Reviews for Five Weeks at Freddy's
Guest chapter 37 . 11/10
Hrnnnnnnnn... CONTINUE PLS!
Guest chapter 30 . 11/10
(Chapter 30) Poor Bonnie... But you get a little yandere over there boi. His human family is an ass, that's not what Christians are. Bunch of hypocrites. Luckly, it's just a fanfic, other wise I can't forgive their asses completely.
Guest chapter 18 . 11/8
(Chapter 18) Geezus... I'm never so mad at a fictional character before... Calling Mike and Chica in some what code names like they were some... things you can just do whatever you want with them... It remind me of someone (He's still a fictional character but he terrifies me, not making me mad)... It makes me mad! *Applause* You are a legend! It feels like I'm part of the story, best one in this web!
Guest chapter 37 . 10/19
Come on even an update saying you're still alive or something...
Guest chapter 4 . 9/30
I should stop reading this...

Guest chapter 37 . 9/28
CLIFF HANGER! I actually read this months ago but i just wanted the writer to know the readers are still here and eagerly waiting. I read the fnaf books but still like this story way more and hope you continue this. looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 37 . 9/13
Still eagerly hoping for more. Been with this since the start and wanna see it through til an end.
DracoMeteorOver9000 chapter 37 . 9/6
Please don't abandon this story. It's too gooooooood
shadow chapter 37 . 9/1
I liked the chapter!
sacke110 chapter 24 . 8/18
Through the whole chapter I could hear faint sounds of Markiplier screaming that he is the king of five night at freddys... Also Mike must be kinda dumb to not realize what is going on... or did he simply not hear bonnie when he said he didnt wanna die a second time?
sacke110 chapter 22 . 8/17
Who was on the phone? Who wants to save them? Do they deserve to be saved? Is the timer going to ring or will Mike wake up in the middle of the night? Will i ever get these answers?...idk
sacke110 chapter 17 . 8/16
Oh snap, chica ran away.
sacke110 chapter 15 . 8/15
Ugh, any hope that I had of the animatronics being good deep down have died. I guess this is a story where they just simply are murderous monsters...
sacke110 chapter 14 . 8/15
Time for battle! Place your bets, place your bets!...that man is going to die, isn't he?
sacke110 chapter 10 . 8/15
Great chapter, I'm really getting curious why they kill ppl... maybe they.. just do it, idk
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