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cllaporte chapter 25 . 11/20/2020
Loved it! Country boy/intelligent Edward. So different. Could be a good movie...not necessarily B/E, but a drop dead gorgeous actor and innocent counter. Oh wait, not too much going on with entertainers these days...2020. Barring politics.
Toni Masen chapter 25 . 11/6/2020
My heart was thumping in anticipation the whole time I was reading this story wondering which way the story was going to go, but I eventually sighed with relief. A wonderfully written story, thank you for writing. :-)
Nikki1219 chapter 25 . 9/19/2020
Loved these two especially Edward. Not sure how I haven't read this one before. Thanks for sharing!
LoveAves chapter 25 . 8/17/2020
Lovely x
AtLoveForTwilight chapter 1 . 6/17/2020
Came back to reread this gem :,) my heart is full.
Thank you for writing!
vmoralespst chapter 1 . 5/19/2020
Thank you for your story, I really love it. I send u a big hug from Colombia.
shehazi chapter 25 . 2/21/2020
Thank you
madelinecoffee chapter 25 . 2/18/2020
This was so fun to read! I love this take on criminal!Edward and the ending you gave was great. Thank you for writing and sharing it!
Guest chapter 25 . 12/17/2019
I absolutely adored this!
Thank you so much for continuing every time you wanted to stop, I love how it ended. And, as always, thanks for sharing your talents with us.
pameita chapter 25 . 11/14/2019
Hello, thank you very much for your work, really enjoy reading the story, the translation, thank you very much for allowing it to be translated into Spanish, the story is very good so that it is only in one language, greetings from Chile
Elizabeth Marie Cullen chapter 25 . 9/28/2019
Hi! Im Mayela I live from Mexico and I want to say thank you for allow the spanish translation of this amazing story.
Gigileexo chapter 25 . 9/6/2019
Loved loved loved! This E was, to put it blatantly, sexy as fuck! Very dramatic, but you write so well that it’s refreshing at the same time. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished! Thanks as always.
-Gigi xo
Mrs.Lautner.Wolf chapter 1 . 8/30/2019
I'm back to read this again for the millionth time
fanfictionalcolic chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
Read it again with so much delight
Escapee2FF chapter 24 . 7/7/2019
loved it
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