Reviews for The Biggest Toad in the Puddle
ShadowLady89 chapter 5 . 7/4
update pls
drkprince chapter 1 . 7/3
update this please
libraryrockerr chapter 5 . 6/30
Hope University is going well for you, I love this fic with the fiery burning passion of 10,000 suns! ! ! ! !

BlueCookiesCoke15 chapter 5 . 6/27
As I hope you know, I've been reading at least 90% of your work (the fandoms I know) and have fallen in love with your writing style. I love the way your stories flow and make my heart beat out of my chest! I always get so excited when you update!
I totally support your decision to take a break even though it breaks my heart for you to do so my favorite part about it is the fact you gave a dead line so I know when I can expect more works from you!
Your my go to author if I want to read any style really and I really hope you finish some more of your multi chapter works (like this one and your naruto SI fic) I hope you have a great...break? Summer? Vacation? Whatever...goodluck
Love, Blue
PS: I really hate steping on authors toes but can you atleast write an omake for me where Harry follows Jiraiya's footsteps and becomes an author too and writes about his school years? Im really sorry and you must get suggestions all the time but I have to atleast try!
PPS: Sorry for any spelling errors!
Love, Blue
Morgoslos chapter 5 . 6/24
It's a shame that you're wasting your time with Twilight self-insert stories. This fic had a lot of potential. It could have been an epic-length story (which is to say, several novels long) that covered Harry's life in the ninja world and the effect he had on it.

Harry/Ino was also totally the obvious pairing, but you turned away from it because... ? Fan girl issues in the reviews, I can only assume? Can't have any pairing if it isn't slash, that just wouldn't do. I won't bother going into why I think she would be good for him since this story is dead. They would be mega cute though. Alas.

If only you weren't wasting your time with self-inserts.
Tomiya Shiro chapter 5 . 6/20
Really liked this! Great job with this fic :)
Lord Mortensen chapter 5 . 5/30
Awesome! I love this story! please update soon! you have 4 years without update this fic!
Heart chapter 5 . 5/25
Huzzah! Mainly gen! WHOOP! Aww, 'Suke possibly being accepted? Oooh~ Ino used Genuine Depth. Sasuke is Stunned. Sleeeepovvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr! :D Nice POV btw! :)
Heart chapter 4 . 5/25
Precious. YA DID WELL
Heart chapter 3 . 5/25
Wonderful. I like the interactions with Ino. Bffs, YEAH! Asuma choking on his cig because his brain comprehended that a spawn a Jiraiya was polite! That whole bit was hilarious! Aw Naru... *cooes* I had a crack thought where Orochimaru finds out about Rai's dad after meeting him with Jiraiya in the background and he is so baffled (and slightly impressed) with how he is and his appreciation for snakes and how they're not that bad and 'why ya gotta give 'em a rough rep? They get it enough.' He goes doting uncle on him (slowly) and declared to J's outrage that there's nothing he can do about it. Sticks his tongue out at him. At proceeds to send Rai gifts, whether it be his favorite snake, jewelry, weapons, or blackmail of his dad (...ahhhh youth!). Yeah *snicker*
Heart chapter 2 . 5/25
Now I want grapefuit... Deep breaths, Author-san.
Heart chapter 1 . 5/25
Haha! Can't wait to see the Marauder in him come out!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/15
This is so good, a great crossover idea and the fact that the old perv is his father made me laugh. I noticed you haven't really completed much of your works, but if you ever come back to this one please do! Uni can suck all your time and motivation away. You're a wonderful writer and it's kinda frustrating looking for a completed story in your fic library. The random crossovers I've read that you have started are just fascinating. Those time skips! First time I've read fics with good time skips! I hope your writers block clears away for this one at least. Have a good one :)
Mitsuki Shigamatsu chapter 4 . 5/7
'Kunai goes in the scroll, fox goes in the Naruto.' My favorite line in the whole chapter.
zoone4me chapter 5 . 5/5
This is surprisingly good now if only someone would update it. Hint Hint
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