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GabxLuci027 chapter 20 . 9/13
Love your story update please .
SparklesJustReads chapter 1 . 9/7
Really hope you decide to continue the story. I've been with u for years now, and still dying to know what's next. ;) hope you're ok and if it's just writers block, that soon u will get some inspiration. 3
incarnate of evil chapter 20 . 9/7
I've enjoyed this so far. I like that this Loki can spread joy to others in such a way, really nice time of bonding and relaxation to read about. I realise it's been over a year since your last update but I hope you will get inspiration and be back again soon with more chapters for this story. I hope and look forward to more!
jessik942 chapter 20 . 6/5
I really love this story, Hoping you'll continue this story.
Guest chapter 20 . 5/2
Here's hoping you'll continue this story.
Guest chapter 20 . 3/28
You are indeed evil... if you leave this story unfinished. No matter how many times I read it I can’t help but keep coming back. Loki is brilliantly written and I can feel the buildup happening. Once Loki is cemented as a friend and we start getting into The Hobbit’s timeframe I can only dream of how awesome it will be to see Loki show off her true strength.

On that note though, I’d like to point out that Loki is much physically stronger than any being of Middle Earth, and I was wondering if she’s been weakened by her lack of magic or if you’ve debuffed her for your story. Either way I’m looking forward to people’s reactions to her at the leak of her power.

Now, that last chapter. Damn I love Loki and Thor’s interactions. I really hope they meet again at some point and mend their relationship. Maybe Asgard could pop in and make it the battle of the six armies? :)

Anyway, I really love this story and where it’s headed and hope you have time to write some more soon. Too many great stories are left abandoned and I hope this doesn’t join the list.
Guest chapter 20 . 9/22/2017
I really like where this story came from. Good idea. Keep going!
Amethyst chapter 20 . 8/25/2017
Thor looks like model David Boals.
alex.rushing.5 chapter 20 . 7/29/2017
hauntedpotato chapter 20 . 6/27/2017
this story honestly deserves waaaay more favorites than how many it currently has. Another great chapter
ILoveGoodBooks777 chapter 19 . 6/8/2017
Okay, so where do I start? *hums* There's so much I want, no, NEED to write but my brain forgets (important) stuff at times so imma hit you up with any I do forget (y'know how we do ;) ). Loki, my smol bean (blame Tumblr *shrugs*)! Do you need a hug? *hugs phone* There you go. That's it. Let it out. You know you want to.

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, right. Our Loki's obviously been dealt the short end of the stick, as it were, and is still recovering albeit rather slowly. My heart breaks for her because I don't think anyone (except Thanos, Sauron, Morgoth, Angmar, Orcs etc etc) should have to go through this. I mean, I go through bouts of depression sometimes and its usually over stupid things. Finding out that you're an unwanted adopted child from an enemy species is a lot to take in in just a few months (weeks? How long has it been since that fall?) and well, I don't blame her. She needs all the TLC she can get. I'd always thought she was mad, though. Insane but just a really good actress and it's good to see that the control over said madness is slipping by, well, a lot. I'm glad she has Alandaer and Thranduil to keep her somewhat grounded.

Her trying to scrape off her skin made me so sad. So so sad. I think I got triggered over something I've never been really affected by before. It's just the fact that here is a Princess (!) of Asgard (!) self-harming. Not even because she's so numb that she wants to feel pain (which is ironic, because she was in pain at that point but was feeling too numb to notice till Alandaer drew her mind to it) but because she hates her skin. Not just skin color. Skin. Race. Specie. Blood. That transcends any other 'type' of self-harm (not that I'm putting down the others) and is actually quite deep, if you ask me.

The Thranoki ship has long since sailed, lol. Nothing and no one can bring it back. Nope. Next stop: Two if By Sea. On a completely-but-not-quite random note, in your canon universe and/or Tolkien's, is it possible for an elf to marry again? Do they do that 'one mate for life' thing too? I saw somewhere (while Googling answers to the question of whether elves have curly hair or not, lol. My search history is weird) that Fëanor or Fingolfin or someone like that had a second wife. Did he remarry or he legit had two wives (the second seems so unlikely, looking at it now)?

Thranduil. Gosh, I can't imagine being a king or ruler, not to talk of being one in this period in Middle Earth. So many decisions to weigh, priorities to set, people to look out for and protect. It's mind boggling! Explains why Obama aged 20 years in just 8. Then, there's the matter of Legolas and him wanting to be confided in and given a chance to prove himself in these trying times. I'm sure some of the white in Thranduil's hair is from old age (I'm kidding, 'Dui! You're as young and pretty as a newly bloomed flower ;) ).

