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JackWritesBack chapter 9 . 2/28
Over, breathing, dying for this fic
CayStar chapter 7 . 6/4/2016
I love how these scenes were broken up and woven together in a beautiful dance :)
AzucenaXshadows chapter 9 . 11/5/2015
Beautiful. Well done
Lilien Kate chapter 4 . 8/29/2015
omg Catarina is here! more warlocks, hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about

"“Because nothing good can come of using it,” Magnus said more sharply" Magnus' "won't put up with your Shadowhunter bullshit" attitude may be one of my favorite things ever, not gonna lie

the whole Alec's arc is probably one of best things tbh even though it's just straight up infuriating because! I don't even where to start with figuring it out omg because okay, he has a secret, right? the secret has sth to do with how he believes his own life doesn't matter and probably sth to do with Simon's Other interest in him? Alec, what are you? I honestly feel like not even Simon's mental breakdown is as much of a mystery to me as Alec's situation is because I kinda know which way to go but with Alec? what did he do, what happened to him? should I wonder about paranormal or mundane stuff? I can't wait to know more about this?

I LOVE YOUR LUKE like for real, he's a great character. he's complex, a bit dark but he's not one-dimensional, he has his good qualities, like, I hate him for what he did to Simon, ok? I'm totally on SImon's side with this one but "The thought made Luke sick; for Jace’s sake, Simon had nearly handed over a weapon that, in Valentine’s hands, might have brought the whole world to its knees." THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THE VOICE OF REASON I hate this but right now Luke has pretty much the best picture of how unhealthy and potentially dangerous Jace and Simon's relationship may be, he's the most reasonable person here bc of it but he's very much blinded by his prejudice and can't see much further beyond it and thus he makes VERY POOR choices abt fixing this :/
Lilien Kate chapter 3 . 8/28/2015
"“What happened, what’s wrong with him?” Alec asked" I DON'T KNOW ALEC YOU TELL ME?

"“I don’t know if he’s limited to the mana in living materials, but since he’s already figured out the impossible I don’t especially want to wait and see if he can take it out of metal as well.”" what even is impossible anymore... if it become possible then it's not impossible, it's just out of your range of skills, Simon is fucking me up, idk what the world is anymore...

"They both needed him, how was he supposed to choose –" i'm trying to keep casual but i'm very much screaming on the inside because Alec shouldn't feel that kind of responsibility over Jace and Izzy, poor boy ;_;

"“I’m not leaving you!” he shouted. Never. Not ever. Not even with the fire on all sides, not even with the bottomless pit waiting under his feet. Not even for his own survival would he, could he turn his back on this boy, scared and alone and broken. His own blood, his brother, Jace’s fraternal twin – No. “Not in a million years.”" I FEEL THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING I GENERALLY FEEL LIKE THIS A LOT WHEN IT COMES TO RUNED BUT YEAH THOSE WORDS ARE GONNA BE HIS CURSE I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES

honestly shit is getting real in this part more than in CoS and it's like light years away from quite light YA feel first parts of TMI managed to somewhat keep but I'm glad tbh the fact that Jonathan is quite important even before we meet him is better than a bit out of the blue revelation in City of Glass, plus that mental horror is fascinating to read, it makes the whole secret even more interesting, I can't wait not only just to find out what's going on but in a strange way reading this and figuring out more and more through this is a great experience itself
Guest chapter 1 . 8/25/2015
IF YOU THOUGHT I WAS JOKING WHEN I SAID I'M GONNA REVIEW EVERY CHAPTER I DIDN'T, RIGHT FROM THE STARTS OF COD THEN YOU WERE only like 80% who knows, maybe rereading will kill me and I won't get to the end (which... I hope not, if rereading CoS like 5 times didn't kill me then I must be some tough cookie and besides I gotta know how Runed end. and then there's my life and shit. yes, in this order)

(also, like, sorry about your surgery and all, I feel like having something nice to read would be cool, like khm... okay, HERE I FREAKING GO)

well, it's been a while but everything I said in reviews to CoS about how much I love your dynamic descriptions still holds, fight scenes are such joy to read and tbh I usually skip them in books

