Reviews for Advice and Trust
Victorules chapter 48 . 9/19
This story keeps teasing me with great consequences. My story-boner is confused.
Victorules chapter 47 . 9/19
For a second there, I thought you were going to bring back Rei completely reverted and helping the scenario along and I thought: no has played with my heart this cruelly since the first girl I dated!

Now I just don't know what has or hasn't changed beyond Kaworu probably not getting his date and Rei losing the experience of some memories but retaining the knowledge? I am confused.
Victorules chapter 46 . 9/19
Oh if you killed Rei I will take back everything I said about giving away too many happy endings. This was so unexpected!
Victorules chapter 41 . 9/12
For being the reincarnation of an ancient alien being, Kaworu feels a lot like just a completely regular insecure pre-teen. I liked him better when he would smile through the punches and genuinely wonder what was going on.
Victorules chapter 40 . 9/11
Our girl has grown fast. Now she's giving her panties to people in boxes. I think.
Victorules chapter 39 . 9/10
Interesting stuff! And of course Ristuko's issues spill over to making her waste critical time looking for external punishment to match her internal.
Victorules chapter 37 . 9/7
I suspect a lot of big reveals have happened, but I only got a few. Still, pretty good all around. I really like how some angels' attack in very non-destructive ways.
Guest chapter 34 . 9/5
I don't think I ever really understood how good an idea it probably was to keep things so censored until the whole chapter reinforces the fact they were 14 years old. Good call there.
vanian22 chapter 48 . 9/7
I started to read ur history 2 days ago, now Im completely hooked, I'll wait for next chapters!
Victorules chapter 35 . 9/6
Ritsuko starts a sentence with 'I need this so no backing out' and ends with 'I don't care about what happens to me gotta keep my girl safe'. At this point, it feels like the only reason for that pairing is to get another happy ending.

But I think the author is better than that and it might actually be a long game to not give them a happy ending and so make the main one more significant - and to show the human antagonists are not completely clueless.
Victorules chapter 33 . 9/4
This was very good. The tainted blood thing I have a hard time understanding but I can see it is a big deal to Shinji. More digs at their insecurities and their dealing with it is what I like to see.
Victorules chapter 32 . 9/3
So the great thing about Asuka and Shinji being together is how it portrays that even an unhealthy-dependent relationship can help two people deal with their internal issues, because they are so similar and want to help the other as well as simply being more driven to enjoy life rather than try to idle away through it.

Misato and Kaji are both individuals commited to their own paths, which happen to align here and allows them to build on their history to create an actual, very human relationship.

Dr. Akagi is stated to previously being attracted to imposing or domineering personalities, even before she picked the worst possible one. Maya is established to have long nursed a crush on her for a number of qualities. There is a disconnect there. The logical conclusion is that Akagi is so vulnerable that she needs external support and affection to deal with her self-hatred and Maya is the best source on hand since she had just distanced her own best friend, who could have fullfilled the same role.

Now Akagi seems to have shifted her efforts towards 'earning' Maya by being a better person instead of dealing with her internal issues. You could go as far as to say she is switching the focus from 'I hate myself' to 'she should hate me'. And that does not solve anything! No amount of comfort or positive reinforcement will do a thing if there is no internalization. Like going on a diet and exercise regime because you have low self-esteem. Meanwhile the Lieutenant is getting more and more invested in what just looks a lot like a distraction for the Doctor.

The best thing that has happened to Ritsuko since her attempted suicide was talking to Rei about what she did, and the follow up to that became all about her relationship again. Not that I can blame Rei for recommending what has worked for her, but it is still something that should not work for regular people.

Kay, rant over. Yay for fish boy discovering the power of hormones.
AlwaysTheTruth chapter 48 . 9/1
I have to say, I started reading this story for the Asuka and Shinji relationship, but the most impressive part of this fic for me is easily your depictions of Rei, Kaworu, and their relationship. The way you write about what and how they feel is stunningly beautiful, and I feel like their dynamic is easily the most unique out of the entire cast. VERY VERY VERY excited for more!
Victorules chapter 30 . 8/30
Rei's wish to be with her two friends and stand aside from it at the same time was one of the most interesting threads going on here since Shinji and Asuka were found out. If she pairs up with someone just like everyone and their mother seems to be doing, I think this story will be lessened.
Victorules chapter 28 . 8/29
Not a fan of how many times these two ladies use "..." in written conversation. Not a fan of those two at all, actually.
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