Thranduil's caring side is showing plainly. And he thinks he's unused to dealing with shows of affection! Could've fooled me.

Loki's 'I will do anything for you' made my feels melt into a puddle of goo all over my room. Took a couple of minutes to mop up too, lol. I hope Thranduil understands that she meant it from the depth of her heart. I'm glad Thranduil is getting very comfortable around her as demonstrated by him cuddling her when she slept (awww), putting her head in his lap while he read (it would've been so comical for Legolas to have walked in, in my opinion) and not even bothering to get up to offer her wine (that's true friendship right there! My friends know I'm too lazy to cook for them, lol). When he thought she was dying, I had this bittersweet twang in my brain (yeah, it's a thing with me, lol). I was also pleased that HE was pleased she had his symbol on her sleeping gown. It felt as if he was claiming her as his own (I didn't completely mean it THAT way, feminazis). I might be reading too much into it, though.

Alandaer is a balm to the weary soul. Alan Rickman's voice is so soothing. He's perfect as the Head Healer. I really hope he's here to stay because I can't imagine Loki (and Thranduil, whether he admits it or not) without him. The realm would be in chaos! Well, not chaos but something close to it. He's so 'behind the scene'-ey too. Right there or passing by but always emitting this calm vibe. Does anything ruffle him? It's still a wonder that Cíldaer is his grandson. That fidgety thing (lol, I'm channeling Loki now).

I'm kind of glad Loki and Tauriel have made a truce (for now), though it's weird because they've been at each other's necks for more than a year now (in the real world, lol). I'm kind of happy they've both calmed down now.

Galadriel the Eaniug seems like a worthy companion for our Loki, don't you think? It's fun that she has a pet now. I wonder what adventures they get caught up in.

I can't wait for her to finally regain all her power although, I also can't wait for her to sleep for days on end. I'm torn between the two. She needs her beauty rest.

A visit from Lord Elrond and the Fam! This should be interesting. I finally get to see the twins I keep reading about in action, lol. I'd like to assume Loki and Amren become fast friends but seeing as Loki seems to hate most people, I'm not betting on it. Interesting time indeed.

I enjoyed reading the new chapters, if you couldn't tell (lol). Can't wait for more! :D

PS. I've got songs for the two of them and the scenes in general:
- Hurt by Johnny Cash - Loki (I'm sorry but I just KNOW this is her song)
- Wolf Bite by Owl City - Loki again and a bit of Thranduil
- Bird with a Broken Wing by Owl City - Loki
- Don't Panic (Clairity's cover) - Thranduil
- What You Wanted by OneRepublic - When Loki says she'll do anything for Thranduil.
- A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay - Loki and Thranduil
- River by Emeli Sande - Thranduil
- Mad World (Adam Lambert's Cover) - Majorly Loki but also the world in general.

I know it's quite the playlist but I just felt I should share them.
Lucky chapter 19 . 5/29/2017
(Clutches my heart) Dawwwww. This is the best chapter so farrr! Progressive progress is progressing! Thanks for the chappy! We forgot to leave a review before but your last chapter the 18th is awesome as well!

Work harder Gallion boy!
Tauriel, good job! She obviously need a theurapical pet for emotional health (thumbs up)

Annnndd Elrond gang is here! Thats quite unexpected but a lovely surprise of course! Thranduiloki team VS elrond or michievous children heh. Good job author i just cant wait for it

Magical, black hair, green eyed beauties meeting: cant waittt. Lol

For real though...that ending...that line "ill do anything for you". From Loki thats quite a huge responsibility for you My King: dont make her even think of the feeling of being betrayed (glare)

Sorry ranting so much. I just. We. Love your fic. And will be loyal till the end. And i need to send you our fanarts but we are still not ready yet XD
frostivy chapter 19 . 5/21/2017
"I will do anything for you."
:3 3
Harara chapter 18 . 5/1/2017
I'm crying right now.

Thank you for updating
Thank you

I am agonizing over the possibility of you never updating again haha even though I did say we dont mind waiting

I mean, seriously, its almost centuries waiting you (ok Im gonna go reading nawwww)
Spellweaver10 chapter 17 . 3/27/2017
I've read this in Ao3 and it's amazing. Hope you continue this soon. I can't wait. You've done an exceptional job.
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