"There were a dozen different conversations the two of them needed to have; topics that were too raw and new to touch, or too dangerous, or too uncertain." AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM TO COME

"He didn’t know." OH MY GOD I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE? HOOOOLY SHIIIIIIT SIMON HAS BEEN STRUGGLING WITH PTSD THE SIZE OF DISTANCE FROM HERE TO SAN FREAKING DIEGO AND JACE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I'M ALREADY HURTING AND IT'S CHAPTER FREAKING ONE books are so weird tho you're a reader, you know everything and you always assume that characters would as well, this is so meta, i love it

"“You are not a monster,” Jace said firmly, and there was so much faith in his voice, so much unwavering surety, that Simon heard himself sob, felt it like ice breaking in his chest. “You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met – you’re my aikane, and you’re brave and smart and completely insane,” so much warmth, so much l-l-l – so much devotion, Christ, Simon wasn’t worthy of so much faith, it hurt, “but in a good way, you idiot. There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing.”" JUST DESTROY MY MORTAL BODY AND BURY IT AND BURN ALL THE BONE SIT CAN'T HANDLE THE POWER OF LOVE BETWEEN MY BELOVED QUEERS I CAAAAAAAAAAAAN'T? and like, okay, Jace, I'm crying a bit because look at them, talking honestly about their problems and feelings and Jace being there for Simon, this is honestly so rare in fiction, usually characters prefer to brood and hide everything until it almost destroys them, omg. but I feel like Jace might be just a lil bitsy wrong, liiiiiike I see what you did there but I'm like 10000000% sure it has A LOT to do with whatever Valentine did to Simon, HOWEVER I love finding out new stuff about how Shadowhunters biology and psyche work omg

“You’re gifted, aikane,” Jace whispered. “Not monstrous.” this is so sweet but Jace's devotion is sooo not a totally good thing? like, sometimes you have to think about the greater good and Jace is just not able when it comes to Simon, if greater good, survival of humanity and the rest of their family and friends even, involved sacrificing Simon's happiness or safety, i doubt he would go with it. which, I mean, that's what makes it interesting but I'm just so glad you portray it in very bitter realistic light, SImon's POV is influenced by his feelings so obv most of the time he will see it as a good thing but there are some moments of clarity that make the whole dilemma very visible

"“If I promise it’s not a distraction,” Simon whispered, “can I kiss you now?”" is this going to be their always because i can live with that

"“Who the hell is that?” Eric demanded, coming up beside Simon." oh honey... you have such a big storm coming, oh damn...

"“And why is he messing with our gear?!”" you make a mess in lead's pants, you can make a mess pretty much everywhere lbh

"“Can you two lovebirds shut it so we can get this over with?” Eric barked at them." I have a feeling Eric may be a Clace shipper, poor boy, his ship sank so hard in this universe


"“We’re celebrating your birthday.”" at first I wanted to say that Jace already got dirty voyeuristic sex in dark alley, the hell more does he want but then, they have quite unlimited sources of places to fuck, compared to other teenagers so I guess one fuck means Santa ain't very rich this year, if it was a coupon for 50 fucks in various scenery, that'd be another story

" you’ll fuck me in an alley but you won’t hold my hand?" DDDDDDDDDD: shit is coming way faster than I thought it would

" “I don’t care,” he said firmly." I can't believe that this fucking sentence would be on every Jimon edit, gifset, merch, whatever, like... stuff that Runed makes you cherish...

"“Ffffffound you, little ssssssinger!” a fanged voice hissed, and suddenly everything was pain." SHIT CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME I didn't miss you, shit, but it's still nice to see you

Lilien Kate chapter 2 . 8/25/2015
that last review was obviously me but I forgot to log in lol anyways, back to my lovely queers dealing with Shit (yes, it's a capital S now)

HONESTLY I wish Runed was an original work bc it makes me look up modern directors to see who would be the best to make that movie and it seeing all those descriptions as visual art *.* or maybe not movie, maybe an animation *.*

"“What you said this morning – don’t you dare think, Simon. I’m not losing you.”" kiilll... meee... this ship is just... too muuuuuch...

