Reviews for Lady of the Lake
JasmineDragon22 chapter 50 . 8/23
A fascinating dark tale of Hermione. I really enjoyed it and your characters. The slow decent was nicely done and the ending was satisfying. Well done.
Guest chapter 50 . 6/20
fantastic work.
MissBlueZeus chapter 50 . 5/25
I'm not sure I've ever left a review but I've read this story probably half a dozen times and it's so good every time.
sexycactusno chapter 43 . 4/16
Gosh I am so dumb I literally only JUST realised Harry is Merlin. She’s shut him up in a cave. Brilliant
Your writing is brilliant and subtle and nuanced and very well woven. I am loving your story, thank you for publishing this.
pwrmom2 chapter 50 . 3/22
I absolutely loved this story so so much. I really loved how at the end, Hermione and Harry of all people ended up at Neville’s healing village.
the.j.c.belmont chapter 16 . 3/21
You know it’s a pleasant change of pace to be looking up words because I’m unfamiliar with them instead of double-checking the spelling of a word. Thanks for keeping me entertained so far.
nyxofantares chapter 1 . 2/9
I need around 24 hours or more to finish this powerful fic.
thank you for the hardwork
Lesser Cornholio chapter 19 . 1/27
This is so to read on to see if it gets worse but safely say it will.
AdrienStalkry chapter 50 . 1/22
The last time I read this was before Haunting of Bly Manor came out but I think I loved this story even more having that Lady of the Lake possession to compare this one too. This story is dark and everyone in it is off their rocker (minus Neville and Hannah and maybe George) but it isn’t far fetched. It would have been easy to see this actually happening. Despite all the darkness though, the undercurrent of love was definitely one of the best parts (if not the best part) because Hermione did find her circle of people and they do love her/she loves them in the end. I also just honest to god vibed with your version of Luna the entire way through this story, the way she’s convoluted af and seems crazy but really just SEES everything is awesome. Thank you for sharing!
MargaritaS chapter 50 . 1/4
interesting take on the idea, great story :)
SlyLady chapter 23 . 12/28/2022
honestly thank you for including a nursing mother in your story. casual things like this really help to normalise it in a world where people tend to assume babies are just given bottles of formula. thank you!
mslezalie chapter 50 . 12/17/2022
Favorited. This is one of those stories where you end up doing a marathon reading session. It's that and more. Very interesting plot and character growth. Thank you for sharing. I also really enjoyed Luna's character.
Cmlackey12 chapter 32 . 10/25/2022
theexcitedquestion chapter 44 . 9/1/2022
I never comment mid story… but I just have to say the build up to and then this scene with Hannah and Greg has fully undone me. Not only is it beautifully planned but the arch just stunning. This confrontation is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever read in any book ever. Not even fanfiction just… in literature. This was so beautiful and I am undone by this scene. I haven’t stopped crying. I had to stop reading the chapter. I had to pause and just… take in this moment. Well done. Beautifully done.
HelpmeHermione chapter 23 . 8/31/2022
Such a perfect way to get back at him. I'm surprised it wasn't Hermione's idea to request all of Harry's fatherly rights put to rest. A simple paternity test after the election will nip that in the bud. And seriously hurt I'm sure he will be smitten with his little girl.
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