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Mary92 chapter 49 . 9/22/2017
What the crap. You killed them both?! This was awesome! And then you killed them
NaginiFay chapter 49 . 8/4/2017
I really enjoyed this!
zedille chapter 49 . 7/8/2017
Congratulations on finishing this story! I've really enjoyed following this; I particularly liked the way you incorporated all the TOS influences into the reboot world, and mixed and matched things up for a result that feels like a closer adaptation of TOS than what the reboot actually did. The end result here is interesting - some things are the same (Khan & Marla are dead, Khan went off the deep end, Spock is dead) and some are different (Marla's son is alive, Carol & Jim are on better terms, the circumstances of Spock's death.) The mixed outcome is very bittersweet and feels typical of TOS. And I do hope you'll write a sequel - the Khan saga is complete, but I'm really curious about what's going to happen with Spock given the altered circumstances of his death...
magentacr chapter 49 . 6/20/2017
And so the search for Spock begins! Lol. A sweet little ending, I'm glad Carol agreed to look after the baby, it's nice that Kirk has his family like that.
So the question remains... is this the end end, or with there be another sequel to retrieve Spock? If not, I must say that this entire series of stories has been an absolutely fabulous craft of fanfiction, incredibly impelling, and a great build up for an emotional finale. Although just so you know, part of me will never forgive you for getting me that invested in a good Khan and then destroying that and him. But it was good writing ;)
magentacr chapter 48 . 6/20/2017
Dante made it! Thank goodness! Oh if only Khan had known perhaps it could have saved him, but it would have been too big a risk.
And so glad Carol and David made it too, and better still Jim is going to get to be a much bigger part of his life.
That conversation with old Spock leaves some intriguing possibilitys and questions though. I haven't watched the one where they get Spock back, so might not be fully understanding how it works, but I wonder if when Spock went silent in Khans brain it wasn't acceptance of his plan, but rather spocks mind leaving because his body was already being reborn elsewhere. So he could come back. Also part of me wonders of the whole Kate's thing was why he mind melded with Khan in the first place: although he was winning for a moment, he knew he would be killed, and was making sure he could continue the battle in khans mind?
Poor Jim thinking he killed him though. Even if it's true that Spock is gone, it certainly wasn't Kim's fault. Does he think the neck shot killed Khan since he didn't get up again, or is he just blaming himself for not finding a way to stop Khan killing himself? Either way he shouldn't.
I presume the next is the last? Onwards...
magentacr chapter 47 . 6/20/2017
Ah, of course Khan and Spock had to style their scores before he could face Jim. I've always kind of disliked the 2009 series Spock, but still I'm kinda sad he was killed. It was cool his mind remaining in Khan though after the meld, and the fact Jim could hear it was him straight away. I was surprised that Spock didn't resist Khan trying to take down the others with him, perhaps he knew he wouldn't be able to, that it would be the push Jin would need to stop him, or maybe some of Khan's at-all-cost attitude was infecting him, and he didn't care as long as Khan died, just as Khan was ready to die to be rid of Spock - and his own guilt of course.
The fight was epically brutal, as was the emotional stuff. It makes me sad that he had planned the betrayal all along, but glad that it at least wavered under Jim's influence though.
And so Khan is now dead. It really needed to be done at this point, but still makes me sad. And yet Jim still couldn't directly do it, shooting to neutralise rather than kill, even though he knew Khans phaser would kill him anyway... or maybe because of it. He wouldn't make the killing shot though.
And three chapters at once, yay! Onto the then next then.
Sassiebone chapter 49 . 6/19/2017
As always, I never want your stories to end...and I hope I'm correct. I would LOVE to see what happens to Carol, David and Dante. Will Dante be like his father, or was Khan a victim of his circumstances...raised to kill, raised to follow orders, and then raised to rule.
Please tell me that you are planning to continue their story? I don't think I can survive without knowing that another great story will be coming our way from the great Di. :)
AlwaysVictory chapter 49 . 6/19/2017
I wonder who his new XO is? It'll be interesting if it's the same lady who was Pike's Number One in TOS :)

I sure hope there's more to this. Look forward to reading more of your work! Thank you for writing!
AlwaysVictory chapter 48 . 6/19/2017
Even though everything indicates that Spock is dead, I still don't want to believe it. Please, tell me you are writing a sequel?

Glad that Carol and David are alive and well. And Dante . . . At least, the baby is alright, although I'm sad about Marla. And why do I get the feeling that somehow Jim's decision to keep Dante might come back to bite him in the behind later on?

Anyway, thank you for sharing!
AlwaysVictory chapter 47 . 6/19/2017
Wow. This chapter kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time . . . And Spock . . . Is he really dead? Say it ain't so! I still hope he can be alive somehow.

Thank you for writing!
zedille chapter 46 . 6/5/2017
Oh gosh, Khan's descent here is mirroring the TWOK character development in the worst/best/most heartbreaking way. Fingers crossed that Marla and Dante survived (and also Carol & David!) but I'm doubtful they did, especially the former pair. If only Joaquin had mutineed earlier, but some things may just be destined. At least I'm more optimistic about Kirk and Spock getting out of this alive...
magentacr chapter 46 . 6/3/2017
So Marla and Dante are really dead, and from their death springs a revolution. Poor Khan, he thought he had to do it to keep his place with his people secure, and instead it drove them away and he has nothing but the pain and rage it insights. His actions in this chapter are surely those of a man driven mad by grief, and I wonder if Kirk still has a chance to save him through empathy, perhaps in convincing those on the planet below to spare him, or if they really will have no option but to kill him before he can wipe them all out singlehandedly. If Khan really is too far gone I could live with him dying I suppose, but part of me still clings on to the hope that he could be saved from himself. But without Marla and Dante there is no happy ending for him, either way. And whether Carol and David survived I suppose is up in the air at the moment too, so many questions left to be answered, I look forward to the next.
AlwaysVictory chapter 46 . 6/2/2017
Oh dear. What emotional last two chapters! I don't feel sorry for Khan though. Serves him right for being so heartless. Being a parent myself, I seriously can't imagine condemning your own child to death under ANY circumstances. So, he fully deserves whatever is coming to him. I still keep hoping that Marla and Dante are safe somehow... Please? Pretty please? Don't break my heart by killing them. Hope Kirk and Spock are fine too.

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to seeing how all this mess ends.
Sassiebone chapter 46 . 6/2/2017
Di, you are truly a great master of story telling.

I do hope that Marla and Dante are safe, but I'm enjoying the downhill spiral of Khan's wrath. Yeah me. Love hurt/comfort...or no comfort.
Guest chapter 45 . 5/19/2017
Well, Khan has just officially lost any ounce of sympathy I had for him.
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