Reviews for Lady of the Lake
Cmlackey12 chapter 32 . 10/25
theexcitedquestion chapter 44 . 9/1
I never comment mid story… but I just have to say the build up to and then this scene with Hannah and Greg has fully undone me. Not only is it beautifully planned but the arch just stunning. This confrontation is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever read in any book ever. Not even fanfiction just… in literature. This was so beautiful and I am undone by this scene. I haven’t stopped crying. I had to stop reading the chapter. I had to pause and just… take in this moment. Well done. Beautifully done.
HelpmeHermione chapter 23 . 8/31
Such a perfect way to get back at him. I'm surprised it wasn't Hermione's idea to request all of Harry's fatherly rights put to rest. A simple paternity test after the election will nip that in the bud. And seriously hurt I'm sure he will be smitten with his little girl.
Anon chapter 5 . 7/4
I know you wrote this over 7 years ago, but I've come back to it multiple and am always struck by how talented a writer you are.
Xechasate chapter 11 . 6/24
Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but...
Nobody. Nobody, that I have found, has written well a story that takes advantage of Hermione's ruthlessness, brilliance, clever cold mind. You have NAILED it, and I know this is a good chunk of years after publication but I am looking forward to finishing reading this story of yours.
BellaMendes chapter 1 . 6/23
I absolutely adore your writing but this has to be my favourite story of yours, even surpassing rebuilding. I usually comment on every chapter but this time I couldn't stop reading even to review and I have to say you wrote a brilliant fic.. I had guessed Hermione's speech origin and you wrote her as a sympathetic tyrant. thank you I look forward to re reading it many times
Guest chapter 1 . 6/20
Hello! I came across your fic on a recommendation, I'm half-aware that it's a relatively old fic by now. The premise of the fic was stunning, not something I'd imagine enjoying, but it was brilliant from start to finish and pretty much had my attention the entire week it took me to finish this. I was reading Hermione's campaign for Minister of Magic in the days leading up to my own election day for team captain, and it pretty much inspired me to write a speech while channeling my inner dark Hermione. I won the election, so I suppose I owe something to this fic, to Hermione, and of course to you. Absolutely amazing work.
AnotherDayAboveThisEarth chapter 16 . 6/19
Luna was lovely.
AnotherDayAboveThisEarth chapter 4 . 6/19
This is fucking glorious. Political intrigue, my favorite girl scorned and out for revenge, hot boys? Hell yeah.
ValkSkadi chapter 50 . 5/31
Definitely not the ending I expected but interesting nonethelessage and power really is no friend to ambition in some ways and it seems they all felt the need to escape to the countryside in the end.
My favorite part of this fic was definitely the references. Other than that, it was a very interesting read. I don't think I could honestly say I comfortably liked the characters but I did root for a few of themTheo and Luna especially. I am curious how the wizarding world is doing now that the main characters are reigning seemingly from a distance until Aethel takes over with her band of sworn siblings. Like, are they OK? XD
Thank you for sharing your work!
ValkSkadi chapter 32 . 5/30
I was fully convinced someone else was going to die, oops. This one was so heavily foreshadowed that I didn't clock the forest for all the trees lol.
ValkSkadi chapter 31 . 5/30
Quite the speech. I don't know the reference but this whole rise to power feels, shall we say, familiar to several points of history which aren't necessarily seen as sunshine and rainbows in retrospect. It must be a bit of a hilarious mindmuck to write! Also very strange and interesting to read, so thank you for sharing your work. I really especially enjoy the references you throw in.
rubimaiaescritora chapter 50 . 5/21
wow, it was a journey! I love it. Reading a powerful Hermione it's always a good experience and I'm glad you choose keep the romance and sweet moments between DraMione, gives a nice touch to this intense plot. sorry my broken English. I would love read more of your work!
suziq968 chapter 8 . 5/11
This, the entire chapter, was riveting. Impossible to put down and her response was just the perfect description of what love is at its best. Amazing. Thank you.
mypetconcubine chapter 1 . 5/5
Another amazing read. Your stories are simply fantastic.
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