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Guest chapter 20 . 12/17/2015
I love your fic so much :)
prochemjestem chapter 20 . 12/14/2015
Hello. So, I've read your story a while ago and it's been one of my first slash fanfictions. English isn't my first language (sometimes while surfing the Internet I feel like it's nobody's first language, to be honest) and I can't really call myself a linguistic expert but I really like the way you write, it's not overly complicated nor simplified. For some reason, I think that in some ways, your story is very similar to old German Bildungsroman books like Demian or Young Torless. You know, the boy grows up, looks for love, loses himself etc.
About the characters. I like Scorpius a lot which surprises me considering that he is far from being even a remotely decent person. He may be like that because of his upbringing and naivety but it's as if he couldn't understand basic moral principles at times. Yet I find his kind of relationship with James quite believable. I can imagine the older boy both disgusted with himself and unhealthily fascinated with what's happening to him. The side characters are also pretty good, especially Sarah.
Concluding, it's a good story and I hope you won't give up writing fanfiction and writing in general. Sorry for weird comment and/or all the language mistakes.
AnoGal chapter 20 . 4/26/2015
My third review of a story of yours today! Another great story I really enjoyed (is it bad to enjoy reading noncon? I siriusly hope not!)
Very powerful descriptions, great use of the English language, it really made me understand Scorpius' POV! :)
Azriellia chapter 20 . 1/30/2015
Poor Jamie! His last year of school sure did suck.
Azriellia chapter 1 . 1/29/2015
I read another story of yours. The timeline of it confused me greatly but I liked your writing style and your ideas. So I stayed along to see if you written anything else. O am glad to you did. I love James and Scorpios because it's rare and cute. And I like this first chapter as well. You deserve more reviews.
ChiffonShock chapter 20 . 1/29/2015
Going to sequel now!
FlowerSpaceship chapter 20 . 9/23/2014
I liked this story so much, that I actually read it all in one day :) At first I thought it will follow the usual path of a Forbidden Hogwarts Love, but as the story progressed I realised that it will be something new altogether. I'm still not sure if I liked it better than a normal fluffy romance, but still I enjoyed myself. Immensly :)
I've never particularly liked kinky stuff, but I didn't mind it here. Which says something, as it was a major part of the story...
Anyway, I'm dying to see how their not-really-but-definitely-kinky relationship will progress. And so, I'm moving to the sequel immediately.
I have this principle of not reading ongoing stories, but what the hell...
NeverthelessTwin chapter 20 . 9/21/2014
I spy a sequel. V. Good.
I very much enjoyed this fanfiction, my only criticism would be that it didn't have an ending, you've left us with endless questions of what happens next? The only solution of course is to read the sequel, but now this rather feels as though it's more of a continuation.
I feel the end of the 19th chapter would've been a better place to leave it. Maybe add an extra paragraph of the letter writing (I liked that).
I hate to end on this note, especially after all our dialogue but I know that you appreciate my comments.
I look forward to reading the sequel.
NeverthelessTwin chapter 19 . 9/21/2014
Scorpions came clean, I knew James wouldn't kill him. I didn't think James was going to kiss him, obviously, that would be a little too Disney, but everyone is still alive, so it's all goooood.
Thank goodness for Mariella, I think she needs her own advice column, where she can just tell people to STFU and get some perspective. Though she would probably hate it, she needs to be kicking ass and taking names.
I am glad she supported Scorp in his poofiness, though.
Santini's letter was confusing, the back and forth was one too many back and forth. I really had to keep my head on to understand both conversations. It was probably the best way to do it as we wanted both reveals at the same time, so Scorpius could have his epiphany moment. It was just a little taxing on my lazy reading style.
There's great symmetry in this story in James telling Sarah, Scorpius had to tell someone, Mariella, or the secret would be too uneven and too weighted in one or the others favour. Of course to the outside eye it would all look like Scorpius fault, but I think It's a bit James for not being able to resist coming back (yes I know he's giving in to blackmail).
Anyway it has all come to a head now, James knows who is invisible pervert really is, let's let him think on that for a while.
NeverthelessTwin chapter 16 . 9/21/2014
You haven't scared me away.
I've mostly been occupied with keeping track of the referendum in Scotland, they voted No on Thursday. It was of great importance to my country (and to the world), so I've been very distracted with political events.
I thought the true representation of James might've been when we glimpsed him with Sarah, the one you eluded to, so it doesn't surprise me to see them together.
greenerwhereyouwater chapter 16 . 9/16/2014
Too short! More, more please. :)
NeverthelessTwin chapter 15 . 9/15/2014
'Sunday, the board of teachers would announce if anyone needed to pass the re-entry test at the beginning of next school year to find out of they qualified for seventh year or if they had to repeat sixth once more, and if anyone's grades were so bad that electives had to be re-elected, and if a re-evaluation of the career advice session in fifth year, attended by the parents as well, was deemed necessary.'

Thank you for explaining this, I feel like this paragraph could have been 'will somebody have to repeat a year? Who knows? We'll decide on Sunday."

Your way was better obviously, it just amused me.