" Four hundred years, and it had dragged itself out of Hell – during daylight – to see to Simon’s execution personally. Why?" WOULDN'T WE ALL WANT TO KNOW

" “You have no idea what it felt like, watching Valentine take you away" okay but like, Jace watched you die, SImon, this is that one competition you're not going to win

" “And you were facing Abbadon. Do you remember?”" THANK YOU THANK YOU JACE THANK YOU srsly Simon you need to up your shipping game if you don't remember

"“You came back to me, like a gift from the Angel. So how can you imagine that I would leave you now?”

It was like drowning, this kind of love, like flying and falling; weightlessness and exhilaration and terror, disbelief and death and bliss, brine pouring into his lungs and the pressure of the sky crushing his bones. Too intense, immense, to be real.

Or be safe.

“Ya’aburnee,” Simon whispered"



"Jace snorted. “What do demons know about honour?”

Abigor smiled. “Perhaps more than the Nephilim.”" did Jace just got burned by a freaking demon, I love this fic

"“The blood that makes you more like my kind,” Abigor said, “than his.” It nodded mockingly at Jace." what did valentine doooooo! hm I doubt it was a demon blood, unless it was something from in-between demonic and angelic worlds? idk I feel like Jace has angel blood, Jonathan has demon blood and then Simon would have sth in-between, some mix or hybrid that works better than the two but what was it!

aaaand now the SHit is coming even faster, honestly this whole installment was so fucking intense :OOOOO
TheMidnightPoet chapter 9 . 4/12/2015
So, the "other Simon"-his little rage monster- is it like when you said at the beginning of CoS, that angels are terrible beings, not necessarily evil, but terrible? For awhile I thought that Simon had demon blood, but then I was like, that's not possible. So is Simon more angel than human?
Lilien Kate chapter 8 . 3/25/2015
I WILL EVENTUALLY REVIEW ALL CHAPTERS BUT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON I'M A COMPLETE CLIANTHE TRASH AND I NEED TO VENT (not that I don't ship Runed!Jimon or Runed!Malec but it's a human/supernatural being femslash and I'm a sucker for these)
I mean at the beginning of CoD and before I was like "oh man I ship it" and now I'm just like "I SHIP IT? OH MY gOD oH m ygoD i SHI pIT?" and I just have to ramble about Clianthe for a bit, ignore me? I just? This is what femslash dreams are made of?
okay omg gotta start with chapter 7


"I open at the close." don't do this to me, sia

"There had been more little notes, which continued to appear in delightfully strange places; dolls-house envelopes that tumbled out of the cereal box in the morning, blue and gold among the raisins in her muesli; miniscule scrolls shorter than her pinkie finger waiting for her in her jewelry box; tiny letters found wrapped around the ink tube of her favorite ballpoint pen." excuse me how dare you? this is like the most OTP thing to ever OTP? honestly this is so cute ;_; they are sharing small things from their lives and Olianthe really impresses her bae and Clary doesn't feel worse because of her mundane, less exciting and impressive, reality, she unashamedly gives back exactly what she herself gets ;_;

"‘I haven’t missed a shot like that in a long time,’ she told Olianthe, far away in Ireland. ‘There was just something about him—in his face, or the way he looked at me. I don’t know, honestly, but it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Like I was already dead.

‘Also, I think I’m losing my eyesight, trying to read these things!’"
so a) I said maaaany times before probably but your bad ass ladies are the best bad ass ladies because sure, they are strong and tough and they can take care of themselves but they also can be needy and sensitive and simply weak like Clary here - she's a bad ass with a gun, A shooter but she had that moment of weakness because she's human and not a machine and being haunted by male villain doesn;t make her any less awesome, yaaaassss give me more characters like this
b) I really like how she brushes it off with a joke, it seems like a very Clary thing

"The next morning there had been a magnifying glass under her pillow, an exquisitely beautiful thing with a silver handle shaped like a unicorn." aw, Olianthe cares about Clary's eyesight aawww (something just dawned on me when I read this second time but wait a moment)

