Reviews for Harry Potter the First Nemea Leonthrope
majere4 chapter 28 . 9/11
First off, I loved this story.
I'm not a big fan of 'harems', they rarely make any sense - even in a fantasy world! - but the simple fact is that your tale made me smile, A Lot!
You have a gift for giving little details that make scenes come to life and, while some people may call it sappy or corny, the truth is that we can all use more joy in our lives.
You used some fun ideas for the bad guys, including rounding up the deez early on, neutralizing a huge part of many plots. The fact that Nemean Lions are completely OP is actually just fine. You don't have the bad guys suddenly acting more clever than they did in canon - year long, drawn out plots to kidnap a teenager when your agent is Literally Teaching Him anyone? No, the story did a great job on what you focused on, character and relationship development.
So, well done, and thanks for sharing your time and talent!
Guest chapter 28 . 8/29
hmmm wholesome.
Aaran St. Vines chapter 18 . 7/30
I really like your stories.

Please learn when to use paragraph breaks.
Cat King chapter 28 . 7/18
I think that this story will always be one of my favorite Harry Potter fanfictions. Good work.
Guest chapter 26 . 6/22
voldemort complaining about creature blood?


the guy with no nose? and looks like snake?

Mr.Fluppy chapter 2 . 6/20
No matter who performed it, as long as there's magic cast in a muggle community, the ministry will know it. The fact that there's no letter of ministry from all the magic Dobby does in cooking the food of dursley iss a big mistake on your side, even a simple form of summoning an ingredient or increasing the strength of gas stove fire by magic is enough to be detected by the ministry so there should be a letter sent
Stormshadow13 chapter 28 . 5/29
Awesome! Love the story. Thank you so much for a wonderful read. Love the way you were all of the characters.
Stormshadow13 chapter 10 . 5/29
Not the end of the story, but I did want to make a quick comment, I love that you’re not making Dawlish the stupid order and that he’s actually seemed competent.
Cwhit930 chapter 28 . 5/15
I liked this story and the mixed species you created. Thanks for the share.
envyyami chapter 28 . 5/13
Love the fuzzy ending. It's nice to read something without too much heavy plot and drama.
BeyondTheDive chapter 28 . 4/22
I love this story, it's so frigging cute
Godxyz chapter 28 . 4/18
I love this story I just finished reading all of the chapters please keep on making more stories like this
WickedOne94 chapter 28 . 4/8
Stephen K. Wadde chapter 26 . 3/29
Is there more to come? Great story! Well written!
the chosen ones twin chapter 1 . 3/28
real quick the reason goblin made stuff is special is because it imbibes things that strengthen it and repels dirt and rust
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