just finished reading it again after finally finding it again and I really really want to read more. Please say your going to continue this at some point. PLEASE! This fic it amazing.
demiangeldevil chapter 44 . 4/20
Hi there, I was wondering if you were ever going to continue this story? You don't need to is just that I am in love with it and would love to see more chapters. This is one hilarious story, I have reread it more than five times already.
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