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bigb360 chapter 32 . 4/8/2017
I didn't cry through the whole thing but the baby Tirtwig and Paul got me. Another great story here. I had as much fun with this one as the last, if not even more. I'm glad i was reading this when the nonsense with the 20th movie came through so I could ignore that and focus on characters i actually care about.

Here's to your future third installment and Champion Ash! He deserves it, damn it!
Musicmonster123 chapter 32 . 4/7/2017
I have read your Ash Connection series at least four times and can actually say I'm surprised. I don't usually like stories that don't have a major focus on Pokemon battles, but your series has singlehandedly changed my mind. The drama, the suspense, every word had me hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm wondering since Unova was based on New York and Alola is based on Hawaii are you going to make Alola a new region in Napaj. That would be pretty interesting and an outsider Champion leaves lots of room for creativity. Can't wait for the next story.
AkaShika0306 chapter 32 . 4/5/2017
Oh man. I came across this series at some point last year and read the first fic but seeing that this one was still ongoing I decided to leave it until it was complete and just sort of forgot about it until this week. Reading this and finding out there are going to be two more in this series has made my week! Thank you so much for doing this and sharing this amazing story with the world. Good luck with writing the next story and I sincerely hope I get to read more soon.
The Happy Pen chapter 32 . 3/17/2017
Yay! I'm finally finished and back to annoy!

I am so close to tears right now! I mean, I know this isn't the end, but this is the last update so far in the series, and the thought of having to wait for the next is killing me. But of course, beauty takes time, and I think I can try to be patient for it.

Eek, I'm really happy for all of the characters now! The friendships have more or less been repaired, and pretty much all of them are happy! Of course, I am upset about the Leaf and Silver thing—I mean, it is really sad how things are so sour between them. Even at the end, Silver isn't there to complete the group…

But everything was amazing. The plot in this was just as good as the last, and I'm pretty pleased that a good few of my predictions turned out to be correct (I have learned to pay close attention to your little bits of foreshadowing)! Wonderfully written, as always, and I shall eagerly wait for the next installment!
h chapter 31 . 3/3/2017
Okay, so we all know that this fic is amazing, but g*pped is considered a slur based on racist stereotypes of romani people, and it's usage in the chapter brings the whole thing down a lot
Seeker chapter 32 . 2/19/2017
This story is amazing finished it awhile ago any news in the 3rd installment? Also if u can make the battles a little more anime then the games like a champions Pokemon doesn't fall in two hits just saying still ur writing is amazing and ur ideas we need more people whose talent reaches even half of yours
Tem's Promise chapter 32 . 2/13/2017
IM IN ACTUAL TEARS AS THIS PART OF THE STORY DRAWS TO A CLOSE. OUR POKE BABIES ARE ALL GROWN UP AND IM SO INVESTED AND READY FOR WHAT COMES NEXT. God you took me for a ride, I'm in love with you and your words and I have never encountered a story like this where the author has handled all the character arcs and plot points as gracefully and as fulfilling as you did. I only wish one day I could have half the talent that you have. You have seriously moved me to tears and really I'm addicted to your writing. I love you so so much for deciding to continue all these years with this fic and pushing through for us. This is a literal gem and oh my god I still can't get over this. You're so amazing
anjumstar chapter 32 . 1/28/2017
Well, here we are. I finished this a few days ago, actually, but life has been too busy to give you the review that this deserves, until now. Unfortunately, I'm sure that I won't be able to be as detailed as I would like to be because off that, but I'll give it my best shot!

What impressed me the most (to the point that I started raving even to friends who don't like fanfiction, much less Pokemon fanfiction...) was the plot of this. About the time that we learn about the Pokemon attacks and realize that it's Virus X, you realize how intimately connected every single thing you brought up throughout the story is. For a story with the word 'connection' in the title, it s till blew me away and surprised me how you matched all the pieces together like that. And, of course, the challenge is extra hard when you're not in charge of the source material. For instance, I never would have thought of combining mega stones and heart scales. What the heck? But it was brilliant.

Clove really was a perfect name. I meant to say that ages ago, but I never remembered to. It was sad, but fitting.

Ordinarily, I probably wouldn't like a pregnant Dawn and Paul situation. Especially accidentally. But you've really pulled me over to Dawn and Paul, and especially just Paul in general in this story. I readily connect and sympathize with characters suffering with depression, and Paul's experience in this story was just so harrowing, and he grew slowly, therefore realistically and I can see him becoming warmer and happier with a family of his own. It's cute, and I'm on board.

