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Amy chapter 14 . 4h
I do like your writing and the message of your work as I interpret it: be kind and do good by your neighbor, but I'm sorry to say that I can't agree with your interpretation of atheists. My little sister is an atheist for reasons she prefers not to share, and she is a wonderful, well-adjusted lass with as much goodness in her heart as anyone from my church. I would prefer not to fight about this topic, but I just wanted to say that your personification of all atheists as immoral, horrible people was really hurtful to me, as I cannot help but picture my sweet sister as the type of horrible person you're describing. Again, I do not want to be hurtful or rude about this, I just want to make sure you have my honest opinion on this matter. That being said, I really enjoyed this story and hope you have success in this and future endeavors.
Guest chapter 14 . 8h
...please please please please pleeeaaaass tell me this was all a joke? My sanity cannot take it
pegasister086 chapter 1 . 13h
Hey it's seems that you are a very religious woman, so I found this story you might like. url sat&sourceweb&rctj& s/5957981/1/Take-Me-Into-YourArk&ved2ahUKEwjK_Pqvz6HcAhXp5IMKHRvbD_AQFjAAegQIBRAB&usgAOvVaw0OmelQ3IXMc6ae6NJezWTy. Tell me what you think.
Guest chapter 1 . 22h
Lmao. I like how you say that you were getting good feedback from this because I don’t see that anywhere. You literally just butchered one of the most popular book series. Your kids are going to be made fun of for even being associated with this pile of crap you call a book. I thought this was a joke. And honestly it would be so much better if it was. This is offensive to Christianity and to the original book series itself. You can’t shelter your kids forever. Eventually they will read the originals and realize what this really is. Which is a steamy pile of horse vomit.
Anna Grace chapter 6 . 7/14
You have a very poor perception of what it means to be Catholic (clearly represented by slytheren) we don't worship Mary. Read this article, it explains it better than I can. .
Guest chapter 4 . 7/14
Ok my dude I gotta say... Why? Look I love the harry potter series and I while I dont get why you want it to be more christian, thats your right as a parent and a writer. But what the heck dude? The way you're characterizing Harmionie makes me want to cry. She was written to be a strong female charater that didnt care much about her appearance because she is a CHILD and she wanted to have a good future and education! There's nothing wrong with wanting to further your career and not care about your looks! In this, shes a total pushover with no mind of her own in this and I cannot believe this is the rolemodle you want for your children! I seriously hope this whole thing is a joke but seriously. What the fuck?
Guest chapter 2 . 7/14
I... This cant be... My eyes are bleeding.
Hell-of-a-bassy chapter 1 . 7/14
i genuinely thought this was a parody or something but it’s actually legit. i’m not reading anymore because i don’t think i’m ready for a bible basher harry, but this is so fucking funny. i hope it ends with draco pounding harry
Hell-of-a-bassy chapter 1 . 7/14
Guest chapter 1 . 7/14
Guest chapter 1 . 7/14
This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever read; and I'll tell you why in a professional and most dignified why that I can.

I stumbled across this while browsing on Facebook and a friend of a friend posted it, mocking it. Right off the bat, you're setting your children up for ridicule When they're with friends and everyone is discussing Harry Potter (which is impossible to NOT discuss due to the complex characters, themes, etc, which I will get to later on), they're going to look like fools when they're friends ask "what version did you read?" And when they tell them "mommy's version..." Just remember the playground can be a cruel place.

Right off the bat let me start by saying that I was born and raised Catholic. I am Catholic. I went to Catholic school grades K-12 and I even attended a Catholic college where I earned degrees in both Psychology and English and then went on to earn my Master's. I am pretty knowledgable in my religion specifically, as well as my areas of study. I am getting married this year in a Catholic Church, doing pre-cana and when I have children (God willing), they will be baptized and raised Catholic.

As both a Catholic and an educated person, I can say without question that in absolutely NO way, shape, or form that by reading these books would your kids become 'witches.' In absolutely NO way, shape, or form do these books condone witchcraft or worshipping of the devil or ANYTHING of that sort. Instead of listening to what you see on the news or read online (because we all know that those sources are always top-notch), why don't you read the books yourself? To say that because there is magic in books condones devil worship or witchcraft is just plain ignorant and it makes you sound like a fool Instead of judging (pretty sure there is something in the Bible about judging, yes?), why don't you investigate? Let me discuss some of the themes of the Harry Potter novels and some of the CHRISTIAN values that it has. WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS!

1.) Love. This is a book about good vs. evil. Love vs. hate. Just like all Disney and Superhero movies, we have a good guy and bad guy. The main character is able to conquer the villain time and time again because of his ability to love and also because his mother died in his place, so that he could live. In addition, another character helps in the fight against good and evil by protecting the son of a man who bullied him as a child because of the love and respect he had for the mother. What better theme could a parent ask for than for their children to love and protect those who are important to them?

2.) Choice. One of the best things about the books is choice. Didn't God give us free will? Choices to become good people? Oh right, this applies in the Harry Potter universe as well! A major theme is that people have the choices to become good or bad; a quote from the book, "It is not our abilities who makes us who we are, it is our choices." That's pretty much the definition of free will! God can give all of the gifts and blessings in the world but if we don't make good choice, then what is it for? The same applies; you can be a powerful wizard but if you make bad choices, then you go down the wrong path. The series gives several complex characters who have taken the right path, the wrong path, the wrong path and then found redemption, the right path, but then made mistakes. That is what made the series so wonderful! Characters made choices, saw the consequences of those choices, and were held accountable. Again, another wonderful theme for children to learn.

3.) Strong Female Character. I am not sure if you have any daughters but one of the main characters is a very strong, female character and a great role model for girls. She is a character who does not care about her looks, boys, etc. She is extremely focused on her studies and her future career; in fact she is pretty much the brightest and most intelligent character in the novels and a crucial character in the novels. The outcome of the novels would not have been what it was without this character. There are several other strong female characters as well but I'll just keep focus on this one as she is one of the main ones.

4.) Redemption. There is a character who made all of the wrong choices and suffered for it. However, due to another major theme (love), he redeemed himself in ways you can't even imagine. Another great theme of the novels is that no matter how many wrong choices you've made, you can redeem yourself and do what is right, even if it is difficult for you to do! Didn't Jesus emphasize this theme in most of the New Testament?

5.) Friendship. You will rarely see a friendship like the one Harry has with his two friends. These three will go the ends of the earth for one another and they do everything they can to help and protect one another. They confide in one another and they never betray each other. Is their friendship perfect? Of course not! Do they have fights? Yes, of course they do. But, because of the love and friendship that they have for one another that they always step up in the end! There are other friendships in the series as well, but I focused on the three main characters.

6.) Prejudice. Considering the world we live in, this is a theme that cannot be ignored. The people of the wizarding world consist of two major groups; pure-bloods and Muggle borns. Pure blood wizards had parents who were also wizards. Muggle born wizards are wizards who were born to parents who did not have magic powers (also know as Muggles). If the wizarding word existed, we would be considered Muggles as we do not have powers. Most of (NOT ALL) of the pure-bloods consider Muggle borns beneath them. The main villain is also prejudiced against Muggle borns and this becomes a huge theme later in the novels. In fact, you can see a huge parallel between the main villain and his followers and Hitler and Nazi Germany. It is a very important theme for young people to learn because if we do not learn about the prejudices of the past, we are doomed to make the same mistakes in the future.

There are SO many other themes that I could literally write about it for hours, but these are some of the major ones. Others include, the freedom of an oppressed species (house elves), overcoming obstacles, moving on with life after suffering a loss, forgiveness (another major Christian theme) when Harry forgives a character (two actually...) for bullying him for so many years, etc.

And here is a list of some of the Christian references in the novels.

1.) When a character dies, Harry has a trinket from that character. Since they were not able to bury the character, Harry buries the trinket in honor of him and then when he's done, he takes a stick and draws a CROSS over the makeshift grave. A CROSS!

2.) The characters ALL celebrate Christmas. Pretty major holiday in the Christian world, wouldn't you say?

3.) A character in the series is Harry's godfather. Yes, godfather.

There are probably more, but I haven't read the books in sometime; these were just off of the top of my head.

It is one thing to not have your children read the books because they might not be old enough to understand the themes, and also, the books DO get darker as the characters gets older and can be scarier for younger children (makes sense, book starts off with Harry at age 11 and ends when he is 17). But, to say that you won't allow your children to read them because they condone devil worship and witchcraft is ignorant and foolish because you clearly know NOTHING about these books if you think that. Yes, there is magic in the books. The characters go to the school to learn how to use and control their magic. There are good wizards and bad wizards. But, does this mean you don't allow your children to watch or read any form of magic? I'm quite sure that almost EVERY SINGLE fairytale has some form of magic in it, whether it'd be an evil witch, magic beans, or talking animals. Do you deny them to watch Disney movies and Superhero movies? Do those Superhero movies encourage them to leap off buildings? Of course not! Just like these books won't encourage your children to become a devil worshipper. Are you going to deny your children the ability to have an imagination?

Ignorant people are what make this world a horrible place because they have no knowledge on what they are talking about and the scary part is that they think that do. Right now, you are an ignorant person and one of the reasons why people frown on religion these days. Educate yourself, grow up and read the books before you start making judgement calls like that. Let your children have an imagination!
Darren Williams chapter 14 . 7/13
Ah, shame we are at the end. One more review from an angered gay British Ravenclaw. This book kinda sucks. Like no offense but this is honestly is a hyprocritical offensive book and is gonna fuck up your children more than the actual books. But go off and have your fun. Just give us luna back and make them British!
Darren Williams chapter 12 . 7/13
If Draco and Harry are both Gryfindors now, does that mean we can ship drarry and have a lovely gay sex scene? because we all know whats happening in the dorm rooms anyways... ;)
Darren Williams chapter 11 . 7/13
The irony of the authors note in contrast to the story gives me life. I thought Voldemort was taking religious freedom, which is bad, but somehow you manage to disregard being Catholic as a religion in your A/N. Please consider your true moral values. Also, wtf is a pray off?
Guest chapter 1 . 7/13
this has to be a joke, right?
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