Reviews for The Return to Gravity Falls
AquaMolecule chapter 47 . 7/4
I'm reading Draconic Tendencies (Chapter 47), which is about takes place on July 4th, on July 4th, wow what a coincidence. But great story!
SzymonS chapter 21 . 6/29
I just finished the first season. Gosh, it took me a while. You got me hooked: Until the aliens appeared, I was sure that the government was testing androids in natural conditions. Well, maybe until Bill said that nobody is who they seem. Then I got confused, because why would anyone replaced the whole city? It was really great idea.

I liked the episodes with our evil sorcerer the most. He is powerful, his magic is really serious, but at the same time he is so... slouch. That's hilarious. Plus, I love magic, so I'm glad he'll probably be an important character in the second season.

Ok, what else? I really like how you keep the joyful atmosphere of gravity falls, while perfectly composing it with more serious threads. It's amazing how everyone stays in character, especially Mabel. In my opinion, she is the hardest one to write, and you are doing it perfectly.

You can't imagine how the beginning of the story saddened me (In a good way). You had no idea how the series would end, given that the story goes back to 2014, but let's consider everything is as canonic, as can be. After that whole drama with Mable bubble, "I can't face growing up alone" "We'll do it together" it's so sad how twins were torn apart :( And I love it, I absolutely love when stories are making me sad.

Anyway, I'm heading to season two and I'll try to leave a little more comments :) Keep up the good work and I'll try to catch up.
AquaMolecule chapter 98 . 5/29
Seriously, this story is the best thing I've seen for a along time. Keep working at it!
Guest chapter 98 . 5/8
Lovley breather chapter. Can't wait for what happens next
Lord Demolitions chapter 98 . 5/8
You know what? He does make an excellent point. Why does Zander need them when he has all these powers?

Also, as much as I favor Mabel as a character, kind of annoyed with her arguments with Dipper. Dipper needs an edge over Mabel in her arguments and I completely understand his position when the other person throws in bullshit to avoid the logical solution.

I have an older sister. That should be enough to tell you.
Guest chapter 97 . 4/15

I've been following your story since the beginning. And man adult life does get in the way lol.

But Holly hell I can't wait for the ending, this has been on of the best fanfics I have ever read!
Paul Starhaven chapter 97 . 4/7
You're...back, and you've posted two chapters within the span of a week? *pinches self* Oh, this IS real, guess I gotta thank the plague for this, despite it's terrible threat. Zander's finally revealed his face to the paths! Albeit semi-forced due to deadly Green-Blackfire, but taken. And then he dies!(He's not dead at all, is he? Gonna be a lich, isn't he?). Wendy's sanity seems to be taking some brutal hits here, barely being held by Dipper and crew, hope they can finish that Source-inductor and activate it safely, but methinks that Graupner with the diviner won't let that happen without a fight.
Speaking of fights, I absolutely loved the build-up for it and the final showdown at the end, the usual city chase with the monster garbage truck and Helicopter coming in, which only took a spell and void spear to finish off! Nice to see that the crew just gets better and better each time(what's that void spear, I wanna know what it's made off, but it's probably beyond current understanding, at least for now anyway) . Glad to hear of the damage dealt to the Warlock's forces, even though he seemed to have a near-limitless amount of fighters, he's beginning to run low. We also got a little more backstory, but it came from the Guardsman!? How did he get his info? What happened to the sister? There's quite a bit of light being shed, but it only leads to more questions. Maaybe we'll get answers, someday, hopefully. Thanks for the story, once again, hope you're doing well, with the plague and all, and good luck with everything.
*Hands out 1D8 Bardic Inspiration(YES! My power grows!)*
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 97 . 4/5
After all, Bill only needs A wraith.
Lord Demolitions chapter 97 . 4/5
It would be an ultimate troll move by Zander if he wanted his body taken in the first place knowing whatever Grapneur’s planning won’t work.

That or he’s playing possum.

Goddamn you definitely weren’t wasting your time here. Already a new chapter? I wish I could do the same.
GrunkleStan420 chapter 96 . 3/24
An update
AnAsparagus chapter 1 . 3/23
First of all:


Now for the actual review:

Okay, gonna be completely honest here— I haven’t read this in a while. So, uh, I guess I’ll be re-reading it entirely, from start to finish. A bit rough, but hey, it’s worth it. A good story like this one deserves special attention. So, uh, you were gone for a while. Close to a year, I think. In any case, I miss seeing updates on this story, because it’s so darn good in comparison to the (forgive my language) FUCKING TERRIBLE SHITTY PINECEST FUCKING—

Where was I? Ah, yes. Your story is far better than all the other ones. It incorporates all of the good stuff from the original TV series, such as the sense of humour and the creative characters. I haven’t read it all the way through yet, but I’m sure that I’ll be reading a lot more of it now that I’m not doing anything until May or so. So, uh, there’s not much else that I want to say apart from that you’re a really creative and good author, and we would all like you to keep making these. See ya!

*a can of asparagus is contaminated with COVID-19 and infects 17 people, then is thrown into a pit and set on fire*
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 96 . 3/23
Boy the gang is not going to be happy when they hear an old friend has designs again.
durrendurrendol1993 chapter 2 . 3/22
Very bad fic i leave in chapter 2 :/
Lord Demolitions chapter 96 . 3/22

Really needed something positive through this epidemic, no sports, my Seahawks not doing anything amazing, got nothing to read after finishing a chapter in my own story, etc.

Bro, you really had me worried. Things good at your end?

Btw, I have plans to use Omir Steindorf in my story in the future if that’s fine. Not really a minor character, but more like a major player in the story.
Rose Verdict chapter 2 . 3/22

WELCOME BACK YET AGAIN, EZB! Keep washing your hands! (now if you will excuse me, i must cannonball back into the storyline to refresh my memory skfjsodi)
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