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Midtrogeno82 chapter 60 . 7/31
I loved Sasori's attitude in this chapter haha xD like bitch, not with my baby
"a baby somethimes" hahahaha aaaawwww
Thanks Hidan! he was really worried about his friend, let him eat nine or ten burgers if he want xD he deserves it!
I love Deidara, I love him so muuuch, he is too precious and cute and small and andandandan
Yeah, sometimes Sasori has a really bad time because of Deidei but, he is just jealousSaso himself can't help giving him love anyways hahaha I actually was like Deidara as a child with my big brother lol
I laugh each time Sasori says something sexist xD, well, some girls have been really cruel with the poor guy, hopefully he will find a nice girl who want him despite his uh, no muscles (?) xD
I also love when Sasori compares his baby with the other kids xD haha just like a mom, oh I died when he met Kakuzu and thought he was going to steal the boy xD HAHAHA
Or when he didn't allow them to cut Deidara's beautiful hair, bravo! How dare that Beth ask for such a thing!?
I am intrigued about the situation with Deidara's family, I can see there are some problems, maybe it would have been harder for his father to find someone to take care of Dei if Sasori hadn't accepted the job. Fortunately he did and Saso can't deny it is the best decision he could made
I'm sorry I didn't leave a review beforeI'm shy (?)
but I just wanted to say that I love you for doing this and making me happy , this is really funny and sweetlove uuuuuuu
Happii Haden chapter 60 . 7/31
finally was able to get around to this! poor baby dei! oh my gosh he didnt deserve. at least danna is the best and totally saved Bard and Deidara. what a good babysitter. Also Hidan for being such a good friend. ugh my heart
Happii Haden chapter 59 . 7/16
omg yes. they're the best bird dads! awh this was so cute. Made me think about my own childhood and how my best friend at the time would catch birds or save baby birds. I didnt want to touch them cause I didnt want to catch any diseases xD but this was super cute especially how nice sasori actually was this time around xD and we got to learn a little more about babydeis mumu. sad :c but sweet. bless thee for thy update~
Happii Haden chapter 58 . 5/27
I was worried for a second. Death and babydei is a scary thought. how dare you associate the two. But like Dei is just a confused child so its okey xD I actually used to do the same but backwards. id say deaf as death. although I knew what blind was xD I'd roam around my house blind folded pretending to be a ninja turtle or sth stupid. enough about me though. baby dei is precious. thank you for the updateeee
Happii Haden chapter 57 . 4/1
Absolutely wonderful. As always of course. It's nice to see Sasori actually casually binding with someone xD ofc it's another male so ofc he'd have an easier time. No girl, not even the Easter bunny. But that's okey cause Danna Banana has Deidara and that's all he needs
Happii Haden chapter 56 . 1/5
I feel for Sasori in this one. Like poor guy. No refill of cookies or milk? then they make fun of him? How rude indeed. Also raisins are nasty af. I am team Sasori all the way in this chapter. That end though. as soon as Deidara started crying I already knew where it was going and I wasn't disappointed. It made me laugh so hard it hurt. ugh I love this. thank you dear
AbsoluteAnarchy chapter 55 . 7/23/2017
Dizzy forever... *sigh* Only children. XD
I remember spinning around like that when I was younger. I haven't done it in years and this chapter makes me want to give it a try! I actually forgot about it completely. XD
Dei and Sasori are so sweet, especially at the end. Also, you mentioned our Lord and saviour, Bard, so extra points for that. X3
Happii Haden chapter 55 . 7/22/2017
too much spin. if I ever span that much id definitely throw up. I've a strong stomach, but motion sickness is the worst. one spin on a desk chair with wheels can have me groaning with naesua pains. being dizzy forever is not fun and can lead to missing out on naps with Danna!
AbsoluteAnarchy chapter 54 . 6/19/2017
Yeah, I'm on my Mac right now and I really can't be bothered to log in so... Yo. XD I mean, at least I'm here. That's really something considering how bad my track record is now. XDD

God, Dei is just like me when I was a kid. I still fucking hate apples. I love bananas, strawberries, apricots, kiwis, mangos, papayas, pomegranates... Just not apples. I'd even take a pear over an apple, and pears taste like they have sand in them.
Dei is one clever little shit though. Blood sugar and diabetes? Could it be that our little ball of blonde mush is going to grow up to be a doctor? Handing out prescriptions for chocolatey bars? I would like an appointment please. :3
Chocolatetruffle chapter 54 . 6/18/2017're so hard on Sasori..
Happii Haden chapter 1 . 5/11/2017
gosh, babydei is so friggin adorbable. Adorably dumb. So sad he had to go to the corner, but you cant go around hitting your Danna. i hated the corner as a kid. Id always sob into the wall. It was almost worse than spankings. At least Sasori isnt super cruel though. How could anyone be so mean to that small bean. Anywhoodles, cant wait for the next updaaaate~
AbsoluteAnarchy chapter 53 . 5/10/2017
"Un! Danna! Come play owls with me for a little bit! It's so super duper fun!"
Yes, Danna.
Play owls.

Your job must give you an endless amount of inspiration for this story - it flows so naturally! I used to play with plastic dinosaurs when I was younger and my pterodactyl had the bendy plastic wings you're talking about. I didn't chew it though. Some things are to precious to chew. One does not simply eat a pterodactyl.

Wait. How would Dei react to a pterodactyl? I think it would fuck with his baby brain. A bird and a the same time?! Witchcraft, un!

Silly, Sasori. Don't you know anything? An owl is an owl. A bird is a bird. And never shall the two meet.
I'm not good with kids. I wouldn't make my owl go "hoot hoot" or "scree". I'd make it go "splat" because technically an owl can make that noise...when it gets hit by a wind turbine. Kukuku.

And hey, at least Dei learned something! I might not have been what Sasori was hoping for but, at this point, he'll take whatever he can get. Lol XD

Love you lots! :3
TheEternallyElite chapter 52 . 3/12/2017
Pfft- "look of malice" sure, whatever rolls your way, Danna Banana.
EmberRoseTwisted chapter 4 . 3/1/2017
omg I couldn't stop laughing! I love it!
Happii Haden chapter 52 . 2/27/2017
Sasori the stinky butt (nods) yes. So sad, he'll never have a chance with the ladies. at least with babydei around anyway. Unless he meets a girl who isn't bothered by his smelly, weird, and kinda sexist self? That would be bad for babydei I think. Smelly danna would be too distracted by boobs... I'm babbling, sorrythis is another reason why I don't review
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