Reviews for Travels Through Time
Nightstar Phoenix chapter 2 . 8/22/2014
(Follow-up to my original review: I noticed a typo in the third paragraph. To be clear, I spellcheck changed a misspelling of "fact" to "daft" somehow; I did not mean to call you or your brilliant fic daft!)
Nightstar Phoenix chapter 3 . 8/22/2014
:D Thank you for the shout out! I'm glad my work inspired you. You did an amazing job on your fic! I'm so psyched you wrote about the Ninth doctor, he's my favorite XD (of course Tennant is a completely different story, but Eccleston was my first Doctor and that leaves an impression). I love what you did. I didn't even think about the photos from "Rose" being taken later in the Doctor's time stream, that was brilliant. And the Father Christmas bit! Genius! (Also I'm pretty sure the Christmas traditions were pretty spot-on. But then, I'm American and this is judging from Harry Potter, so I could be wrong too. It convinced me, at least.)

The Daniels family was very well written. I loved how you were able to write not only one convincing OC for a three(?)-shot, but a whole freaking family of them. Applause for THAT. (Sidenote: It's funny, I actually know a family who's great-something grandparents missed the Titanic or something and survived that way, and I got a little excited when that was in "Rose." I always liked to imagine that was their story... But if I remember correctly they were just late, by the hand of God. Just a fun tale, if anyone cares.)

The Oswald bits were a bit OOC; not Oswald herself, just the daft that the echoes knew who the Doctor was. But then, they knew about Rose too, so maybe we had some Bad Wolf intervention or some exceptions to the "I don't know where I am" stuff; the latter isn't impossible.

And that's essentially what this was: "Well, it's not impossible." And I loved it for that. You spotted an opportunity for a lost chapter, you took it, and you made something great out of it. That, in my opinion, is the very heart of fanfiction. Astonishing job! Extra points for writing a fantastic Ninth Doctor ;)
ill-interrogate-the-cat chapter 3 . 8/20/2014
This is fantastic so far! I hope the next update will be soon c: