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The Hidden Library chapter 25 . 9/21
This chapter is one of my favorites (and not because of the "to die for" joke. It's one of my favorites because Ron TRUSTED Harry. you didn't write him as a horrible person like many fanfic authors tend to do. At the beginning, his thoughts showed us that he regretted his bad choices, that he's changed and he wants to be a good friend for Harry. That makes me very, VERY happy.

I'm gonna keep this fic in my favorites for as long as it takes for you to finish!
*enter stern face*
JhunkubirHazra chapter 25 . 9/15
Our Friendly Neighbourhood Hyliian is so utterly captived by 'Avengers : Infinity War' , 'Avengers : Endgame' and 'Spiderman : Far From Home' that she watches these movies on a loop and this, along with her work, occupies all her time and therefore she did not update this for 3 . F**KING . YEARS .
WILDSPARK-PRIME chapter 10 . 9/13
No, dude I totally get it! Honestly, if you ask me I think Luna Lovegood would be the only pairing that made even a link of sense and even then that would be stretching it a bit, don't you think. Luna would be able to match and to some degree, understand his crazy. She had always had this otherworldly, older that time itself, or even outside of time aura around her. Even contributing that I'd see Harry/Luna as more of a possibility than Death/Luna. I think she would understand Death and Harry ' s relationship more than anyone els would. Also, for some reason I can't get the image of Luna asking Death if he has tried to wear a giant condom as a second skin to stop his- deathly touch.
WILDSPARK-PRIME chapter 7 . 9/13
Lol. I would love to see their reaction!
WILDSPARK-PRIME chapter 5 . 9/13
Oh my Big G! Someone actually sent you that?!
WILDSPARK-PRIME chapter 2 . 9/13
Manipulative! Dumbeldoor just makes sense. Otherwise his actions an inactions just makes him look stupid. Honestly, who leaves a newly orphaned, probably traumatized toddler on a doorstep, with no supervision, in the middel of the night on a cold November morning?! It's a merical the lil' guy didn't freeze to death!
WILDSPARK-PRIME chapter 1 . 9/13
But what if I wanted strawberry pudding instead?!
Romily chapter 25 . 9/3
Any chance you come back to this? It is so much fun.
Guest chapter 24 . 8/28
“They did, however, have enough magic left to strip the invading mortal of all magical artifacts (this included a short cherry-wood wand, one pair of heavily-enchanted half-moon spectacles, a bottomless pouch of calming-drought laced lemon drops, one set of robes charmed to brighten in response to present ambient magic, and two-and-a-half feet of beard which had been turned into an emergency portkey at some point in the past and then forgotten about) and to activate the "Marauder failsafe" that Sirius Black had snuck into the wards during his Hogwarts years and never told anyone about.

Dumbledore, magically exhausted, confused, blinded, dressed in nothing but his pants and shoes, covered in pudding and missing a great deal of facial hair, was promptly turned fluorescent orange with neon green polka dots and transfigured into a goat.

Death listened to the grave silence (he would get them to appreciate his jokes one day) with a growing grin. He couldn't have made this happen any better if he'd actively tried. It was actually even better since it was genuinely an accident. He hadn't thought the mortal would be foolish enough to break through the wards instead of using the floo like any reasonably sane person, but this was just so much better.“


I once actually woke my family up reading this at 1am in a hotel room because I LAUGHED so hard I love ur writing
Chuchlain chapter 20 . 8/21
You know, it's kind of sad. As I read this I realized that I don't think I've ever read a story that takes time to focus on a father's love for his child without the mother's love taking the focus, or being all about "imparting his fatherly wisdom". Thank you for writing this.
LottieBeast chapter 25 . 8/22
hey so its been a Very Long Time since this last updated and idk if I've reviewed before but I just. Have to tell you that this id arguably one of the best fics I've ever read? If nit for how unique it is, then just because I love it a lot. I reread it constantly and always get kinda sad when I see it's stopped here on this final chapter. This isn't me asking for an update or anything, because shit happens and sometimes our stories die to us, but I just. Had to say that I appreciate you writing it and having it exist where I'm able to read it and get a serotonin boost from it. Thanks, I hope you're okay.
DawnScarlet19610 chapter 8 . 8/19
I love your idea, and I love your character Death. However, I find it annoying that you made Dumbledore so awful. I prefer a Dumbledore truer to canon, who is actually a good person, just manipulative. Your Dumbledore is just too bashed here.
Bawlmergrl chapter 18 . 8/16
Love your story and the darkness in it. Death's sense of humor is actually cracking me up, especially the visit to Gringotts. Omg poor Fawkes. that is some diabolical shit. Hats off to you for even coming up with that interaction.
Fenchurch1 chapter 15 . 8/11
I agree- I find this very funny and satisfying! Thank you!
MmeDodo chapter 25 . 8/8
I remember there being more to this story... It didn't end here and the two of them were in a romantic relationship in the end (Harry and Death I mean) ? Has it been removed or am I losing my mind ? Or do I remember another fic altogether ?
Either way, great fic.
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