Reviews for A Wedding on Betazed
Debbie Hicks chapter 1 . 9/7/2017
Chapter 2.
from NSA's ancient past the both were dissolved in second Bodysuits you are weasring from NASA's ancient past really no freaking way Beverly it's Mother hello how the Wedding Fine look it's from NASA's Earth's past urgh how embarrassing don't freak out then Cut a tree this is her wedding Dawn t you baka sorry here folks then wrapped with them here Ambassador no thank you Mother I Am Naked in front of the T'Kumbra personnel! calm down Mr Grax what a nice wak in your skin hm Bodysuit's are in n o thank you it's a nightme Pease call me Reitain ok what is about herself calm erd down you are right it is m ore differen t than clothes from now on bodysuits will be mad year or so Excuse me holding this tree brach wrapped it's yours keep it in case of a dissolveing ritual lets seat ourselves down the marriage started with herself Excuse me if you please I Summ one ye Marina to this holiest place of marriage as m y friend look i am really sorry it is driving me crazy you will have wonderous children Priest you are her friend oh Bodysuit an d b ran ch yes created by Starfleet Comman d don't panic you did Wonderfull as both but as a her frien d lets do this that Deanna yelled out acting really strangely chantin g walking around very differen tly O' sEAS OF BETAZED BLESS YE MARINA DO YOU LOVE AN D HOLD B EFORE RIXX OUR GOD-HERO! Yes I Do Deanna stop moving Do you NARIN Sear ye before our mother goddess ofBETAZED Yes I DO Deanna please stop going in a trance By Sun and Moon Stars HEAR US Mother GODDESS OF BETAZED! I REPROCAIM THIS MAN AND WOMAN Let us rejoice in her sacred name MARRIED! That was it the two kissed holy goddess preserve us and our race Deanna you are very religious yes that is your thing to Clothes again then a wild bash going on a lot of girls were noisest but louder then Deanna to you m y Priestess friend! that She caught it one c atch then you are what I Think i am Next then the guys were louder then William caught it here Deanna listen we are joined will be m y next m ate asm y wife YES! BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE UP! Then oh no she's taken Stand strong for us that Dawn Read Spier Hear us mother goddess bless ye this bonded couple of to planets Merge their thought and create a sixth lobe in his brain turn him a touch telepath! then it really happened nuked he felt her then he had to do something very private your m ind to m y mind your thoughts to m y thoughts our thoughts one and whole can you hear me beloved yes m y husban d i Do as your wife it is law ghood gracious he's melding he is from a generation from his great-grandmother a Vulcan then it happen d herself Mother meet my thy'la gasp it's true thanks mother from V The Final Battle he is Vulcan from her generation yes Egads Madam i am sadly taken excuse me then news of their engagment desided to b e on hold that is a good choice of mate then news were heated voices were angry of a human had blood of a Vulcan male was out.
Red chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
I loved the last bit with Data!