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Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime chapter 58 . 9/25
oh great... another painful wait for the inevitable...

all in all... Awesomeness! THIS WHOLE STORY IS AWESOMENESS!

and for this story I will wait indefinitely
Jw07grad chapter 58 . 9/2
Absolutely loving this fic! Cant wait to see what happens next. Amazing work!

Any idea when the next chapter(s) will be? As a fic writer I understand the time it takes to get chapters just right. As a reader i AM on the edge of my seat reading this and can’t wait for the next chapter.

Did you have this posted on another platform as well as this one?
ruaned022 chapter 58 . 9/1
fun factJust like me" was said 38 times in this story according to my autistic ass
First, I'm glad you're back!

second: im glad to see it being updated, especially since I've been reading this all week

third: I really love how you made the story in general the only thing i dont totally agree is the 14 yrs old at school, man those girls are waaay too weird, are 14 yrs old like this nowadays? yeesh

Overall, 10/10 feels like it could be a romantic manga au
Little Shiro-kun chapter 58 . 8/27
Alright, finally got the chance to read this chapter and it was quite an interesting set of events. Things are definitely heating up. It's worrying that Fuyutsuki may have just killed the real Rei, but I doubt it'll be that simple. And boy, it'll be interesting to see how Commander Ikari reacts when he learns that Misato's warning that his wife WON'T forgive him isn't actually a lie. Part of me wonders if he'll accept his fate as a proper punishment for his sins or if he'll end up getting angry for things not going the way he was hoping for them to go. One things for certain, it'll be interesting. So happy to have this story still getting updated! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
RealRemainder chapter 58 . 8/23
HOLY SHIT, Advice and trust AND demon Lord Shinji updated on the same week!


-Found no grammar or spelling issue to nitpick. Good work.

Vice commander calls Misato as a distraction? Shit is about to hit the fan HARD isn't it? Very glad this updated again.

Ah, Shinji is brushing Asuka's hair. I wonder if- wait, Asuka is scared of commitment? Why? This is new in this story isn't it? Is it because Shinji was shot? HAHA, divertion by Asuka plays sex prank on Misato! Good one!

Oh Shinji you have no idea. You see I'm pretty sure that would be because Geno has a Rei copy to kill Kaworu... Haha, I love this dynamic between Shinji and Asuka. I love yhow well portrayed they are as a couple in this story. I've missed this story. Aw, and they love misato too. So cute!

Kaworu and Rei are adorable too.

Ah, Shinji on bed rest being told to stay in bed rest by Asukla is adorable as well. Oh, they ARE afraid of commiting. Where did this come from? Is it because Shinji got shot? Love the 'evangelion sized' reference by the way. Hmmm. With the fake Rei on the move I don't think you two will be able to speak to each other tonight Asuka...

Oh, so it's not because Shinji got shot, it's just her natural fear? That... doesn't add up... in this story they've been super cozy with each other since always? I'm not calling bullshit but still, this seems out of place, especially this late in the game. Especially with the End of Evangelion references...

LOL Asuka and Hikari talking boys is adorable.

Damn Shinji, being shot sucks doesn't it? You can't even perceive the adorable dynamic of Kensuke's girlfriends. Yeah, it's plural, he has two... This story man. So glad it's back.

Shinji is also afraid of commiting to asuka. Again; in THIS story seems kinda far fetch. Ther way they just entangled with each other from the begining, this fear feels trite this late in the game...

Ah, on the other hand I love this dynamic between Rei and Ritsuko. LOL Of course Rei just asked her that, hahahaha! Oh shit, the Commander wants Ritsuko to put Rei to sleep... So he'll use 'evil' Rei to set things in motion yes? I guess it's a good thing Akagi isn't dancing to his tune anymore. Wow, are we about to see some Rei versus Rei action?

Oh shit, the commander just summoned Misato and 'evil' Rei just summoned Kaworu... Oh boy...

Ah, what an entrance for Kaji, Ritsuko and Kaji. I doubt Commander Ikari will listen to you Misato...

Holy shit, did Fuyutsuki just murder 'good' Rei?

Holy shit did Misato just told the commander everything she knows? What? Oh shit, this confrontation right here SLAPS. Holy fuck! And of course Ikari starts trowing a temper tantrum LOL. You're the one who knows nothing here Gendo, sorry to say.

Oh shit, battle against 'evil' Rei! Yes, you should have shot the anti AT field bullet at Rei Misato. I understand why it was difficult though.

Man, shit really hit the fan here... Hope it doesn't take too long for a new chapter. Read you next time.
W8W chapter 58 . 8/22
It was quite some time but in exchange we get multiple chapters. Still hope that it was one time thing or I supposed to follow this story somewhere else?
Shinji and Asuka relaxing as sweet.
Bickering about him not resting was funny.
Asuka being scared of commitment because something may go wrong is sad but she is screw up so it is to be expected. Good that there is Misato to give her advice.
Rei and Akagi tall was funny, especially how uncomfortable topic was sex.
I forgot how much problem Misato had with angel, thanks for reminder.
Rei should be in tank and play obedient doll so all those summonings are really suspicious.
So that was Gendo plan, not bad and very reasonable with informations he have. Misato try to shake his conviction with informations he did not knew but he is too self-righteous to listen.
Her body's and memories can be copied but there is only one soul so previous Rei was killed. We saw that she can regain memories from soul alone which is hitch in Gendo plan but he don’t knew this. Still it will not be easy especially with her trying to kill Kaworu but I suspect that his love will reach her. It would be hilarious if he fucked commander plan in both meaning of this word.
Well adults were imprisoned so it is up to pilots to stop end of humanity. I understand why he didn't waste time on anything more with them and they may still be freeadon time to fight SEELE forces if kids will make it in time.
MVJames chapter 58 . 8/15
Man I missed this fic! It's been too long!

I'm freaking out RN, 'cause Nagisa's being tricked into starting the appocalypse by a fake Rei, our Rei's been KO'd, the only adults we can trust are imprisoned, and our pilots don't even know!

Also, what did you mena by FF*net version of the fic?! Is there one on another site that I've been missing?!
Adamant39 chapter 58 . 8/14
Eyyy, it lives!

I occasionally check SV for updates, but this is where I first found the Definitive Best Eva Fic, so its good to see it caught up.

I saw over there that you're at a new job that doesn't give you much writing time, which sucks for us, but I hope it works for you. Do you expect it'll be another massive time-chunk before the next update over there? Or is it impossible to tell?

Don't want to put pressure on you (I know what that's like), just know that I'm always excited to see a new pop-up.

And hey, at least it didn't end cos you got shot!
UnseenVision97 chapter 58 . 8/12
I’ve missed this fanfic. It’s such a pleasure to see a new chapter.
Guest chapter 58 . 8/10
It lives! Best day ever.
Guest chapter 58 . 8/10
Holy shit your alive. Also are you literally asking for money as a tipping?
G-Matt chapter 58 . 8/10
Out of everything that was packed into this amazing and well-worth-the-long-wait chapter, I have to say my favorite part was the conversation between Asuka and Misato about the fears of the future. So well written!
gary2000 chapter 1 . 8/10
What is this? An update? All hail the author!
mnitheta chapter 58 . 8/10
No fucking way

This is back? Yeahhh!

Can’t wait to get back into the endgame, excited asf for this! Thanks for the update!
Sonofhades57 chapter 58 . 8/10
Welp, time to head into the endgame! Can't wait to see how love triumphs!
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