Reviews for Yet, mad I am not
Nad19 chapter 40 . 11/6
aww a shame. but alright, i understand that feeling though it would be nice if you could come back to finish this. but alright
Nad19 chapter 15 . 11/6
just say you have amnesia please. all of your memories are replaced etc. why took the hard way? or maybe they would be suspicious if you did itachi?
Rikajael chapter 27 . 9/2
I sob every time I read this chapter
Amaniel chapter 40 . 8/18
Merci beaucoup pour cette histoire )
margiesh8 chapter 40 . 8/4
Absolutely LOVE THIS STORY AND WOULD have loved to SEE Itachi involved with a girl at least But still a good story
Val-Vale chapter 1 . 6/13
Hermoso, nada más que agregar...
Minty220 chapter 40 . 5/31
Great stuff. Itachi’s inner conflict was legitimately sad and made some for very sympathetic moments. His boyfriend was a little rushed, but eh, I can tell that wasn’t really the focus. Thanks author.
Amoridere chapter 26 . 5/10
Damn, reading that was heartbreaking
SarahFanta chapter 40 . 4/17
fuck that man! i reread the story today but i had forgot how it ended... until i got to chap 37. i was bump out ahah ngl
still great FF !
NarutoAdmirer21 chapter 40 . 4/5
Oh wow I was not expecting that ending - in glad you gave us a happy ending through the A/N though
It was so nice to see Itachi slowly getting used to living in such a different world and creating bonds - he even got himself a boyfriend!
Especially at the being, when he was so happy to see a happy Sasuke - those were such bittersweet moments
And I loved when he finally shared the truth with his mum too
I loved this story!
Brianna chapter 40 . 4/2
Oh my god u actually finished it!
Ive been on a binge reading all tryoes of naruto fics and so far ALL of them have been unfinished and dead, with no adopt parent or no warning. I was really beginning to lose hope tbh, but the fact this has an actual FUCKING ending strangely means so much to me (,~,) thank you for writing (and finishing) such an amazing story!
Brianna chapter 18 . 4/1
I’m assuming this has been abandoned , but have you gone to counseling? Because this is exactly what it’s like lmao
Stihl chapter 40 . 3/30
Augh! The cliff hanger! Killer balls. Beautiful writing.
Guest chapter 31 . 3/29
️️️️️️️️️️ o oo this deserves some good stickers.
Lindsey chapter 27 . 3/29
It's so pretty and perfect. ️️️️️️️️️️ This is such a good job you get all the good stickers.
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