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KayMoon24 chapter 62 . 6/15

I mean, I'm not even religious, and this chapter got me prayin' to the lord, I tell ya. The character development (and mysterious intrigue AND LOVE TRIANGLE) grows even stronger. I just love the intimate break down of Bea once more. I think we have now reached the "lowest point" of the hero's journey (or have weee?). I cannot wait to see Bea rise back up and kick some serious ass. Also, you TEASEEEEEEEE WHEN WILL BEA TELL STEVE THAT SHE LOVES H-I MEAN ABOUT BUCKY, OBVIOUSLY. There are so many wonderful conflicting character parallels that you've so lovingly crafted and ahhhhh, I just love love love it. I did NOT see Vision accompany her on this ride (BUT I LOVE IT, PAIR ROSIE WITH / EVERYONE / ), and the flashback with Bucky crying out to her just broke my heart. The growing overwhelming anxiety of guilt for someone as good as Beatrice is just so relatable and powerful and I think really holds her character to the ground. I love that she still doesn't grasp all of her gifts. I love that she isn't instantly the perfect Avenger. Best of all, she isn't a perfect person. I so wish the MCU could explore the characters as delicately as you can, C. I know you're busy but, NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE.
ElleBelleGirl chapter 62 . 6/4
Okay finally upto date! This is amazing and Im really looking forward to what is coming next! It will be according to timeline so The civil war? This story is amazing, after reading all your chapters Ive realised that this is not a love story at all. Its actually Beas story. For all those who ship rosie and bucky I have to agree theyre extremely cute together or were atleast and theres a part of her thats meant for bucky forever. But lets not forget who is there for her at all times and who cared for her even since the start. It should be understood that steve is a great guy and he deserves happiness aswell. We all know he doesnt get a break. If only it was possible for them to be happy and feel the fulfillment. Also Beas feelings are so strong. Its absolutely understandable that she feels this way after all she’s been through. No doubt steve has been her rock and willcontinue to support her. It would be great if we could get a glimpse of whats going on inside steves head aswell. All those scenes with him and Bea have left me awestruck and I just cant seem to understand what steve actually feels! And YES INFINITY WAR was soo good! It was by far the best Avengers movie yet and I cant wait for the story to progress its way through by then Bea will have control over her powers for sure and will play a major role aswell! Cant wait! Upsate soon please.
Em chapter 62 . 6/4
Just started this a few days ago and I’m already up to date. I am absolutely in love with this story! I love Bucky but Steve is the love of my life so I hope Bea and Steve end up together. Looking forward to the next update!
ElleBelleGirl chapter 60 . 6/2
Great few chapters back there. I really loved that Bea was part of the action and is NOW an avenger. Oh wow, this story is truly amazing! The best part is that you manage to write every scene so perfectly. Steve and Bea moments are so precious, I can’t help but want more and moooore. I really thought she would tell steve about bucky but she just couldnt get herself to do it. Also, I think bea and tony stark could have a good development of friendship or understanding if there’s more dialogue between them. He seems to like her but doesnt show it that often. Hopefully Bea gets a chance to understand her powers and maybe Wanda can help with that. Lets see how it goes from here. Really looking forward to your updates sooner.
0hyacinthus0 chapter 62 . 5/30
I’ll be honest, I just found your story today, and wasn’t able to put it down for longer than two hours. I’ve just finished and I think I’m in love.
Guest chapter 62 . 5/30
Vasilisa Westwood chapter 62 . 5/30
Aww man, don't get me started on IW
ElleBelleGirl chapter 50 . 5/22
Oh My goodness! I love this story so much i cant even put it into words. I found it only after i watched the infinity war and am so involved and grateful that writers like you exist who take the story into such depth! Thankyou author! This is truly amazing. I love the character development and thought that after 50 chapters Im gonna post a review because you deserve it! I love the movies and love how beatrice fits in perfectly. I totally ship rosie and bucky! But in the 21st century its definity steve and bea for me! Theyre so cute omg i was waiting for moments during the party scene but to my disappointment nothing happened. The light mood and happy people around made me think steve might say something but no. UGH i cant! I still have a few chapters to go and cant wait to see where the story takes this hoping to see beatrice be a part of all the action sequences aswell! Thankyou once again, keep up the good work. Ill be posting reviews more often :)
mncptwrn chapter 1 . 5/21
okay, so i will reread this story now because i literally miss bucky so much. and also, tbh? no other fanfiction writer can compare to your plots and truly well-developed OCs
ragged-puppeteer chapter 55 . 5/18
I just wanted to say that you made me love your story so much I CANT READ OTHER OC STORIES W/O THINKING ABOUT YOUR! You set a pretty high standard
Guest chapter 62 . 5/18
Great chapter! Can't wait to see what you come up with next
monkeybaby chapter 62 . 5/15
Very good!
iamawesomeanduknowit chapter 1 . 5/14
oh yes please...
I'm so excited for the next chapter! you really are one of the best, if not the best writer here on Ff. net
Anon13145 chapter 62 . 5/11
Love this story so much!
AlexShah chapter 62 . 5/11
Loved the ending to this chapter!

Also, Infinity War. Wow.
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