Reviews for Acceptance
Traxits chapter 1 . 11/22/2002
Oh wow... girl.. If only I could write this well.. I /love/ this.. it's really quite good. Really, really. _ *nodnodnods*
Sabin Figaro chapter 1 . 11/20/2002
Hey, a nice depiction of what vincent discovers himself to be. You have nice detail in there. The only two problems I found is you used the word Tarx. I think you mean Turks. Maybe they were called Tarx in the Japanese version *shrugs* but Turks sounds better. Also, the JENOVA project belonged to Proffesor Gast and he was one of the people who helped in the making of Sephiroth. I believe it was his idea, and Hojo just went along with it, because he thought of Gast's idea as a good one. I think in my fic, Gast will eventually have to atone for the wrong he did in the past, but I am not sure how.

Review my story please, and tell me what you think. Cetra Reunion is it's name.

And keep up the good work! _ I enjoyed reading it!