Reviews for Lady of the Lake
Happy chapter 16 . 3/19/2022
So completely GOOD!
Happy chapter 15 . 3/19/2022
So very good!
Happy chapter 14 . 3/19/2022
Love LOVE love….
Happy chapter 13 . 3/19/2022
So fabulous!
Happy chapter 11 . 3/19/2022
Amazing, amazing!
Happy chapter 10 . 3/19/2022
So good, so good!
Happy chapter 6 . 3/18/2022
Love, love, LOVE!
Happy chapter 5 . 3/18/2022
Oh, no … I’m reading this masterpiece again! People always say your Green Girl is the best. And I do like that one a lot. But This one is just … wow … masterful. So, here I am, dodging out of my real life again to live in your tyrannical one. Wild!
gnrkrystle chapter 50 . 3/19/2022
Welp, you did it. You managed to take a story that I really thought I was gonna be mad about by the end and gave me probably the best ending one could hope for - and you kept Harry alive. Well done. Still think Hermione's Wizarding government sounds straight terrible and I'd be moving to France! Bravo. This is one I'll probably come back to again just because the writing is so good and the references so immaculate.
gnrkrystle chapter 48 . 3/19/2022
George is too good for this world.
gnrkrystle chapter 47 . 3/19/2022
Well, it looks like Hermione is finally starting to get her sanity back. Thank goodness for that. I'm curious what she'll leave behind, now that she's basically turned the wizarding world upside down in her revenge plot and is all, 'oh, I'm over it now. good luck guys' :P
gnrkrystle chapter 46 . 3/19/2022
Hannah is, of course, right. Hermione is - and has been for a while - acting like a child throwing a tantrum and all the adults around her indulge her.
gnrkrystle chapter 44 . 3/19/2022
Hannah and Neville are good people and I'm just begging you (I know you finished this story like 7 years ago ;P ) not to let Hermione destroy them.
gnrkrystle chapter 43 . 3/19/2022
I love your writing. I love your metaphors and your references. So, please do not take this the wrong way - I hate all your main characters. hahah Oh, don't get me wrong. They are well written, clever, they make me laugh. But part of me was holding onto SOMETHING redeeming about all of this and in reality, it's just the revenge plot of a woman who probably needs a therapist and not power, helped along by people who literally only care about power and wealth. And I KNOW this isn't news. You've laid it all out - though, at the beginning it did SEEM like Hermione might have actually given a shit about making a better world - but holy jeez. It's hard to root for her at all at this point. I do root for George. If she kills George I might have to bow out. haha
gnrkrystle chapter 42 . 3/19/2022
So, things are starting to look up for Hermione. She's got two Weasleys helping her achieve her goals. SURE LET'S JUST KILL BILL FOR FUN! Oy vey. She will be the death of me. Girl, if you don't leave Bill Weasley alone and focus your efforts on things that actually matter!
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