Reviews for The Legacy Preservation Act
aikawa akihiko chapter 30 . 10/12
oo! that was great! it's been a loooong time since a fic that was so long held my attention all the way to the end! i loved that slow and realistic progression of harry and daphne's relationship, all of their relationships. i loved the characterization of sirirus and his reveal at the end and i loved voldemorts defeat!
chronos136 chapter 30 . 10/13
That was beautiful. Perfect ending and I loved your take on the prophecy, unique and creative. Just beautiful.
Flugschreipbaer chapter 30 . 10/8
One the best I've read on .d
Aprion chapter 22 . 9/24
Someone needs to hang Percy by his gonads for a few hours. That insufferable prick.
Aprion chapter 14 . 9/22
Its things like this that bring out my vicious side. I want Umbitch to die screaming. She's not a toad, she's a human dementor. her only purpose is to spread misery and suck the joy out of everything.
FlowerChild23 chapter 30 . 9/22
Wow this is really good
Aprion chapter 5 . 9/21
I must say I very much like your take on Tracey. Most people write her as rather distrusting, with a slight to moderately hostile attitude. It's nice to see a break from that norm.
FlowerChild23 chapter 15 . 9/21
I love your story. it is absolutely hilarious. Grandma Belle scene is my absolute favorite part right now.
TheNameIsBLANK chapter 30 . 9/10
Beautiful story which covers all the aspects . I specially loved the ending . It was truly magical . I enjoy reading your stories. Please keep writing.
Deathshot147 chapter 14 . 9/5
Seeing as Harry has spent quite some time with Mad-Eye Moody, or lack there of, I don’t think it’s very possible for him to fall for Veritaserum. It’s unrealistic. I know this is how you want to run your story, but Harry is really starting to seem VERY out of character. The more I read this, the more I begin to dislike it. As of right now, I find this Fanfic very unappealing, but I’m curious to see how it ends, so I’ll keep reading for now. But I doubt I’ll finish seeing as you have a habit having borderline BORING segments. I usually skip over a lot of things in this story because it is sooo uninteresting. But I digress.
lakelady8425 chapter 6 . 9/3
How is it possible that Sirius spent all that time supposedly preparing Harry for politics and the etiquette of the wizard world but didn't explain the basics to him? Odd.
Kimmytrainer chapter 30 . 9/2
Omg I loved that ending so much. It was perfect. Thanks so much for writing!

Also I just realized that it was definitely a different fic where Molly Weasley died! Sorry about that! Was I at least right about Abigail? Lol XD
Kimmytrainer chapter 29 . 9/2
So I suppose the easiest way to fix those 2 mistakes I mentioned is obviously to replace Aurora with Abigail, but also to replace Molly with Bill or Charlie, and perhaps having them think of their younger sister.

This story is amazing. I hope Sirius is okay...
Kimmytrainer chapter 28 . 9/2
Reviewing here cuz I know I’ll forget to say it next chapter since I’m only halfway through. ANYONE WHO HASNT READ CHAPTER 29, THERE BE SPOILERS IN THIS HERE REVIEW!

In chapter 29, you called Daphne’s mother “Aurora” several times; shouldn’t it be Abigail? More importantly, Molly Weasley has a speaking role, and I’m fairly certain she’s dead in this fic, if I haven’t gotten it confused with a different one. I’m always jumping around from one fic to another, so I’m never completely sure, but I thought I should mention these details as they’re rather important, especially the second one.
Covante chapter 24 . 8/28
I'm hoping that Fanatic!Umbridge manages to assassinate Dumbledore while believing she is the only sane/unimperiused person left, that would be a new one.
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