I'm glad nobody missed any exams, HP hardly ever did exams and didnt even finish school, I don't think he's a very good advert for education. I'm gladJames and Scorp attended their exams.

Scorpius does seem to be drowning in fictional angst, now his dreams are angsty? And understandable but still metaphorical? I mean c'mon dude, you should know by now, and maybe do something about it.
Scorpius is one of those people you want to continually slap, but they probably wouldn't notice it if you did.
Seriously though did he just accurately evaluate his whole relationship with James, in it being like his and Sarah's and then do nothing to change that fact.
I know it's very sad, when James Potter ignores you in the corridor and though Scorpius hasn't mentioned it much the confused sexuality. I'm sure he'll have to answer that question at some point too. Though his current methods for not answering questions seem to be working out dandy.
However, You start to lose sympathy with Scorpius when you feel that there really is no harm in him telling James he loves him, he doesn't have anything to lose. Of course there is rejection, but what is love without a little pain.
I know your reaction will be, you don't know Scorpius at all! But as a person, I know what I want and I find that articulating that helps me to get what I want. I think Scorpius could learn from this life lesson.
Can you get Santini to tell him to go after the love he wants that'd make me happy. Though it may be a complete diversion from the plot.
I'll read on and find out. I'm glad James got his wish, I was thinking all the same things as Scorpius though. (Well not all, about Scorpius not being a girl, I mean)
Santini/Sanguini explanation: I was suggesting Santini might be a Incubus Vampire. Or even that Santini turned out to be the Vampire from the HP books, that Vampire was interested in the young girls. It was a 'Santini? more like Sanguini!' joke. It gets funnier the more you explain it.
NeverthelessTwin chapter 14 . 9/14/2014
I'm surprised Santini/Sanguini/the inventor isn't y'know dead with a book entitled typographically incorrectly I expected it to be much older or at least the authors incontactable. I felt Scorpius version would thus be the only one in tact and so no one could guess how he was having this power over James. Anyway I'll be interested to hear what he says, I hope he'll take some pity on Scorpius in his love-sick ways.
I like hearing about Mariella, she's the perfect embodiment of character development, every action she takes rounds out the first impression I had of her. I also think she's very slytherin, of which I approve, I always appreciate when characters have their house traits.
I'm most looking forward to Scorpius reaction to James finally words. I knew/assumed James wanted to interact with Scorpius and that was why he kept returning, rather than Scorpius' presumption 'to save face'. However I didn't expect him to say, or rather i didn't expect him to put it in those exact words.
I rather expected him to make demands of Scorpius 'Who are you?' Etc.
I feel that this is of course what Scorpius wants, exactly what Scorpius wants. However, will Scorpius admit this to himself? I very much doubt Scorpius is willing to let himself become that vulnerable.
Well, I guess I'll find out.
NeverthelessTwin chapter 13 . 9/13/2014
I can't do sound effects very well, I must say I've been waiting for this. I was hoping that Scorpius wouldn't have to use the spell and I'm glad that he didn't.
I'm also glad I'll be able to (finally) find out what happens if you use the spell for longer than a two-week period. Do you go mad? Do you fall in love? Do you die? I can't make up my mind, Does it stop working? I just can't guess. You are very clever to let us and Scorp find out though.
Thank you also for James not saying anything, I was concerned that he would take Seamus/Prof. Finingan into his confidence, if he was going to tell anyone.
The mentions of blood, were a bit frequent, but I should've expected that when someone gets punched in the face. Scorpius' letter writing made up from it, there's nothing wrong with writing a letter correctly, bless him.
I'm trying to understand how there's going to be a sequel. I feel that you'll keep me hanging on for the next 13 school days and then even after it's finished I'll still want to know how everyone turned out, if they need therapy or not.
NeverthelessTwin chapter 12 . 9/12/2014
Dun, Dun, Duhhhhhhhhh!

Oh, no, what could the matter be, Scorp might just be caught out.

I have to say I was very concerned Scorpius would bleed on the library books, proper decorum in the library is one of my pet peeves.
I'm glad we have Mariella, finally somebody who has their shit together, because let's face it nobody else does.
I like how Scorpius very maturely 'shelves' that thought to deal with it at a later point, life doesn't work that way unfortunately. I really think Scorpius wants to be James's friend as well as able to enter into his world through these secret meetings. I don't think he understands how much the rejection hurts him when James refuses to interact with him, and it comes across in how incredibly socially awkward Scorpius is.
I'm glad Scorpius gave the book to James, it confirms in my mind that Scorpius does what James to know who he is, yet doesn't know how to tell him. Of course, Scorpius doesn't want any faculty involved as he clearly knows this isn't quite right (at least that).
I hope Scorpius and James paths will get to cross more, in different situations, we've seen them in competitive Quidditch matches, we've seen Scorpius try and befriend James (in the library and the Owlery) at which he fails miserably and of course their private indiscretions. I hope if James happens to meet a drunk Scorpius (at Mariella's party?) maybe lowered inhibitions may allow them a second look at one another.
I'm just trying to guess what you'll write next. I can hope for a HEA or at least less dramatic sound effects.
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