Reviews for Priesterin
ashleyy chapter 109 . 1/16
Is this story on hiatus or abandoned? I know in your bio you say it's not, but that was back in September. I really really loved reading this, so I hope it's not! I still check a few times a week to see if you've updated.
ason21 chapter 109 . 12/31/2019
Have a happy new year
ason21 chapter 109 . 12/24/2019
Merry Christmas
princesskakashi287 chapter 109 . 12/16/2019
is this story on hiatus?
Viper chapter 109 . 11/28/2019
Happy thanksgiving
Amulet-Starz chapter 109 . 11/27/2019
...Is it wrong to say I can say whatever Kagome tried to do before getting sent away makes me think of how Eren is in the manga now..?
ason21 chapter 109 . 10/31/2019
Happy Halloween
Lity chapter 109 . 10/13/2019
Holaa me encanta tu historia y por alguna razón me surgio muchas ganas de un crossiver final fantasy x inuyasha. Más que nada por un sephiroth x kagome ys que ella es una miko no? En teoría podria ser viable purificar las celulas jenova en el y ayudar o algo pero siento que seria una linda pareja y kagome encajaria bien con el. E
Shuuwai chapter 109 . 10/9/2019
Ohhhh I'm super curious on how things would play out, considering how the manga is right now :o
ason21 chapter 109 . 9/30/2019
I have that problem as well. Though I would call it a drawing block. I have the image in my head, but I can proceed to draw it. So I know what you are going through. So take your time okay.
Guest chapter 109 . 9/22/2019
My glob that's so cute! I'm so excited for Levi and Kagome's date!
Guest chapter 109 . 9/12/2019
Awh they're so cute. I wanna see what happens on levi and kagomes date now
ason21 chapter 109 . 9/12/2019
Happy 5th anniversary uchiha B
Guest chapter 109 . 9/9/2019
I cannot believe that it had been 10 year since the manga was created. Wow.
Viper chapter 109 . 9/4/2019
I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Attack on titan was created. Also 5 years since this story was created. It’s amazing how time flies so fast.
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