Reviews for Q It Again
Convenient Alias chapter 5 . 5/13/2016
So Picard was right. I was half hoping he wouldn't be, but he generally is-Q doesn't understand his own motivations very well. Still, I have to feel sorry for him, feeling as strongly as he did about Picard in the last test of the bet and Picard still not even liking him on his ship.
writerofprose chapter 5 . 10/19/2015

Thank you for the lovely comment! It was so fascinating. I'd had some of those thoughts at points in the story, but many of them I'd forgotten because it's hard to hold all of that in your head at once, in addition to writing. And some thoughts I hadn't had at all! Like Q showing his value of some forms of consent by allowing Edwen to die.

"Why would Q need her for the bet?"

Yes, there was no way to explain this unless I got in Q's head. Which I didn't in this one. Picard sort of nailed the main reason, that Q was using her as a way to get Picard to become more noticeable (via her talking to him). Also I needed a reason that Q would visit this planet at all; so, Q needed her to keep this situation viable.

Thanks again for your review!
Katherine chapter 5 . 10/17/2015
I enjoyed this story as much as I enjoy philosophically rambling about things, so I think I'll do my usual thing and ramble about the philosophical thoughts this story had me thinking :).

I love these Q and Picard 'hanging out' stories. Because with Q it doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing, if it's with Jean-Luc Picard, Q is basically just hanging out with him the only way he finds fun. I wonder how often Picard has really thought of what it must be to know eventualities and know you can change them at the same time, and wonder what an eternity of that kind of existence would do. Oh, I'm sure he's *thought* about it, but he likely cut himself off before getting in too deep with the ideas. Qs are designed, or evolved really, to be like that, but to a human it's both desirable and terrifying. We can't even really grasp what eternity is, probably.

And Picard, I think tries so hard to be what he feels he should be (not what he wants to be, a lot of the time; whims can't factor with him, he won't *allow* it), and to be a good, dutiful person; he's made what he is by his obsession with his various responsibilities. It's necessary for him to think that way in order to be what he needs to be, because people are counting on him and he knew that going in, to ignore that would be unfair. And, really... He's *so* fair that it's just silly even to mortals in some instances.

Giving up on 'the principle of the thing' is something he has to do sometimes in Starfleet, and you can tell no matter what it's about it kills him, but he forces himself to accept it. He *is* his willpower, that's how he identifies himself. Four lights. But... Q is and can be and do *anything he wills* with all his insane power haha, there can't be a stalemate! The power of his will vs. the power of Q's will? Better hope Q is in an amazingly generous mood, basically.

Picard just can't deal with the concept that there is a person, or more a force of nature guised as a person, who has lived longer than he can even think about and who through nature and experience can in no uncertain terms tell him that the concept of fairness humans use is unnecessary most of the time. And this force of nature won't allow him to deny his whims all the time. I'd say Picard practically needs Q, if Picard would listen.

The thing, a glorious thing in a way, is Picard has decided on his limits (This far, no farther!), on who he is and how he'll grow as a person, and he moulds who he is and who he will be through *sheer will*, and he'll be damned if some hopped up arrogant demigod thing will change his stubborn mind. (Imagine there's an emoji here, the laughing one with the tear in its eye. Because it's just so funny. If I told a dust mite something, it wouldn't give any ground either, probably. There's No Point. But they both keep going.)

Example: It seems like he's not even mad Q almost killed him and could have erased him from existence when or if Q decided to bring 'Arthur' back, because Q made himself forget Picard. He's basically mad Q didn't ask please first, or explain how he'd go about making him re-exist! I mean, on the nose there, and chapeau, hats off to you. It's a kind of insanity that only exists in his French head expressed with his English accent. ;) 'Erase me, fine! I can't stop you, but do it on my terms!' You know? 'Accept the things I cannot change, but not gracefully,' I'd put it. And I think he tells himself that, but it's much more reasonable, even if he'd deny it under torture, that Picard wasn't angry because he wasn't afraid - because he DOES trust Q, and THAT is what scares him. He can't control Q or anything Q does to him, his willpower is Q's toy. So he lectures and postures and pretends to have a moral high ground because he has no other ground (apparently literally, on occasion haha). And Q lets him. Let's. Him. Because as Picard trusts Q, Q *respects* Picard, as much as he can, at least.

But then, apparently when talking to a 'stranger', Q said Edwen had been one of many and nothing really all that special. I'm not sure I believe that, or at lease I believe less of it than Q would want someone to. There *were* probably many. but among them, Edwen had been at least a little special. Sure, ostensibly he was pre-grieving Picard and the sad dates matched up, but she was important because she said no, too. And if he regretted allowing her to die - really regretted letting her choose - what would stop him from changing what he'd done? What would stop him from Making her Want to say yes, even?

But he didn't. Consent. Q respected her. He already understood all that, sitting through Picard's lecture, didn't he? And that line, 'I need Edwen,' or something, presumably for the bet, but had he seen her die yet? He says by eliminating her as an element in the bet he took them beyond that point in time. By accident(!), not intent, and isn't that just a bit terrifying. Was it in that moment he knew, remembered all of that happening? The disease and what sounds like the very kind denial of his help? Is he more like Picard than we think? Guilt over not saving a person who didn't want saving feels very Picard. I can see Picard telling himself it didn't matter what a person said right then, they could get over it later, and saving them if he could, even if they asked him not to.

Why would Q need her for the bet? Is there a deeper reason, killing two birds with one stone, that we don't get to see, or did he need her because he missed her, and he's like a Time Lord, with everyone always being alive and dead and there but not at all? It goes on and on. I do think, regardless, that he told the 'stranger' a lie: 'Nothing special,' while he told Picard the truth: 'I need Edwen.' But why? That, I don't know.

Humans... someone like Q offers us something like that, I bet sometimes it feels like some unnatural deal with the devil, not a gift from a god, and simultaneously our instincts would rage at us to say yes, which would make it actually feel more morally wrong than potentially an obvious right. And regardless of what Q says, he's not really those things, a devil or a god. He'd be far less interesting in that case.

Strange, when you wonder how many old mortal friends took him up on the offer. He should be spending 'time' with them, not mourning the anomalies to the point of questioning his own identity. Maybe he does, but I think the ones who say no are special to him; he will always exist, actively choosing to not exist when you could happily live without consequence must confuse him beyond anything. And he's not a guy who deals well with confusion, so he has theories, and he wants to test them. Why would anyone say no? Etc. But he admits he might never find the answer. Time Lord thing again, 'All of time and space, right outside that door, let's go!'

You've made a great character piece, here. Bravo.
TFALokiwriter chapter 5 . 10/7/2015
This was a really good story. Your take on Picard and Q was faboulus! Brilliant job! *Claps*

I loved this story. Good job .
TFALokiwriter chapter 4 . 9/23/2015
OH YAY! CHAPTER CHAPTER NEW CHAPTER! Brilliant description! Brilliaant! Hwahaehahahaahah :D BRILLIANT!

I love your description of Picard and Q.

I love how you detailed the chapter and had Picard wonder what was on Q's mind.

Picard is right, you can't exactly get spoiled on your death or else it will be fixed time if he knows.

Picard had won! Lol. *Claps*

Brilliant job!

I fear the next chapter will deal with Picard's death, since Q mentioned it was a mystery to him.

Looking forward to to the next and last chapter! :)

10/10! :D
TFALokiwriter chapter 3 . 8/23/2015
Awww, poor Picard XD.
Surreptitious Chi X chapter 3 . 1/16/2015
Oh my gosh, this is so good. It could be a real episode of TNG. I am amazed.
Scott chapter 3 . 11/25/2014
I liked all of this story, it was semi-intricate, and both Picard and Q acted like they would in the actual show, so for that, I'm quiet impressed. Also, the debates are fairly amusing as well.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/23/2014
This is awesome! Please continue :D
writerofprose chapter 3 . 11/24/2014
Coco Solo -

Not a bad point about behaving like Sisko to deflect Q. I have two thoughts on that. (1) Picard is working on what he knows and he doesn't know Sisko's behavior deflected Q or what that behavior was. In fact, we don't really even know that. Which is my second point... (2) I think an argument could be made that Q would have never liked Sisko no matter how Sisko behaved because Q's dance card was already filled: with Picard.

I like Sisko too. :)

You thought about this so thoroughly. I hope my ending doesn't disappoint! Thanks for reading and for making me think as well. I liked this: "Q's probably right it's not just the fact that he was the Captain of the Federation Flagship, but then again if he didn't have those experiences he would be the Jean-Luc Q admires." I definitely agree, and maybe this will give me a little more direction in the ending... which is being stubborn.
Coco Solo chapter 3 . 11/24/2014
This sort of story is not one you could imagine seeing as an actual episode of Star Trek,but you can't help but to think, why wouldn't a being such as Q that can slide into alternate universes as if they were compartments in a train, and even create some of his own, not indulge in something like this. I can't imagine Q never admitting to a least one Picard that exists in a universe we would perceive as Trek cannon that he's interested in him so bluntly. But why not create another identical time-line and force Picard into making idiotic bets such as the one you propose in this story, or just have Picard forget, or turn back time, geez the power of the Q is unnerving but I digress.

I think Q himself is probably baffled why he finds one supposedly insignificant mortal so fascinating, I think it's the fact that Picard has bested him in the philosophical battlefield time and again. Q's probably right it's not just the fact that he was the Captain of the Federation Flagship, but then again if he didn't have those experiences he would be the Jean-Luc Q admires.

Also you write some excellent Q/Picard I'm not normally into slash but boy do I love me some good Q/Picard tales, it can be M/M it can feature Q as a women, or Picard could be turned into a women by Q, or it could just remain platonic as long as both stay in character and you do that really well. I don't know if you do it on purpose but you seem to portray the fact that BOTH Q and Picard have supremely large egos, which besides the fact Q is a dam near omnipotent bully and Picard a man that tries very hard to live by an ethical and moral code he believes in it's also that face that is the source of there unending conflict.

On a side not I would think the best way to deflect Q's interest would be to act like Sisko, direct aggressive and refusing to get into any sort of war of wits. That's not to say that I don't like Sisko lol.
Lacrimula Falsa chapter 2 . 9/11/2014
Hm, this is getting interesting. I like the idea of Picard having both his and Arthur's memories. That could get confusing very fast. I'm curious what happens next.
DuskPuffin chapter 2 . 9/10/2014
Only two left... Then Picard wins.
DuskPuffin chapter 1 . 9/3/2014
I think this could go far. It's very interesting.
Lacrimula Falsa chapter 1 . 8/29/2014
Uh oh. I think Picard sees another "Tapestry" coming.
I'm curious where this is going. I think your characterisation is spot on, especially with Q, which is impressive. I think he's a difficult character to get right. Good beginning, keep it up.