Reviews for The Cupboard Series 2: Hermione's Book Nook
scotty26 chapter 37 . 6/25
every single chapter has me impress
scotty26 chapter 17 . 6/24
i'm loving what yo are doing to the characters..staying mostly canon while giving your own spin on it...never thought i see a story where the authors start first year and in second year give the diary to Luna of all people...THAT should be interesting to read..i see some stuff bled from muggle-born even if that story was written after this one..much later i would think..or probably was the other way i love about this story is that the way you describe stuff is wonderful because when i read it i feel like i can visualize it
Guest chapter 37 . 6/22
Thank you for making Harry badass.
Tiffany Smithi chapter 12 . 6/23
I just KNOW this will be a very interesting series...
Shodaime Gahokage chapter 6 . 5/24
Any goblin not interpreted by David Bowey, has a rapacious smile that inspire wariness.
noreenklose chapter 37 . 5/2
Excellent story!
I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for writing such a great story.
PS- - -You know that you're a stinker, don't you?
mashedpotatowizardgod chapter 26 . 4/15
you say got it in one alot
Pegueng chapter 37 . 3/4
Ooh I hate you, you despicable being... Ending a chapter like that. ;-) Well, I'm of to book 3. / Slaintë
noddwyd chapter 24 . 3/4
ah Peeves. Theres never enough of him. Plus only one story I remember had him as an insidious enemy no one ever suspected.
April Dawn Irene chapter 23 . 2/27
So I'm enjoying the story for the most part. However, I'm confused as to whether Harry injured his arm or his leg, or did you mean to have Lockhart remove the bone from Harry's leg and still have the injured arm.
miz. chaos chapter 11 . 2/16
ok, now THAT was hilarious!;3
TrenchcoatMan chapter 37 . 2/12
Ooo, that last bit was pretty exciting. Looks like Dumbledore finally brought out something in Harry that I suspect will show itself quite a bit in the next story.

I mentioned the bit with Peter in the first review, but then you handled it so perfectly in this story. Good job with tying up loose ends, It shows a good bit of promise in your writing. I can't wait for the rest.

I love that you've brought in wizarding Staves. Nio one ever seems to, but It's always been my headcanon that they had to have been used in the times of Merlin and before. More powerful than Wands, possibly less precise which led to the popularity of wands.

I love what your doing in the background with Harry's fortune and all the politics. I also love that you've already got Sirius, Lupin and Harry living together. The addition of Magical Crocodile Dundee is a trip too .

I wanted to bring up what I believe is an error. I should have mentioned it in the chapter, but I think I forgot as I was reading. In the chapter where Harry and Lucius were discussing payment for Dobby. you first stated 10,000 galleons, then 100,000 gallens, then went back to 10,000. you never went that high again, but the numbers never get even close to matching up. I realize that Lucius was just being Lucius, but even Madam Bones mentioned them only costing 250, so I figured it should be brought up.

mysinger chapter 37 . 2/9
Fantastic story! What a way to end it. I really can't stand Dumbledore in this. Too bad he won't be charged with attempted kidnapping. This series is enthralling. So glad it's already finished, so I don't have to wait to read the next story :)
SortingHat chapter 33 . 1/31
If it was Breath Of The Wild style what rating would the spear have in durability before it broke after so much use?
SortingHat chapter 32 . 1/31
Only one answer. Plastique Bomb!
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