Reviews for Lady of the Lake
Gallifreyx chapter 50 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “You'd steal the world for her." "I did. 'snot my fault you went and gave it to Æthel instead."

Ahh here we are. End of the story.
The cutting between Harry and Hermione’s confrontation and the peaceful scenes of the rest of the players is brilliant. While everyone is enjoying the calm after the storm, she’s in a final, brutal argument with her former best friend. It all led up to this, really. The final screaming match between the immovable object and the unstoppable force. I do like the happy ending (if it can truly be called that). The way she flung at him the truth of how Nimue got involved is chilling. I still get shivers reading it. I don’t know how your brilliant mind came up with that idea, but it’s fucking amazing.
I absolutely adore this story. The twists and turns, the plotting (both writing and political), and the characterizations are just brilliant. Due to my love of it, I couldn’t leave a just single review, like I have for others I’ve reread recently. I may do this again for Pygmalion after I’ve cleansed my brain with fluff. As always, I adore you endlessly *explosion of green heart emojis*
Gallifreyx chapter 49 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “Dark Lady. Seller of Corrupt Dreams. Poisoner of Wells.”
Can I put that on a coffee cup?

Second to last chapter! Harry and Hermione’s confrontation at the end is probably my favorite part. Or the small Bluna scene, because him calling her “lunar one” is just so cute. The Changeling scenes are heartbreaking. The cold tone used when describing the Muggle woman has the stunning effect of making it even more tragic.
Gallifreyx chapter 48 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “why does it feel like I gained the world and lost my soul?”

The way you wind this story down is brilliant, all the loose ends being tied into neat bows. I think her continuing on, like she was in the beginning, might actually have killed her. Or made her as mad as Riddle or Bellatrix. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and all that.
Gallifreyx chapter 47 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “Hermione wondered how much knife twisting she could do before the man in front of her would strike back.“

The stark difference between the “pair of broody chickens” here and the pair from just 20 chapters ago is startling. The grief and rage has transformed, not just Hermione and her watery passenger, but their entire relationship. You feel for them, even if they’re not the best of people.
Gallifreyx chapter 46 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “It's not just that the retirement policy is death,”

When you set out to destroy a family, you realllyyy destroy a family. My heart breaks for George in all this. Percy, not so much as he’s definitely no saint, but George is definitely holey.
Gallifreyx chapter 45 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “surely everyone who was anyone knew he was about as likely to be turned on by her in lingerie as she was by a bowl of apples.”

The running joke with Theo and apples is hysterical. One thing I wanted to mention: you do a really great job at making the monsters human, and therefore—relatable.
Gallifreyx chapter 44 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “I lived through hating you and if I lived through all of that I can damn well forgive you if I want to.”

Again, Greg and Hannah’s story is amazing. Heartbreaking, but amazing. Have I mentioned how much I love Eustacia Parkinson yet? Because I do. She is a blast.
Gallifreyx chapter 43 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “Let me do violence and reshape our world so he can play Quidditch and marry for love.”

You make the villains so likeable. Like, I know Draco’s a murderer and torturer, but fuck if I don’t understand his reasons. You have a gift with characters, truly.
Gallifreyx chapter 42 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “I never thought I'd have such a traditional life. Marrying one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Not sleeping with him. Raising a child with the explicit goal of turning her into a political and social force to fear.”

Theo/Percy is an unexpected, but delightful ship. They’re great together, whether they’re trying to put themselves back together or taking over the world. And I adore the traditional/nontraditional family structure Daphne, Theo, Percy, and Marcus build. (Mind you, I know it’s early to be commenting on this, but consider these reviews as just a running commentary of my thoughts.)
Gallifreyx chapter 41 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “She fell down the Luna well and stopped making sense.”

I’ll admit to using the term “Luna well” in my head, especially when I start zoning out and daydreaming stories I’ll probably never write. Greg and Hannah’s arc is one of my favorite things about this story.
Gallifreyx chapter 40 . 9/24
Favorite quote of the chapter: “I'm sure she's suffering for her sins, even if you don't see it.”

I’m mean-spirited enough to have laughed when he said that. Really, though, the only Weasley I care about in this story is George. Percy is interesting, yes, but it’s George who I want to protect. If there is such thing as an innocent Weasley in all of this, it’s him. (Bill and Charlie are absent, so I’m not counting them).
Gallifreyx chapter 39 . 9/23
Favorite quote of the chapter: “The world could freeze into eternal darkness and I still wouldn't leave your side.”

Well, Pansy had to go sometime. I’ll try not to take offense. (I’m kidding, of course.) I like that she didn’t just roll over and accept it. From how she’s written here, it wouldn’t be in character. Honestly, she’s just dense. The gradual return to coherence for Harry is nicely done.
Gallifreyx chapter 38 . 9/23
Favorite quote of the chapter: “Don't forget about Æthel.” “I'm not.”

Um I always cry when Theo gives her that drawing. Watching Percy flounder at the party is so amusing. That song from Prince of Thieves “Playing With the Big Boys Now” comes to mind and it just makes me giggle to see Percy struggle.
Gallifreyx chapter 37 . 9/23
Favorite quote of the chapter: “her voice water sliding over rocks”

I’m running out of creative ways to tell you how wonderful you are. Luna and Neville’s conversation is really well done. A visit from her is surely the way to get through to him. I forgot to say how much I love Narcissa and Hannah’s visit last chapter. Two women who, on the surface, have very little in common. Of course, with this story, nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface level.
Gallifreyx chapter 36 . 9/23
Favorite quote of the chapter: “Power. He'd never wanted it less.”

This reminds me I actually need to read Titus. Except that I had a thing with a guy in high school that wasn’t great and his name was Titus. I’m digressing here, but I do love this chapter. The cold queen within her is fascinating to watch. Make sure they die drowning. Just wow.
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