"“I may have to kidnap your tailor,” she announced. “Good lord and lady, what is that dress!”" I really love Runed fashion tbh because a)it's pretty and practical which make sit a part of a very thoughtful world-building and not "author thought it was cool", you're a Tolkien type of world-builder rather than Cassie Clare, ya feel, everything is in its place, has a logical origin and simply fits, you're the writer who's fans would engage in fanworks because there's a lot to be explored rather than a lot to be fixed and added (which is interesting because while Tolkien as this type of writer made it easier to form more curative fandom, Runed is more of a ground for transformative fandom blah blah blah I'm shutting up now) b) fashion is usually considered a silly girly thing that has no place in serious male works but Runed is filled with action and dark themes which are usually seen as male things but there's also place for fashion, unicorns and intense romances which are seen as feminine and therefore shouldn't be put into serious male works, I love how here all this intertwines

"“That depends,” Olianthe answered, “on how much you want me to behave.”" woah what an insinuation, it's not right princess, I need to clean my keyboard of drool that may have accidentally gotten out of my mouth at visualization of these implications wow
(I dig Olianthe, damn it but I have a thing for stoic warrior ladies with softer side)

"“Lead on, princess.”" I'M DELETING MY INTERNET before I start thinking about Clary calling Olianthe princess in other situations like breathy worried "you're ok, princess?" after a battle or "so good, princess" when Olianthe is going down on her or "good morning, princess" when they wake up together OR I'M SERIOUS PLEASE GOD STOP THE WORLD I'M LEAVING

omg and now chapter 8 OMG
"could you call a faerie a girl, when Olianthe could easily be older than the city Clary lived in?" ...that's a very good question tho, I think that "princess" title automatically connects with infantile "girl" rather than a more serious "woman" but Olianthe is actually hella old so...

"Clary kept her face impassive, but it took some doing." it's funny because here Clary tries to act like she's so unimpressed with Downworld and it's soooo average to her to seem cool and then she cries because she saw unicorn lol love her

" “but it would help if you didn’t speak like a Medieval bard when you were giving me compliments.”" oh come oooon it's half of the charm, I'm fanning myself with a book whenever she starts her formal talk

"“It would not be a sound weapon against me if I always knew when you were about to draw it,”" OKAY SO THIS WHOLE SCENE at first I was kind of idk... uncomfortable with this? because imagine someone you date giving you a gun in case you felt threatened by them , I'd run away so fast, my body's outline would still hung in the air BUT come to think about it it's actually a very sweet and reasonable thing to do? because as Clary said - Olianthe is very far from human and many times our human customs and reactions etc. just don;t fit into their situation
and I actually LOVE what she did here - she acknowledge inequality of power between them and instead of going all Edward Cullen on Clary she gave her a choice, she sees Clary as someone who's responsible for themselves and is capable of making their own choices, not someone she has to coddle and protect because they are not able to do it themself
so instead of stripping Clary off her own agency she equalized them because even though she considers Clary an equal, in reality they are not, being mundane doesn't make Clary worse but it does put her in more vulnerable position since she's completely new to Olianthe's world and her kind's customs
AND ALSO it occurred to me that she gave Clary this shortsword right after Clary admitted to a moment of weakness when directly faced with a serious danger (Valentine) so it means that Olianthe saw what Clary confessed to between the lines - to being vulnerable and powerless and being haunted by it still. And instead of putting Clary out of the danger zone which their relationship may put her into so she wouldn't have to be in this position ever again as many people would prefer to, she recognized what Clary would like to be treated which is not being coddled but acknowledged and prepared for the next time because Clary is someone who prefers to look danger straight in the eye rather than move out of its way and I'm rambling sorry lol
basically - I love what this gesture means - that Olianthe sees Clary as her equal, someone capable of protecting themselves if given the right means to do so, she also didn't sugarcoat her or her kind's image in Clary's eyes, she honestly acknowledged dangers their relationship poses and willingly gave Clary right and a way to make her own decisions about navigating this situation