But not as on board as I am for Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hayden! Have I mentioned that I love Drew? Too much? Oh, then I'll move on. I'm glad that you alluded do Max winning the championship title! I kind of predicted that, didn't I? I'm usually so bad at predicting stuff, so that was nice! I would love for him to be champion. Oh, and I also predicted Leaf splitting the championship! A while ago, thought I didn't comment it. I thought that was a really smart move on your part. And it totally opens you up for a new found of stories in the next installment! Which I'm on pins and nails for, by the way. Though I imagine you're taking this time to plan it out, maybe see how things in Alola start to go in the anime, and I dunno, perhaps have a life? This story was so detailed, I imagine it stole quite a bit of your life away.

Couples I'm expecting in the next one: Max and Bonnie, thank you! Clemont and Serena (though I was really pulling for Ritchie and Serena, but whatever.) Ritchie needs a girl! Someone! Anyone! And Barry needs a boy. This story needs some more gay. Poor Barry. Only going for douches. He has a type. Clearly.
I'm really hoping that you don't decide to get Ash and Misty pregnant, because I've decided that I don't think that Ash would ever be the fatherly type. Especially so for the Ash in this story. But I am so down for May and Drew spawn that I might fight you if they aren't a thing. I'm on the fence about Gary and Leaf for that, so I'd be curious to see how you'd go. I think yes for Gary, maybe-leaning-no for Leaf.

The thing with the Turtwig was cute. Sad, but cute. Torterra was, for me, the greatest loss in this story, and it's what punted this story into the stratosphere.

I wish I could remember more specific things to say. But I've already given you more than too much to read. I just want to really emphasize how smart you are about incorporating elements of the source material. The PokeRus, mega evolution, heart scale, team plasma, the lack of contests in Unova, etc. Things that no one else would have thought to put together. But you weave it so seamlessly that I might just praise it on this website forever. I've learned a lot from you and enjoyed this story more than any fanfiction that I've read...probably since 2009. This is in my top 3 Pokemon stories for sure. Plus, it's amazing how you made the sequel even better than the first. It makes me super excited for this next spinoff and the finale. I can't wait.

I wish you all the best and more. Thank you for your work and dedication. You're very talented.
anjumstar chapter 28 . 1/22/2017
Whoo! May and Trip together again! Or, should I say, Veronica and Agent 009? Haha.

I feel like such an idiot. I didn't even realize that 'Veronica' was May or anyone else. It was so obvious. What a dingus. It was good, though, all the stuff in the base. And the heart scale! Oh my God. You've weaved together every little thing in this story, even Ash's innocent gift to Misty. I should have known something was up when a second heart scale was mentioned. You're a freaking genius.

I don't really have much else to say this time. I like that Paul is large and in charge again. Good for him. Hating the drama with May and Drew. They're my sweethearts. But I guess this 'brush with death' will put things in perspective for them, huh? Probably? Hopefully? Well, I'm about to find out!
anjumstar chapter 27 . 1/21/2017
Iris! Taking the reins! Growing a pair! All that jazz. This really has been a classic coming of age story for Iris. And this is the turning point for her. We've hit rock bottom and it's all (not all) up from here.

Oh boy, Ash. Ash is the only one who could hear all of that from Silver and say: so you really do like us! What a dork. It's such a switch to hear Silver telling the truth out of goodness. I don't feel like I have a great grasp on him in this story, probably because he's the guy we've spent the least amount of time with.

I liked how you ended things with Dawn and Paul here. It was very responsible and emotionally mature of Paul to come to that decision. And Dawn's middle of the road response was good too. They're in a good place, even if they aren't totally recovered yet. It's realistic and progress. (Well, let's face it, realistic might be a haphazard decision to get back together that eventually goes down in flames...but we're going for character growth here!)

Man, I didn't really think that Burgundy would sleep with Chili. Everyone got laid last night! She must have had a lot to drink. I hope she had a good time. Their rivalry during the contest was nice, but I would have liked to see a little bit of disappointment on Chili's face when he realized that he now had to leave Burgundy alone. Unless, of course, he wasn't disappointed. Which would be sad.

Oh, Wallace. What bad timing you have. Poor May. That was pretty rude of him. But I liked her response. All things considered, it's a good one, and I wouldn't have thought of it. But it's a good, fair point that she brings up, and it puts that issue on hold for a while, which is nice.

Ugh, I hate how many issues Lance and Leaf's relationship have. It breaks my heart. All of that stuff at the end breaks my heart. Especially since Leaf had already had it out with Lance, saying how determined she was to have things left behind when she was no longer champion. But...Well...Oops...

N. You dingus. Man, it was so Pokemon to have N hit by Georgia's car twice. I swear, N doesn't actually know what a car is or how it works. That poor sweet child. He needs to take some really intense how to be a person classes. And soon. But at least we have a breakthrough. If only we were making progress with a cure. I need my Gary! More than Leaf. I swear!
anjumstar chapter 26 . 1/21/2017
Ah, Dawn and Paul. We've gotten so much of Paul's POV of the relationship, I really want more of Dawn's. I mean, I'm started to get why this Dawn and this Paul in your story like each other, but I feel like Dawn could also realize that she deserves better. But I see that there are special moments like the car moment in their relationship that show how much more effort he puts into her. But Dawn's been a little sidelined in this story, so I want more of her! But this was sweet. We've waited a long time for it. This was the right timing, though. Kudos.

In restless anticipation to see where things end up with N and his sisters.

Gary's still breaking my heart.

Oh, Georgia and Trip. That was a pretty fun scene. I mean, I don't enjoy Burgundy and Georgia fighting, nor did staying in the car seem like the best option available, but it was still sweet. A happy moment for them in the midst of so much crap.

Speaking of! Burgundy and Chili! That's a couple that I wouldn't have seen coming (well, I have for the last few chapters, but I wouldn't have thought that you would have done anything with the Griffith brothers.) I like his confidence and his swagger in comparison to Cress and Cilan, and someone taking an interest in Burgundy is nice. I mean...I didn't really like his line about sleeping with kind of made him seem like a douchy guy who just wants to get laid. Which is possible, but not enjoyable for me to read about. Always skeeves me out. But I don't think that's actually where you're going with it. At least...I hope not!

Well, this chapter was mostly about Mega Evolution, and I don't have anything to say about that just yet, so onto the next!

Oops, PS! I'm glad Steven's back! I really liked him in the TAC and I missed him! He and Cynthia are the dream team!
anjumstar chapter 25 . 1/20/2017
Oh no! Drew might be my favorite, but Gary is my second favorite! Nooo! *wails and collapses into tears.*

Alright, well aside from that, let's continue on. I did not see Mega Evolution coming into the mix here. You already have so balls up in the air, I just didn't think it possible to add another shimmery one. Even though you laid the groundwork for it way back at the beginning. I'd just forgotten about it. And I thought that it would be more simple, like, just tossing it in there. Not making it a part of the mystery. But, I should know now, that everything you include is intrinsically related to everything else in ways that I can't fathom. So I'm excited to see what happens there!

One little thing about the tranquilizer here and waaaay back with Houndoom. Tranquilizers don't work that immediately and effectively. Of course, this is Pokemon, so perhaps tranquilizers are more effective. But especially for these Pokemon that are so overcome with murderous energy, I wouldn't expect them to topple over the moment the needle pierces the skin. But I suppose we need something going right in this story!

I'm excited to see what happens with Concordia, Anthea, and N. N is one of the most interesting characters that Pokemon has created, and since you're making even the most boring characters (*cough* Serena, Iris, Cilan) interesting, I'm eager to see what more you do with one of the more interesting characters.

It's fascinating how I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how everything pans out, how connects all the dots, blah, blah, yet somehow, I was just as interested in the dang practice contest in this chapter. I didn't realize until now how little plot progression actually occurred in this chapter until now, and man, I feel like the wool was pulled over my eyes. That's good writing there. How you make us care equally about all the different perspectives, how you make us care equally about all the different events and plot lines. It's just rude how good you are at this.
anjumstar chapter 24 . 1/19/2017
Once again, for all the world to know, I LOVE Drew! I'll marry him if May doesn't. I'll suffer through having green-headed babies. He has the best ideas. Plus, it's incredible how you keep on weaving together your storylines. Can't wait to see how the contest plays out.

Okay, Ash, way to go. It would be so like him to freaking propose before they're even dating. What a fool. I liked that. I tend to prefer stories now that don't have Ash and Misty too affectionate or physically intimate or with children (contrary to nearly ALL the stories I've written about them...) So this silly 'are they, aren't they' business has been within my tastes. I just wish that we could have had more insight into their relationship. Because while Misty's assessment of them 'being together' but not really having the time to be together makes sense, I just can't really see Misty being satisfied with that, even if Ash would be. Not for this long. Especially when he's still so nervous even kissing her. I think she'd want a little more excitement from him or something. However, you have shown so little of their relationship-like interactions, that I'm not sure if they ever did have anything like that. They're a puzzling twosome, they are.

George and Trip. Saw that coming a mile away. I get why he likes her-she's really pretty, no BS, strong trainer, etc. Plus, she's been around. But I don't get why she's been edging towards him. It just seems convenient. Like, they all have to date within this group. I want to see more of their chemistry before I jump on board with this pairing. I believe that you'll take me there, though!

Perhaps this was my favorite Cilan bit yet. I love feminist!Cilan. Well, more importantly, I love feminist anyone. I think that it's the storyteller's responsibility-responsibility, not duty-to include inclusionary social issues whenever possible. You've been doing this with two gay characters and two lesbian characters (at least. I haven't been keeping score. Or maybe Zoey or Candice are bi. Whatevs.) and I really appreciate it. But it's nice to hear the feminist stance so carefully used. The League has been criticized so harshly in both these stories and it was nice to finally hear something good about it for once, and so unexpectedly. Everything Cilan said about how progressive the League is versus the PCA while simultaneously standing up for Burgundy was great. Gotta love.

And Mewtwo! How's it hanging, old friend? Um, that means: how are yo-Okay, bye.
anjumstar chapter 23 . 1/19/2017
Haha, don't think I didn't catch that call-back to the last chapter in the original, there at the end! Geez, why does Cilan (which I just learned I've been pronouncing wrong. Yippee.) always get to tell the story? Rhetorical question.

Ugh, the first time you bring Emily back into the story and she has to get attacked? Man, that woman has led a pitiful life. Though it was a nice little coincidence that she and TR were living next door. And while I'm undecided on if I'm a RocketShipper or not, them in domestic bliss with Meowth is always cute. And I always love when they gang together with Ash 'n crew, so I'm excited!

It's a little convenient that Paul is already suspecting the pins. I hope that there is good reason for when it comes out that they were used, because, honestly, if I saw pins in any kind of a business, I wouldn't think anything of it, no matter how sketchy of a place it was, where anything could mean anything. But I trust you.

May and Drew having problems?! No! They're supposed to be the dream team! I'm heartbroken. I know they'll recover, but it's sad. I think that Max would be the best Hoenn champion, though. He'd be able to get along with the group, but he isn't directly from the 14...15...16. And he's super smart, aware, and a good trainer. Though it would be nice to get another coordinator in there. I just wish he weren't too young, otherwise, I'd gauge that as my prediction for where it's going.

TR scuttling away from Misty was hilarious. Gotta love angry!Misty. Although, I think that Trip should have piped up sooner. I would not have stayed silent so long if my mom were in the hospital, no matter what kind of big revelations (So happy that the truth with Leaf and Silver finally came out to the group! So interesting to see Ash mad.) are happening all around.

I really like all of the therapy stuff with Paul. And including Caitlin is really cool. Her hair super freaks me out, though.

Onto the next!
anjumstar chapter 22 . 1/18/2017
Well, I'd forgotten about the Unova base. Honestly, I hadn't even thought of it as a loose end. But you're proving me wrong, yet again! This is why you're such a great writer! It had seemed like a non-issue at the end of The Ash Connection, and here you are bringing it back. Magnificent.

Man, this chapter was chock-full of WishfulShipping. As I've said, I don't like them very much, so I didn't get as much out of the fluff as some might, but it did sate my curiosity. And I'm always happy to see Cilan and his brothers! I like those two rascals a lot. Also, the parallel between Wallace and Winona and Iris and Cilan was nice. Very smart. You tie everything so closely together, it's not even a web. It's just a very thick and beautiful knot. The most attractive knot I've ever seen. And I've seen some handsome ones in my day.

Okay, I feel for Serena. There is no more annoying feeling you can get from your friends than the one you get when they're not telling you something. A couple of chapters ago, Paul, I think, said to Drew or someone, "don't worry about it." UGH! That's what my high school friends used to say to me all the time! So annoying. So Serena finally putting her foot down here was nice. Especially nice was the fact that Misty and Ritchie actually shared.

Then we finally have the grand reunion of Ash and Silver! Ash was so in character here that I practically forgot that he's, what, 23? He's the only one who seems like he's still 10. But I guess that's his whole shtick, huh? Poor Misty. And the Oscar Soul thing with, oh man. I hadn't even realized that. That one was so subtle and brief that you miss it completely. You are a genius, Lu, you really are.

And it's best if I just leave it at that, right?
(Usually my reviews have more critiques. This is upsetting.)
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