Reviews for Reminiscent Threnody
Lasse chapter 2 . 9/19/2016
This is such a beautiful chapter. I love Elrond and Elros's relationship depicted here, and especially love the bit about Elros enjoying his pampering while he "lingered respectfully alive, maybe to prove he could." Such a delightful and real-feeling bit of characterization in so few words! I love the overwhelming love and sense of loss in Elrond's narration, as well as his deep empathy and understanding and the wisdom in his ability to see and accept the nuances, the different perspectives, the ambiguities. And ohhhhh the bit about Elrond and mirrors. I like the idea that he is comforted by his ability to see Elros's face whenever he sees his own reflection for as long as he lives. Both sweet and symbolic, I think. And his losing more than he ever meant to acquire - he is such an incredible character, to know the pain of loss so well, and yet again and again he opens his heart and accepts more attachments even while knowing how much it will hurt him when he loses them.
Athrabeth chapter 4 . 12/31/2014
I really, really like this story. It's so poignant.

I especially like the part in the final chapter where Elrond insists that he wants some "thing" that is only his, that can never leave him, then admits that he doesn't really want anything like that at all, because maybe having nothing would be better. It seems to echo a line in an earlier chapter where he mentions having lost more than he ever meant to acquire (which was a great line, too!).

This story is so insightful and really shows how each blow hits him at that point in his life. Elrond is probably my favorite character from any work of fiction, and so it's wonderful to see such well-written, thought-provoking stories about him.

Thanks for writing this!
Levade chapter 1 . 8/17/2014
Over a decade later and I still find this one of the best Elrond stories. You were not kind to him, but neither was life.

And yet he was still "kind as summer" when we see him at the Council. That is a truly amazing man.

I miss your writing, but I hope you found other things to make you happy or content (or both). You had an insight I lacked, being so new to the fandom, and now I can see it with new appreciation.

This will always be one of my favorite stories.
Lilthoniel Ceminassar chapter 4 . 5/15/2005
Wow. That is all I can say. Thank you for capturing the suffering of Elrond, for I feel that it is something often overlooked. You do a beautiful job of sounding Elvish too when you write it. I feel better for having read this.
Thirteen Black Roses chapter 5 . 2/7/2003
awww poor elrond. never had it easy, did he? yay glorfindel. ya know, elrond made me mad when i saw the two towers movie. he was making arwen choose between him n aragorn n i wanted to hit him. or cry. um...*drags self back to topic* i have no clue how u manage to get into his head so good. i could never do that. just the thought of trying scares me. k you know u have been on the computer too long when you realize it is 20 after tomorrow. i am no longer making any sense whatsoever so i am leaving. namarie!
Losseniaiel chapter 5 . 1/24/2003
I'll leave a more coherent review but for the moment ... *cries and cries and cries*

Oh to be Glorfindel and hug him.

Of all the elves Tolkien depicts, he suffers the most, and I just want to smooth his hair and tell him everything will be alright *evil grin*

Hmm - thus ends the very fangirlish review.
Shadowfax chapter 5 . 12/12/2002
...Wow. [pause] Wow. That was... amazing. I feel an even more pressing need to find my copy of the Silmarillion and read it... [hits herself over the head with her big heavy LotR book] Must... read... Sil... maril... lion! Other than the fact that I have only a passing familiarity with most of the characters mentioned, I was absolutely amazed. Very well written- I could feel Elrond's voice in the words. And I'm not talking about Hugo Weaving... ] I liked the little mentions of the poems he wrote. I dunno, it made him seem more... k, "human" isn't the word... real? Something like that. ] I'd like to see more. But maybe I'll just go check out your other stuff... Yeah, that'll work...
Lazily-not-signed-in-Indille chapter 5 . 12/3/2002
You write Elrond splendidly. "All of my stars are gone." Interesting that many of his closest companions have star names or (in the case of Earendil) are stars. Poor Elrond, at last understanding the people he thought were fools before. And of course its nice to see somebody else taking charge for a change, and taking care of Elrond, instead of being taken care of by him.

Brilliant, as usual.

anna chapter 4 . 12/1/2002
wow. this series is so intense, im impressed beyond words. incredibly good writing.
Millikov chapter 5 . 11/28/2002
How'd I miss the last 2 chaps? AfterEver, tis wondefully written, throughly enjoyable, very poignant. And you had Glorfie in the last chap!

Please, can I have some more?


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toastedcheese chapter 5 . 11/27/2002
Interesting ending. I like the continuing theme of wanting something. Poor Elrond. And good use of chronically overlooked Glorfindel.
toastedcheese chapter 4 . 11/27/2002
Well that was a pretty depressing ending, considering that it's all going to end in tears and bloodshed.

There are so many things that I like about this story!

You manage to give Elrond a believable voice.

You portrayed two guys sleeping under the same blanket without getting all slashy.

In short, you're doing a great job illuminating the stories of Elrond's life that we always knew were there, but never fleshed out.
toastedcheese chapter 3 . 11/27/2002
What a great look at Elrond. I like your portrayal of Elrond and Elros's relationship: how Elrond could accept his brother's differences and minor flaws so easily, his reaction to the funeral... it all contains such realism.
toastedcheese chapter 2 . 11/27/2002

This is so cool. What overwhelming emotional power. I especially like the beginning; you really get the sense of loss and change. You're a terrific writer.
Dragon Confused chapter 4 . 11/24/2002
I liked this. Lots. Although it was sad in the middle. I'm so rubbish at writing reviews. How come some people can manage proper essays in there...

Oh well I like most everything you write anyway.

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