"Clary didn’t know if she was impressed with Clary’s bargaining, or just pleased that Clary had done so well at it." I think she was impressed with how well Clary can handle herself even on kind of unstable ground or at least I know I was and am lol

Clary and Nandira's meeting is so cute, omg, Clary is such a dork, crying over meeting unicorn (I'd cry too sssshhhh) and I knew she would be worthy, who if not her omg

" She is as brave as any ten of our knights, and I am trying to woo her." first part is just so... OMG it's like Lincoln's "she was already strong" in The 100, ya feel, I love when one part of my OTP is impressed and dumbstruck by the other
and second part just hits right in my newborn Clianthe feels daaaaaaaaamn

"“I would obey, but I swore never to hurt you,” " YOU'RE A DORK AND I LOVE YOU

"“Touch me,” Clary ordered, growling a bit herself, and felt the rush of wet heat between her legs when Olianthe buried her face in Clary’s neck and shuddered against her—as if she were overwhelmed, as if tiny human Clary had the power to unravel a Seelie princess—" I just... it was hot okay do I need to say more

"Which…made more sense, really. Why would a unicorn care if you’d had sex or not?" I like this conversation and the fact that Olianthe is completely shocked by the idea that sexual experience or lack of it has anything to do with your worth, you go, Ollie, my gal

"“Speak my name to any passing insect,” " yeah right and next thing you know, you're Brangelina of New York's wildlife, I can see birds chirping Clianthe gossips to each other in their free time

tbh if shipping so hard a fic ship with and OFC is bad and I don't want to be good, I can go to hell if it means living with knowledge that Olianthe has been created and her and Clary's love story exists heeeell yeeeaaah

(lmao now I just have to review the rest of CoD in more articulate way)
RonaldGarcia91 chapter 9 . 3/12/2015
Im glad they reach out to Iz, she fully supports Jace and it's great that their bond is going to be hard to break.
I can see that Jace is scared, scared of loosing Simon and those dreams only help to that idea. He knows or at least his mind knows that tehre will be a day when they will have to make hard decisions and those will mark the path for their relationship either if it is Jace making them or Simon himself.
I will patienly wait for City of Knives but I cant actually wait for your take on Clary's death (if you are going for the events on CoA) i want to see Simon loosing it so bad. that would be one hell of a chapter.
Thank yuu for this really, your fic it's my favorite from all FF. The way you write, they way you commit to the characters is so pure and that's what makes you a great author i have faith that someday you will get published and more people will read how trully amazing your stories are.
RonaldGarcia91 chapter 8 . 3/11/2015
Oh My! what alovely surprised when i saw the alert on my email. I thought this was finished.
This chapter was so beautiful, a little bit of light after everything that happened.
Have i tell you how you managed to portray the feys so well. I tried to one fic about the Seelie Queen and failed so hard. i left it half written cause i felt i wasnt doing it right.
Now going back to the story.
Olianthe cares for Clary and showing her a part of her world was a way to say that she wants to be with Clary, that she trust her and she likes her and they can be more.
That part w ith the unicorns and the fairie world was really touching, her dremas as a girl came true, she sees that not everything is bad in the shadow world, that there are somethings good.
Clary in awe of Olianthe and Olianthe being the same way with Clary. That's why they complement each other.
JosephineSilver chapter 9 . 3/9/2015
Gahhhh. My feels. My emotions. *destroyed*

Great work on this installment. Cant wait for the next one.
ikeea chapter 9 . 3/8/2015
AMAZING! I am so excited for city of knives aka city of glass mostly because of simon:) I also am happy jace cleared the air about their secret relationship. I LOVE IZZY AND ALEC FOR STICKING BY HIM:)
jace4ever chapter 9 . 3/8/2015
I don't like what the inquisitior does in the bopks. She is very evil in her law. Ugh. But thanks so much for more of this story and can't wait for the next.
jace4ever chapter 8 . 3/7/2015
One beautiful magic filled night. Amazing. How did Clary come to the conclusion that Simon still loved Jace?
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